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relationship beyond compare tool

Imagine that you are testing a connection to server during setup or that an DimensionsCM x ships with Araxis for file comparison/merging. Unravel your tangled mess of permissions for Active Directory, network shares, folders, and files for users and groups with this free tool. Key Features. Intelligent Comparison. Beyond Compare is focused. Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders. By using simple.

For example, just today I went 'cinst filezilla' and 'cinst winscp' and was correct on both assumptions.

relationship beyond compare tool

Consider a "favoriteutils" batch file for building new machines and you'll be off and running in no time. Boxstarter - Build on top of Chocolatey and NuGet and create complete Windows environments and push them to your machines with Gists from your friends or your own GitHub.

TeraCopy - While I use the excellent built in copy features of Windows 8. NimbleText - Regular Expressions are hard and I'm not very smart. NimbleText lets me do crazy stuff with large amounts of text without it hurting so much. It took a few days, but now, given that I have 3 large monitors, I can't live without it. It slowly, imperceptibly, changes the color temperature of your monitor's color as the sky itself changes. It prevents for me headaches and eyestrain from running bright blue and white monitors late at night.

AutoHotKey - This little gem is bananas. It's a tiny, amazingly fast free open-source utility for Windows. It lets you automate everything from keystrokes to mice. It's a complete automation system for Windows without the frustration of VBScript. This is the Windows equivalent of AppleScript for Windows. That's a very good thing. It's got common English Misspellings.

It gives you autocorrect everywhere in Windows. It's just the tip of the iceberg. NET is also still actively being developed and version 4 is well on its way! Time to get on board. The 7z format is fast becoming the compression format that choosey hardcore users choose. DropBox - There's so many great cloud storage systems today.

I keep coming back to DropBox though.

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It's on every platform I want it on. It works great with large stores mine is over 60gigs and also allows selective sync for small amounts of data in just certain folders. Ultimately, though, get yourself some cloud storage because when your stuff is just "there", life is better.

Windows Live Writer - If you've got a blog and if not, why not? They've also got a great plugin community. It's the second app I install. It may be done, but it's not dead. Take a few minutes and learn the hot keys and you'll be flying. I went and created a series of YouTube videos to train folks on how to use Windows 8 and 8. Even if Windows 8 moved your cheese, you can find it again. It's also worth pointing out that on Windows 8 and 8. There's an antivirus, a firewall, partition manager, ISO file mounter, a cleanup app, an app startup managermultiple monitor taskbars, and even virtual machine creation, all built in.

Here's a list of the best stuff that you already have but maybe didn't realize. You'll get a fantastic view into how your machine is running, what works and what doesn't. Often I'll find that it's a specific or driver that's causing my troubles, rather than Windows itself. This is a great unused tool for getting to the bottom of reliability issues. Display Calibration - Another app I once had to install, now built-in. Type calibrate from Start, and get all your monitors' colors correct and clear.

Crucial for those who work on the web or in PhotoShop. Problem Steps Recorder - This gem was also in Windows 7.

I often have my Mom use it to show me bugs or issues she runs into. Search for Features and Add "Hyper-V" to get a complete hypervisor that can run Ubuntu or older versions of Windows at near full-speed. If you have to do something often, scheduled it.

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From the Start screen type "Task. Type "memory" as Windows now has a built-in diagnostic tool! I use this to find rogue services.

File History - It's like Time Machine. I've got File History backing up my files hourly. More than once this has saved me when I needed a file off my desktop Storage Spaces makes a giant drive out of a bunch drives. OblyTile - This quirky little app exists for one reason: You can also pin Folders, commands like Shutdown, and generally make your Start Screen lovelier than it is now.

OneNote - While not as good as the desktop app, I run them both as I have a touchscreen. It's even better if you have a stylus. Google for Windows 8 - The Google apps is effectively a wrapper around Google's web properties, but its voice recognition technology is absolutely brilliant. It's worth installing just to ask questions like "How old is Oprah? It supports dozens of languages and even supports offline translation! It'll also read the translation to you, allowing you and a guest to have a chat in two languages, switching back and forth.

The most amazing part is the camera translation. Just point your webcam at some words and Bing will overlay the translation on the image itself. Guided View is a great way to enjoy comics on your laptop or tablet, and I hope Comixology continues to develop this fantastic app.

The color mixing is amazing. You can paint with your mouse, finger, or stylus. Awesome for a pro, or just for the kids. Movie Moments - A great little app for making 60 second movies with captions, effects, add music, etc.

TuneIn Radio - Lets you listen to the radio in the background while you work.

relationship beyond compare tool

Simple and does it well. Modern Delicious - I've long managed all my bookmarks in the cloud with the Delicious bookmarking services. It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law. PowerShell has a steep learning curve, much like the tango, but oh, my, when you really start dancing I also use PowerShell Prompt Here.

It's built into Windows 7, by the way. Get the free PowerGUI. MarkdownPad 2 - For the longest time there were only attempts at a good Markdown editor on Windows. Now there's an awesome one and it puts others to shame. Get MarkdownPad 2, it's lovely. It's C and PowerShell and something more. Definitely a project to watch in Microsoft Web Platform Installer - When I need to take a machine from fresh install to developer machine quickly, I start at http: NET open source applications easily.

The best features graduate into the released product! And it's open source! Also of note is SourceTreeit supports not only Git but also Mercurial and is very clean. Talks to any remote Git or HG service. NET decompiler - The original. Dig into the internals of any. NET 4 and beyond. Want a Reflector tool but want it to be Open Source?

Notepad2 and Sublime Text. The world of text editing has conflated to these two contenders. I use notepad2 for my better notepad, but Sublime fills that space between a full IDE although it's very close! And make sure you add Sublime's Package Control. It just keeps getting better. NET plugins to the masses. CodeRush just added a cool new feature in Give it a try. ZoomIt - You need to present? Make your stuff seen. ZoomIt is so elegant and so fast, it has taken over as my 1 screen magnifier.

Do try it, and spend more time with happy audiences and less time dragging a magnified window around. Believe me, I've tried at least ten different magnifiers, and ZoomIt continues to be the best. Fiddler - The easy, clean, and powerful debugging proxy for checking out HTTP between here and there.

It even supports sniffing SSL traffic. Mite2 - A free desktop-based tool for testing and verification of mobile Web content. A must have for sites that need broad mobile coverage. BrowserStack - Browser Stack is an amazing cloud of virtual machines running dozens of browsers on as many operating system.

A fantastic cross-browser testing tool that has optional Visual Studio integration. It's free, it's open source and it'll compare files and folders and help you merge your conflicted source code files like a champ. Perforce Visual Merge is free and also can diff images, which is pretty amazing. It's TiVo for your Web Service. For a server-side collaborate solution for Web Services, check out https: Also check out ZipInstaller ; it installs utilities that don't provide their own installer!

It creates icons, puts them in the folder you want and adds an uninstaller. You love to Ctrl-Scroll with your mouse to zoom the size of text, right? Why not use Volumouse to control your system's sound volume with the mouse wheel.

BugShooting - Funny how you don't know if you need an application until you need one. BugShooting is very specific - it takes screenshots, sure, but more importantly it sends them directly into your Bug Tracking system. I'm consistently surprised how often I need an app like this. NuGet - If you're using. NET you've gotta be using NuGet. It's Package Management for. NET and it's about time. NET project and build it directly from Explorer. It's on the list twice. YSlow for FireBug - This fine little add-on from Yahoo not only includes JSLint included on this list below but more importantly analyzes your website for 13 different rules for high performance web sites.

Not every rule applies to us, but it's a great tool regardless. It's amazing and has to be used to be believed. It consolidates at least 2 dozens useful functions for those who sling ASP. NET - When you write code, you need to share it. Also try Pastie and Gist for sharing snippets. Jabbr - A fresh alternative to IRC. NCrunch - Automated unit testing for. Runs them in parallel and automatically, inserting the results inline inside Visual Studio. Familiar with Continuous Integration? Pixie - Simple, cute and portable.

It's a color picker. Siren of Shame - If you've got a continuous integration server setup, you really need a way to guilt people that break the build. You need a Siren of Shame. NDepend - This amazing app does dependency analysis on your. NET application and presents the findings as a TreeMap.

relationship beyond compare tool

NCover - The leader in. NET code coverage tools. Free for students and educational users. Query Express - Wow, a Query Analyzer look-alike that doesn't suck, doesn't need an install, is wicked fast, is free and is only k. Pinch me, I'm dreaming. It's 6 years old and I still like it. Inject repetitive code directly into your application with frameworks that cross cut concerns.

HelpNDoc - Not sure how I missed this one. TreeTrim or Jeff Atwood's CleanSourcesPlus - Jeff extends on Omar 's idea of a quick Explorer utility that lets you right click on any folder with code in it and get your bin,obj,debug,release directories blown away. Jeff's includes configuration options for deleting things like Resharper folders and Source Control bindings.

TreeTrim is a similar command-line tool for cleaning up, but on steroids, including a plugin model. Visual Studio Gallery - All the world's extensions to Visual Studio in one place, and ranked by the public. Easy to search and sort. How can you not like that? FileHelpers - This open source library is the easiest way I've found to get data out of fixed-length or delimited text files and into Sql or Excel.

MemProfiler - The amount of information this tool offers is obscene. LogParser - Get to know it, as it's a free command-line tool from Microsoft that lets you run SQL queries against a variety of log files and other system data sources, and get the results out to an array of destinations, from SQL tables to CSV files. The best features get into the next version of VS. Saves me time when writing jQuery Mobile sites.

I also use the Opera Mobile Emulator to see how my sites will turn out on small or tablet devices.

Web Essentials - Add Browser Link featuresimproved CSS editing, color preview, font preview and lots more to Visual Studio with this lightweight and actively developed "playground" extension. Yes, I mentioned it twice.

Visualize forloops and their future, compare expressions, dig deep and compare arrays and much more. Free while in Beta. Why not like them both? It's also open source. StyleCop - StyleCop analyzes C source code to enforce a set of style and consistency rules.

Totally useful by yourself or with a team. Code Digger based on Pex - Amazing Visual Studio addin that finds edge cases in your code that ordinary unit testing never can. Extremely mature and trusted. Atomineer - The last word in code documentation generation, this tool lets you take unruly code comments across 7 languages and lets you turn it into Qt, JavaDoc, Doxygen, and Documentation XML. Personally, I'm all about Windows 8.

However, here are some stand-outs I've used in the past that you might want to check out. Tell them I sent you. Martin Plante has created SlimKeys and continues to innovate his a "universal hotkey manager" with a. Have you ever wanted to bind something to Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Window-Q but didn't know how to grab a global hotkey?

This will launch programs, watch folders, and find files. Promptu - A new entry into the lauching space, Promptu ups the ante with new features like syncing between computers. Humanized Enso - Unquestionably the smoothest and most interesting user interface of the launchers, Enso pops up as the Caps-Lock key is held down, and performs the command when the key is released.

It takes a minute to understand, but it's a very clean UI metaphor. They are now bringing Enso's metaphor to Firefox as " Ubiquity. This is discussed next. If the standard deviations are sufficiently similar they can be "pooled" and the Student t-test can be used. When the standard deviations are not sufficiently similar an alternative procedure for the t-test must be followed in which the standard deviations are not pooled.

A convenient alternative is the Cochran variant of the t-test. The criterion for the choice is the passing or non-passing of the F-test see 6. Therefore, for small data sets, the F-test should precede the t-test. When comparing two sets of data, Equation 6. The pooled standard deviation sp is calculated by: To perform the t-test, the critical ttab has to be found in the table Appendix 1 ; the applicable number of degrees of freedom df is here calculated by: Another illustrative way to perform this test for bias is to calculate if the difference between the means falls within or outside the range where this difference is still not significantly large.

In other words, if this difference is less than the least significant difference lsd. This can be derived from Equation 6. The measured difference between the means is Then determine an "alternative" critical t-value: Example The two data sets of Table can be used.

According to the F-test, the standard deviations differ significantly so that the Cochran variant must be used. Furthermore, in contrast to our expectation that the precision of the rapid test would be inferior, we have no idea about the bias and therefore the two-sided test is appropriate. Further investigation of the rapid method would have to include the use of more different samples and then comparison with the one-sided t-test would be justified see 6.

This is caused by the fact that the difference in result of the Student and Cochran variants of the t-test is largest when small sets of data are compared, and decreases with increasing number of data.

Namely, with increasing number of data a better estimate of the real distribution of the population is obtained the flatter t-distribution converges then to the standardized normal distribution. The procedure is then reduced to the "normal" t-test by simply calculating tcal with Eq. The proper choice of the t-test as discussed above is summarized in a flow diagram in Appendix 3.

This is for instance the case when two methods are compared by the same analyst using the same sample s.