World of warcraft is ruining our relationship

Wow ruined my life, now what : nowow

world of warcraft is ruining our relationship

I don't want to stay here playing that game that ruined my life, but now I play WoW because I have no other option. Soon I will have 7 lv Since the new expansion has come out my relationship has totally changed. My boyfriend WoW can ruin pretty much anything. Just give it a. First of all World of Warcraft isn't ruining your relationship, your boyfriend is. Give credit where credit is due and lay blame in the same.

world of warcraft is ruining our relationship

A friend at the time got me into it. A few years ago I was hit with a family tragedy that continues to this day. At first I dealt with it through drinking, then I found wow.

world of warcraft is ruining our relationship

I found what I enjoyed most was pvp. I was soon climbing the ranks of rated pvp, meeting a bunch of people along the way. I became close to some of them, and sexual stuff happened as much as it can online.

world of warcraft is ruining our relationship

I started falling for one of my friends, but, like most people in wow, she has a lot of problems herself and could be quite abusive at times.

We were very close knit. We all talked at all hours of the day, watched movies online together, had each other's phone numbers. I spent more time talking to my wow friends and playing than doing anything else.

World of Warcraft is ruining my relationship!!?

The rated pvp community is extremely toxic and competitive, so I received abuse on almost a daily basis. Partly for being a girl. I have diagnosed depression and anxiety so I would often find myself logging off, haunted by the personal insults I'd receive, crying in bed and wondering why I put myself through it.

world of warcraft is ruining our relationship

I don't actually enjoy the game. Most of the time I'm going through the motions, trying to get new achieves to impress people I hate in a game most competitive gamers stopped caring about years ago. But my desire to be the best clouded my judgement.

To put it bluntly, often what happens in these situations is that the gamer, feeling the relationship threatened, will agree to cut back or even quit for a while. The partner is enthused and excited, and does something like get engaged, get married, buy a house, or get pregnant with the gamer.

However, the addict has never really entered recovery. Once the house, or the child, or the marriage, become reality, the gamer deals with the stress by Oftentimes more, and harder, than ever before.

WoW is ruining my relationship | On-line Gamers Anonymous®

Now, the partner is further committed. She's married, and how embarrassing would that be, to get a divorce over a video game?

  • WoW is ruining my relationship

Now there is a child, or children, involved, and leaving the relationship would mean depriving the children of a stable home and father. Not to mention that now the gamer is ignoring two people, instead of one, and the child gets to grow up looking at the back of daddy's head and getting swatted away because she interrupted the quest for the magic purple pants. We typically advise partners to insist on at least a year of gaming sobriety before making a further commitment to "their" addict.

world of warcraft is ruining our relationship

A year seems like a long time, but you may be saving yourself a lifetime of grief. I don't mean to be harsh here, but please do yourself a favor and read some of the posts from other spouses and think about what life is going to look like a year, or five, or ten years down the road.

The sad truth is that your partner may never recover. Video gaming may be so integral to his life, his denial may be so strong, that ultimately he will always put it first, before you or anybody else.