Positive employer employee relationship

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positive employer employee relationship

Aiming to create a strong employer-employee relationship within your organization is commendable. Many positive results arise when. The “Labor of Love” survey from Virgin Pulse found that nearly 60% of employees believe their relationship with their employer—positive. If building a stronger relationship with your employees is important to enough positive reinforcement without micromanaging, and allowing them to develop.

Be empathetic to your workforce and appreciate the efforts that they contribute to your company. When an employee consistently turns in great work yet receives no recognition, you can be sure that his job satisfaction and morale is low.

Building a Positive Employer-Employee Relationship

He might even consider finding a company that does appreciate his work. Monetary compensation is not everything.

positive employer employee relationship

To make this scenario unrealistic at your workplace, be grateful for the work your employees do and show your appreciation through public or private recognition, parties, gift cards or whatever else would appeal to your team. Read more about it here Consistent Feedback In order to improve their work performance, an employee must receive feedback, both positive and critical.

Help your employees grow by offering them frequent feedback on their work.

positive employer employee relationship

Setup monthly or weekly meetings to check in with them about their progress and what goals they want to accomplish. No matter what the scenario is, as an employer, you owe it to your staff to follow through on your commitments.

Building a Positive Employer, Employee Relationship | Easy Small Business HR

If you told one employee they can attend a training to improve their skills, quickly approve the expense report when they turn it in. If employees feel comfortable coming to you with new ideas, concerns, or, in the worst-case scenario, complaints, then it's easier to establish the natural give-and-take that comes with strong relationships. Email, instant messaging and webcams may make communicating with your employees more convenient, but it's no substitute for the real thing -- namely, you.

Don't become so busy that you neglect to be visible to your employees.

4 steps for building positive employer-employee relationships

Spend quality time with your employees. It's not enough just to be present for meetings and other essential tasks.

If you want to have a real relationship with your employees, you have to be there for the ups and downs. Volunteer your assistance on a difficult project, provide a lunch for everyone during a hectic time -- and eat it with them -- and make the monthly employee birthday party special.

positive employer employee relationship

Nothing creates discontent in the workplace faster than obvious favoritism toward certain employees, or worse yet, a relative. You're not going to like everyone equally, of course, but the important thing is to treat all employees equally. Enforce rules uniformly, reward hard work and exceeded expectations the same way for every employee, and try hard to have a positive attitude, even toward employees that are difficult to get along with. Set reasonable goals and achievable expectations.

positive employer employee relationship