Museveni kagame relationship

museveni kagame relationship

“I think Museveni and Kagame have had strained relations on and off which go back to President Kagame's defiance of Museveni. At the end, Museveni tweeted: “I thank him [Kagame] for honouring my Conversations about Uganda-Rwanda relations since about Rwandan President Paul Kagame (left) and his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni meet at State House Entebbe on March 25,

They included deputy army commander Maj. Fred Rwigyema, Paul Kagame, who headed military intelligence, Maj. Chris Bunyenyezi, who was a field commander, and Maj.

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Frank Munyaneza, a mobile brigade commander. The disagreement between the Rwanda Patriotic Army RPA rebel top commanders over strategy overshadowed the power struggle, which led to the assassination of rebel commander Maj.

Rwigyema on the first day of the invasion.

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He was killed by a sniper and his body secretly buried on the Uganda-Rwanda border. Rwigyema had wanted a guerilla war, similar to that launched by Museveni in Uganda in All senior officers including Baingana, Bunyenyezi, Munyaneza perished in an ambush in the first month of the invasion.

The rebel force, without commanders, had to retreat to Uganda. An estimatedethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus were massacred following the death of Habyarimana in a plane crash, while returning from peace talks in neighbouring Tanzania. Harsh irony It is a harsh irony that after realising their dreams, Museveni and Kagame, the two erstwhile bedfellows, have since drifted apart.

Their relationship has been characterised by the trading of accusations and counter- accusations. The allegations made by one country against the other range from economic sabotage to interference in political and security matters. At one time, the armies of the two countries fought a proxy war in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Both countries had justification in sending troops to the eastern part of the DRC. Rwanda and Uganda backed different factions of the Congolese Rally for Democracy, a rebel force fighting to oust Laurent Kabila. The bigger picture, though, is that Kisangani had the necessary facilities, such as an airport, through which mineral wealth, such as gold, coltan and diamonds looted by both armies could be airlifted out of the country.

Although the two countries have full diplomatic ties, the accusations against each other often come to light outside diplomatic channels.

museveni kagame relationship

Late last year, the media in Rwanda was awash with accusations that Uganda was backing renegade forces opposed to the Kagame regime. The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence picked up at least seven suspects alleged to have colluded with Kigali to forcibly repatriate a Rwandan refugee four years ago. Inthere had been questions over how Lt.

museveni kagame relationship

Joel Mutabazi, a former presidential bodyguard, had been returned to Rwanda where he was later given a life sentence for treason and terrorism. Allegations swirled over whether Ugandan security agents had been involved. However, little action was taken until this October when numerous officers were detained.

These arrests raise a host of questions, not just around the curious case but also its wider implications and the timing.

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This incident threatens to undermine them, or perhaps it signals that they are already under greater strain than previously recognised. In the earlys, the Ugandan president supported Kagame in taking power in Rwanda.

museveni kagame relationship

But this alliance was threatened during the Second Congo War when the two countries backed opposing rebel groups. The two armies engaged in deadly clashes and tensions threatened to spill over into war. Over time, however, the two nations gradually reconciled.

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Following his arrival in Kigali, Kabonero quickly emerged as a smooth operator with an affinity for organising social events.

Kagame then visited Uganda as the two leaders gifted each other cattle.

museveni kagame relationship

Fraying relations More recently, however, this warmth seems to have dissipated. On various fronts, tensions have arisen between the two countries.

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It is widely believed that Kigali favours regime change, with Rwanda being accused of arming and supporting Burundian rebels. They deny these allegations. By contrast, Kampala has stood firmly by the Burundian government, with Museveni extending a hand to President Pierre Nkurunziza.