Subarashiki hibi ending a relationship

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subarashiki hibi ending a relationship

Wonderful Everyday or Subarashiki Hibi (will be referred to as from beginning to end, Subahibi is comprised of 7 cyclical chapters, each with. Subarashiki Hibi: Furenzoku Sonzai (素晴らしき日々 ~不連続存在~ lit. tried to solve the mysteries between the relationships of the death of the students, . Some part of the chapters has more than 1 ending, which you can consider one. Well I have finally had a chance to start reading Subahibi. Now as I This is best exemplified through Zakuro and Yuki's relationship. . In any case, Yuki's conforontation with Takuji at the end was a thing of beauty I suppose.

Has her moments, especially when given the opportunity to fight. If It's You, It's Okay: However, another personality already exists as Yuki and is slowly erased for the protagonist of Down the Rabbit-Hole, since July 12th. See Split-Personality Takeover below. She's dense like a typical harem protagonist. She can break out of this if she chooses to date either Kagami or Tsukasa and live in a Wonderful Everyday.

Due to Takuji's influences, she makes tons of anime references and even jokingly refers to herself as a Tsundere. Ironically, Ayana claims that tsunderes are the type of girls that Takuji secretly likes. Proper Tights with a Skirt: How she wears her school uniform. Right for the Wrong Reasons: In her final confrontation against Takuji, she goes on to explain his entire plan to him, but half of her explanations falls into this.

She was based on a real person.

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Has a taste for a specific, obscure brand of cigarettes "Never Knows Best" and often hangs out on the roof to smoke them. This Yuki isn't malevolent per se, but she isn't aware of her split personality issue, and her overwriting of the old Yuki and Tomosane.

The takeover is shared with Takuji Mamiya. This happens off-screen for the alternate ending for Looking-Glass Insects. This Yuki becomes the new personality to reside in the body after Yuki acquires the better traits from all three previous personalities and Tomosane erases Takuji along with himself.

As the perfect personality that Takuji wanted, his grades improve and he becomes far more popular with sociable with his classmates. From Zakuro's perspective, it appeared that Takuji had forgotten or was feigning ignorance about knowing Zakuro and Kimika along with wiping out their bullies as Tomosane. None of the other girls are fooled. Wears thigh-highs with her street clothes, the long skirt partially obscures the tops of them.

subarashiki hibi ending a relationship

They can be seen in some of her CGs. Takuji Mamiya "I am vulgarity itself He is a reclusive boy from an otaku subculture who's always stammering while speaking with others.

In the backstory, he was good at everything and was very intelligent before a certain incident in Jabberwocky II. During the events of It's My Own Invention, he got back his skills.

Takuji's subconscious protection for Hasaki and regret the past events in Sawaimura had pushed him to use every technique in the book to erase, forget or ignore Hasaki's existence and allows his other personalities Yuki and Tomosane to take up the familial duties that he feels that he can't do or isn't worthy for.

In That Which Dreamed It, Takuji shows sudden outrage and impatience when his followers are confused on why he orders them to rape Hasaki's rabbit doll and comes to the conclusion that they aren't allowed to rape Hasaki. Are you going to defy my orders? Proclaims himself to be a holy 'Savior' and prophesied the end of the world. His mother raised him this way. Probably one of the most dramatic examples in the story. After Zakuro's death his personality changes radically and he goes from a timid student with low self-esteem to an outright villain: A powerful, charismatic cult leader with dozens of followers who uses his influence to cross several lines.

The one behind Zakuro's "cursed mails sent by her ghost", creating paranoia in his school thread website. He then gained several followers, believing him to be the savior, and capable of dispelling the curse. Embodies this whenever he reawakens as the savior.

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Mamiya Takuji was staring at my face. He wouldn't look away at all. They say a mental patient never looks away from the doctor. Because they can't understand how uncomfortable it is for another person to be stared at. Takuji prone to having sexual fantasies and spacing out during them. Many of the sex scenes in his chapter turn out to be this.

Pulls this on Asami after he orders to rape her father and throw away her humanity to join his cult. He told her to have sex with her father, but never told her to go Streaking in the streets and masturbate in public. Takuji is so disgusted by this that he orders the cult members to turn her into their communal toilet as punishment. Rotate between this and actual quoting of philosophers to support his speeches about the End Sky and the end of the world. At first glance, he is very introverted and doesn't like anything other than japanese media.

Once he "awakens" in "It's My Own Invention", he shows several social skills, a great intelligence and appears to be very strong in barehanded fighting. Go Out with a Smile: As he jumps off the roof of the school. I Reject Your Reality: At first limited to sexual delusions, it became more and more present since the death of Zakuro, to the point he actually cannot hear words that doesn't respond to his vision of reality. He has a strong aversion to Yuki Minakami and the Wakatsuki sisters for seemingly no reason.

They represent people that don't' fit into his worldview. In Jabberwocky I it is revealed that this is because Yuki Minakami is one of his split personalites and the Wakatsuki sisters are actually his sister and her stuffed rabbit.

His refusal to acknowledge them help explain some of his discomfort around them. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Very subtle, but he has shown moments of this. Eariler on in the Invention chapters, he was willing to befriend and connect with Zakuro in his own awkward way after learning that she was getting bullied to make her feel better. Then he shows more of his kinder sides to Kimika in the later half of Invention and the alternate route especially.

Finally, Jabberwocky I reveals through Yuki and Tomosane that Takuji had subconsciously changed and forgotten his memories of Hasaki out of protection and regret. That's it, isn't it? You tried to protect Hasaki by forgetting about her and pretending she was dead. For that at least, I have to commend you. No matter how crazy you got, you always put Hasaki's happiness first.

「 ナグルファルの船上にて 」素晴らしき日々ED

Despite being noticeably skinny and having a lot of experience being on the receiving end of bullyingTakuji is actually incredibly strong. And once he gains followers who believe in him he shows himself to be incredibly cruel.

Keeps to himself and is considered creepy and weird by his classmates. Frequently reads manga, light novels, and watches anime. Was forced to dress with Zakuro's clothes and doing fellatio to his bullies, and was almost raped if not for Tomosane sending all of them to the hospital. Protagonist Journey to Villain: Downplayed in It's My Own Invention, as he wasn't very heroic to begin with. Doesn't directly engage in sexual assault, but encourages his followers to 'use' their teacher as a toilethave sex with Megu and Satoko to their hearts' content, and rape and torture Kagami Wakatsuki.

The true meaning of the End Sky to him. For his followers, it's more of a Face Death with Dignity before the supposedly end of the world. Despite being "the Savior", he is not able to hear his sister's name and cannot see her, because she represents his weakness.

The sole reason why Tomosane was created to kill him in the first place and why Yuki is the the face of his social interactions. This changes completely whenever he regains his previous confidence of the savior and decides that he doesn't need his previous two personalities anymore.

In Jabberwocky I, it is revealed that Yuki Minakami and Tomosane Yuuki are different personalities inside his body, and they seem to be aware of this but Takuji himself isn't.

subarashiki hibi ending a relationship

The suicide of Zakuro triggered his ancient memories of his mother, causing him to get back all his skills to become the Savior, and by doing so overwriting his other personalities. The takeover is shared with the second Yuki. It's My Own Invention is one for him. Took a Level in Kindness: In the Kimika ending, Takuji regains some of his humanity through his relationship with Kimika. In the end, he throws everything away to hold her in their final moments together.

As a cult leader, almost everything he says to his followers is this. The entire route is hardly realistic since his severe bullying made him seeing things like characters from anime, erotic dreams, dead characters, anxiety ghosts, and several furnitures as Zakuro.

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His narration is largely seen Through the Eyes of Madnessto the point he even sees God himself! Eventually go down as one in It's My Own Invention. Zakuro Takashima "The sky is full of anxious words She has a tendency to get lost in her thoughts and frequently spaces out. Due to her timid and soft-spoken nature, she is often a target of tasteless pranks and bullying. She considers her classmate Kimika to be her only friend, though their relationship appears to be occasionally ambiguous.

The first of the cursed mails is sended by her in Down the Rabbit-Hole I, however the entire route is a Near-death experience.


The mail managed to somehow send itself into the other routes even though by the time she was already dead. She believed that Usami, Ayumi, and herself would be reborn from their near-death experience with the 'Spiral Matai' and had no malicious or suicidal intent when she pulled them both off the roof along with herself.

See Broken Bird below. Appears as one in Down the Rabbit-Hole. The full extent of her backstory is revealed in Looking-Glass Insects, and it goes downhill from there. First victim of a bullying and pranks, it escalates into blackmailing, drugging and video recordings of her body against her will, culminating with her abduction and rape.

Says some odd things and seems somewhat detached. Gets bullied each day, and it gets worse with time. In a strange twist, this is taken more literally: After learning of her status as an ancient Magical Girl according to Usami and Ayumishe also learns that the "bad humans" i. Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: Her mindset starts off like this where she's bored of her normal life and constantly looking for a new exciting thing to fill it Even Ayana calls her out before she commits suicide by saying that she shouldn't delude herself into believing that she was an angelic warrior in a past life to give it more purpose.

Heavily implied because of her bullying. She jumped off the building with her new friends, attempting to go through a Near-death experience to be reborn as an angel. For Want of a Nail: The alternative route in Looking-Glass Insects is unlocked should she had chosen to support Kimika and fight back their bullies.

subarashiki hibi ending a relationship

Many of the students interpret her suicide as a vengeful act, intended to curse those who ignored and bullied her in life. This isn't really the case, but the idea leads to a lot of strange events.

Lampshaded by the new Yuki the second she saw her. Before her bullying, she was a rather normal girl but became this after her encounter with Usami and Yuki, believing herself to be a Magical Girl who will save the world, and trying to warn other people on the Internet, albeit with confusing words. In Down The Rabbit-Hole I, Yuki trying to save her from her death causes them to undergo a near-death experience, in a ideal world.

In the other routes, it's the true reason for her death. After getting raped, she starts to see bizarre delusions like God naked on a cross who criticizes her inability to stay pure for Takuji. Even the students claim that she looked straight out of a horror movie and written bizarre messages on her desk. She meets two girls online who had similar experiences to her own, and they claim she is a reincarnated angel warrior who has lost her memories.

She gets a few of these back before her death. A large part of the plot revolves about her suicide, inciting Takuji to take action and the other protagonists fighting him. Near the end of Looking-Glass Insects, she is forcefully drugged and raped by Shiroyama and his friends. No, they suffer because they don't. But I have been blessed.

Because I was born with a reason to exist, no matter what that reason is, it is a blessing. He is considered to be the strongest fist-fighter in the school and he rules over its most unsavory elements by fear. Tomosane is also a source of dread for Takuji, whom he brutalizes and extorts money from frequently. He is actually a Split Personality of Takuji's who was created to be a 'destroyer'. He is good at fighting and is known to take on large groups of thugs.

I'm so amazed that I don't even feel like starting anything else. I'm really glad that you found it to be as amazing as I did when I finished it. Also, I have a few questions for you.

Okay, so from what you said in that post makes me think you maybe read through the Wonderful Everyday ending, and then the Hill of Sunflowers ending? I mean, that choice in Jabberwocky I at the bath scene is what leads you to which ending, but I want to say just in-case Have you already seen the third and final ending perhaps? Honestly, Subarashiki Hibi is probably one of the greatest stories I've ever read. Sca-ji is truly a genius for even having come up with all the stuff contained within, and it made me instantly want to follow him on his Twitter and read the further awesome things he had to say there.

Though the thing that makes SubaHibi so great in my eyes, is just how much more there is to the story than simply what's already there. The plot of Subarashiki Hibi isn't actually that convoluted, but the characters view towards the incident is what makes this story become seemingly so convoluted.

People's thoughts are subjective is the primary issue, another one is the characters psychology. You should've know when you browse vndb that one of the main tag of Subarashiki Hibi is "Denpa", which is the characters seems to acts abnormally due to some underlying reasons, notably Takuji Mamiya which is the central character for the plot that it makes the story are rather surreal, with the addition of some bizarre CGIs inserted on the VN.

The protagonist of "Down the Rabbit Hole" chapter is Yuki Minakami, a smart female 3rd year student who often skips class in the roof reading literature as well as skilled in Aikido. After learning the death of her schoolmates and Web Bot Project, she began to investigate it further. She is quite an antisocial despite her easygoing traits. She also has twin childhood friends called Kagami Wakatsuki and Tsukasa Wakatsuki yes, even their personalities resembles that twins from Lucky Starwhich she loves and protects.

The protagonist of "It's My Own Invention" chapter is Takuji Mamiya, a shy and timid 3rd year student who also skips class frequently that suddenly proclaimed himself as The Savior and become some sort of cultist leader of people who believe in his words afterwards. The protagonist of "Looking-Glass Insects" chapter is Zakuro Takashima, a rather timid and mysterious female 3rd year model student whom Yuki met on Suginomiya district.

The protagonist of "Jabberwocky" chapter is Tomosane Yuuki, Kita High's delinquent who can beat 20 lowlifes with ease that seems to love playing retro video games.

Other characters that play a frequent role despite never being a protagonist is Ayana Otonashi, a mysterious Kita High female student who made a brief but frequent appearance towards every protagonist within the story, talked about bunch of enigmatic stuffs from corny jokes to philosophical stuffs. Kimika Tachibana, Zakuro's friend who is the leader of the science club as well as a member of track club also plays a quite major role on 3rd and 4th chapter.

I think that's the only thing I can give about the characters, yeah I said this before to only give the superficial description right? I'm just going to say that the plot as well as the character presentation are masterfully done. The development are fleshed in a detailed way and the narrative monologue depicts more on what is in the each characters mind and what they're thinking about at that time.

And not just that, the story synced a lot with the characters actions. Want to know more? Just read the VN. Some part of the chapters has more than 1 ending, which you can consider one being the true ending as how that ending was the "correct" ending according to the other chapters, while the other ending serves like a hypothetical ending if the protagonist done different things during the choice window.

How the choice window related as the cause to the ending makes sense as well. The character design is great too in my opinion, as how I can feel the moe impression on their facial expressions, or may be scared, depressed, and much more. Every CG is meaningful here, even the bizarre and surreal one.