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Read the topic about Nagasarete Airantou Episode 26 Discussion on MyAnimeList, And another show has ended, I liked the final episode. Nagasarete Airantou #26 — What a horrible horrible way to end the series. Final thoughts are at the end, after the summary/caps. . they look over, Tonkatsu is dancing on a washed-up Ikuto's head. Just when u think they were going to have a relationship, they don't but they should of, it was cute. In the end, the ghost has taken a liking to Ikuto and comes to the house often. mother to cancel the marriage but his father found out they started to argue. . Moments later Suzu was washing Ikuto's back as he, in a daze, washes Tonkatsu .

Asking why, Ayane tells him lies about the deplorable conditions of Suzu's house shocking Ikuto an Suzu flusterdly tells him that Ayane is lying. Ayane then continues saying truthfully that Suzu tosses in her sleep and wets the bed. Ikuto then watches the spectacle of Suzu trying to hit Ayane with coconuts. He was then shocked when Ayane crashed head first onto the ground when Suzu hit her.

Suzu then tried to drag Ikuto away but he was worried about Ayane. Suzu tells him that Ayane was fine even with what happened to her which Ikuto questions. Suzu then tells him what Ayane said were lies and that she stopped wetting herself 1 year ago; the last part made Ikuto question her age.

At Suzu's house as they are having dinner, she explains to Ikuto that Ayane had been her rival since they were kids and she always challenge her to fights. Ikuto then asks her if it was alright for him to stay at her house. She answered yes, he could stay as long as he wished, and that only she and Tonkatsu live here.

Ikuto then asked about Suzu's parents which she replied that she doesn't have any. Ikuto apologizes for asking which Suzu tells him that she doesn't mind since it had been like that for a while.

Later at the hot spring bath of Suzu's house, Ikuto berates himself for being insensitive; he then ponders of the situation of himself living with a girl. He remembers Suzu's wet look and how it gave him a "funny feeling" and started to nosebleed; he then berates himself for remembering and tries to forget.

Suzu then poked her head in the door and asked Ikuto if the bath temperature was okay which he replied that it was. She then came in the bath naked which caused Ikuto to nosebleed some more. As he was flabbergasted Suzu asked him if she could wash his back.

He tried to decline but Suzu grabbed him and tells him not to hesitate because she likes to wash other people's back.

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Moments later Suzu was washing Ikuto's back as he, in a daze, washes Tonkatsu. As he was wondering what was happening, Suzu asked him if he feels good which he replied yes. He tried to calm himself down by thinking logically that it may be a custom on the island for co-ed bathing. Suzu then asked him to wash her back causing him to nosebleed some more. He washes her but looks away toward the hot spring. Suddenly he sees bubbles from the bath.

Ayane then pops out naked causing Ikuto to nosebleed some more. Suzu asked her where she came from and Ayane she was in the bath for a while; she then states that she had a nice view which embarrasses Ikuto.

When asked for her motive, Ayane tells them that she wanted to wash Ikuto's body and Suzu said she was about to do that; the statements from the girls surprised Ikuto. They then argue over Ikuto while bringing him to their chests.

This was too much stimulus for Ikuto and he fainted as he nosebleed. The next day Ikuto wakes up to being tied to and dragged by an animal, an ostrich name Monjiro. Ayane, who was riding the ostrich, notes that Ikuto woke up as he was yelling his head off due to the friction burns of being dragged.

She then tells him that she will be giving him a tour of the island but he replied that he didn't care as long as she stop. Not listening, Ayane then tells Ikuto that he could stay over at her house from now on. Suddenly Monjiro suddenly stopped and Ikuto watches Ayane fly off, rolled into the river and was taken by the current. Suddenly a girl appeared and tells Ikuto to not be caught off guard or someone will get him.

When Ikuto asked who she was she tells him that she is Rin a carpenter. Ikuto thanks her for saving him but worriedly asked if Ayane was okay and Rin tells him that was normal thing. She then tried to change the subject to herself but Ikuto was oblivious. He then heard a sound from behind him and then suddenly a bear came out of the bush surprising him. Rin nonchalantly greets Yukinocausing Ikuto to ask if they know each other. A child Yukino then appeared atop the bear making Ikuto exclaim.

Yukino was insulted that Ikuto called her a child and the bear hit him on the head. Yukino then tells him that for an apology he should take her out on a date; the bear then grabbed him by the head.

Rin then grabbed Ikuto by the legs and pulled him while telling Yukino that she was too young for a date. Yukino just exclaims that he was her belonging and then they began to fight. Later, as Ikuto was walking through the village, he complains about the inhabitants. He sense antagonistic feeling and also notes the he feels like being watched. Suddenly someone said "excuse" to him which shocked him.

The girl continues to ask him if there was something wrong. From behind a tree Ikuto tells her that he is somewhat lost looking for Suzu's house. The girl tells him that she would guide him there.

She then introduced herself as ChikageIkuto then in-turn introduced himself to her.

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Ikuto was relived that Chikage seems to be normal. He then suddenly felt a presence and then just barely dodged a blowgun dart which hit Chikage instead. After asking who was there he apologizes to Chikage. The miko who shot the dart hid behind a tree after stating that Ikuto dodged it. Ikuto felt fluid kept flushing from his nose, but somehow he managed to keep consciousness. She remembered Chikage had mentioned that playing the bag of toys in front of Ikuto would make him happy and 'act more like a man', but wasn't Ikuto just the same as always?

He forcefully grabbed it out from her grasp and threw it away as far as he could, blushing furiously as Suzu put on the most innocent face he had ever seen. His reaction was totally different from what Chikage had said.

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That thing was not important at all, at all. It was not until she obliged that he gave a relieved sigh. I knew there would be something wrong when associated with that girl, Ikuto mentally whispered.

The brown-haired girl picked up a book-like item from the bag she brought back. A book should be no problem, he hoped. He was just about to visit Suzu and Ikuto and played with them for a while, but he got hit by an object appearing from their house's direction.

He had never seen this before, but it looked strangely like… He suppressed his blush and grinned. Who would have thought those two had gone that far? Ikuto recognized it as a manga with Japanese characters, but looking at the cover, he blushed instantly. Of course, as clumsy as she was, Suzu did not take further notice of what the characters did after some pages, but Ikuto's imagination had never gone so wide.

He hit his head on the wall intensely, while his nose kept producing red fluid. Ikuto felt like the sky was falling as his vision spinned around, but he felt landing on something soft.

Unbeknownst to her, when she bent down and removed his bang from his forehead, the distance between her growing breasts and Ikuto's eyes shortened. Hadn't he always taken notice that her robe did not cover them completely, but instead occasionally flashing certain parts of them that made his eyes jump in joy or imagination? And he finally fainted. They were having dinner and Ikuto preferred not to answer it. Strangely enough though, a while ago Karaage stopped by and gave them some eggs, and flashed both of them a sly smile.

Both did not understand, but somehow they knew they should not talk about it. After finishing dinner, Ikuto kind of expected Suzu to persuade him again. The 'manga' thing I showed you earlier already proved it. Boys and girls should bathe separately.

Although Ikuto hated actually was excited about the idea, he felt he had no choice. Having a mad Suzu for days was not something he wanted in an island with girls only. It was better than nothing right? When they entered the bath in towels one after another, Ikuto could feel his cheeks burn. He shot some nervous glances at Suzu sometimes, checking her body out…no wait! He shook his head. No dirty thoughts…no dirty thoughts… 'Ne Ikuto, I almost forgot.