Long distance relationship valentines day gifts

11 Unique Long-distance Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

long distance relationship valentines day gifts

And, Valentine's Day is one occasion when you absolutely do not want to miss being with But, what if you are in a long-distance relationship?. If for example she sees “Valentine's Day” as a day of love and gift, but one that can really be of help to your long distance relationship. We have scoured the web for the BEST long distance relationship gifts! Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and holidays. Make your significant .

It is probably the most beautiful gift he has ever given me. But now I have a real rose that is preserved and I can treasure it for a lifetime. He got it in my favorite color, purple of course. They have many other very romantic gifts, check them out!

A perfect long distance gift. KindNotes KindNotes offers jars of messages enclosed in miniature decorative envelopes for the recipient to open each day, or anytime they need a smile. A wonderful way to get through the times you are apart. Each jar of messages is totally customizable — write your own messages, choose your jar, envelopes, and more.

You can also select from their completed sets that are ready to send. Rice Name Jewelry Rice Name offers a unique one of a kind gift! Putting names on rice was discovered many years ago by artisans in ancient Anatolia and India and was said to bring good luck and hope.

Many people then started to believe that what is written on a grain of rice is meant to bring good luck and keep away harm.

Top 30 Long Distance Relationship Gifts | Loving From A Distance

Rice Name can write a personal word or name on a single grain of rice. Sounds crazy but ask any woman how comforting her man's smell is to her. A detailed personal love note is another meaningful thing to a woman. Being specific in what you love about her and your relationship together is important.

Print out and attached to a hand created card. A couple of dollar store treats add a special touch. Don't forget to decorate the box you send with Valentine stickers.

I did this for our first Valetine's Day though we were apart, and although he got some ribbing, everyone told him how jealous they were of our relationship. Ad It's how you feel about each other and not what you can buy that makes a relationship special. I know how hard it can be!

long distance relationship valentines day gifts

My boyfriend and I are about miles away right now so I came up with phone dates. You pick a movie and set a time to "meet". Then someone counts down 3,2,1 then you both press play. It really makes a difference to be on the line with each other during the movie.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

We have really enjoyed it and we get to spend time together. I think it is mostly about commiting that time to each other, it shows you wanna be with her. Then after the movie you can flirt and talk into the night. Good luck, I know these LDR are tuff. Yes By Hayley Guest Post February 2, found this helpful Best Answer This year I'm giving my boyfriend a jar full of messages, it can be enough for a month to a year, with little quotes or reasons why you love them.

long distance relationship valentines day gifts

Then tell them to pick one each day, that way your gift lasts a while. Yes By Karen Guest Post January 13, found this helpful Best Answer Last year for Valentines day I sent a homemade valentine with dollies to him written in cursive and then sprayed some of his favorite perfume on it.

Then since we were far apart I created a power point telling the story of our relationship in the past year.

long distance relationship valentines day gifts

Ad I had a romantic song playing softly in the background as he played the slide show. It was pretty cheap and easy to do. Except I am the girl.

long distance relationship valentines day gifts

My boy friend will be returning home in about 2 months. So, what I am doing for him is sending a sexy Valentine's Day outfit for me to wear and some Valentine's Day boxers for him to wear. Inside the box is Valentine's Day confetti and loads of candy. Of course it will be sent out in the over night mail.

I also placed a coupon in there that I bought from a store called Spencers. It is a " anything, anytime you want it " coupon. I guess you could say it's cheesey but I know my guy will love it!

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We are also tight on money! Last year he sent me a message in a bottle. He used a glass juice or pop bottle like Fuzze and took off the label. Inside he filled it with fake rose petals that you can find pretty much anywhere around V-day. Ad He also wrote a beautiful love note to me and tied it up with a pink ribbon.