Kamille bidan ending relationship

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Later, Bask has Kamille Bidan's mother, Hilda, put in a capsule in outer space Gundam employing serious social issues such as Kamille's poor relationship with . Narm: At the end of "Half Moon Love" Kamille's contorting and tortured face. I liked the realism of Kamille Bidan's character, he was a teenager with w/e the war with the evil empire has already happened and ended, and the the relationships between the characters were deep, we see Jerrid who. Feb 13, Kamille Bidan - カミーユ・ビダン. Other Names, none Relationships, Fa Yuiri ( Love Interest) Kamille Bidan, to Jerid at the end of the series.

It annoyed me how Kamille was smacked around every other episode early on just for having a bad attitude while Katz got away with total insubordination that could have gotten people killed.

kamille bidan ending relationship

Shachi Topic Creator 7 years ago 27 Why the hell does nobody like Zeta? Don't get me wrong I did enjoy Zeta. Like you though I felt certain parts didn't really work out as well as they could have.

For instance while I liked Four and Rosamia individually I felt having two mentally unstable Cyber Newtypes with a strong attraction to Kamille was a bit much.

kamille bidan ending relationship

Many of the Rosamia parts were Deja Vu, even to Kamille. I also felt Paptimus needed more screentime.

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He was a really good antagonist but I felt he was absent alot of the time and he didn't go out in a mobile suit much except for his first appearance in the Messala and in the last two episodes in the O. This also made Reccoa's turn a little hard to swallow as well. She only met Paptimus for about 5 seconds and immediately contemplated going to his side. While you can chalk it up to his Newtype powers giving him a strong influence on people I felt they should have at least had a conversation.

Emma's death also felt a little forced. Why she went out of her cockpit while the Palace Athene was in the middle of exploding I'll never know. Of course there are plenty of things I liked as well.

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Kamille was irritating early on but he matured throughout the series and I wound up really liking him by the end. Char being so heavily involved was great. Haman added an extra faction and I loved how she sat back while both sides scrambled to get an allegiance with her first. Jerrid also grew on me.

I like how their rivalry started off fairly petty but then grew deep and personal as each one killed someone close to the other during the course of the war. So Zeta has some really good points to itand I still overall really liked it. It's just I felt it could've been alot better and I was expecting a little more.

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  • Anime directors, please don't change your depressing endings. I love them.

Rankarana 7 years ago 28 From: BlackChocoboSox After that though, its a disaster. Cajun Country Post by Mr.

Kamille Bidan

I actually feel bad for both of them. The Psyco Gundam was pretty beastly, even if it wasn't really effective at doing anything other than stomping around and randomly firing its beam cannons. It was pretty heroic of Four to sacrifice herself to keep Kamille safe and help him escape. Her death also seems to have gotten rid of some of Kamille's immaturity. For some reason, I thought the fight he died in was pretty funny. It was good to see Amuro fight. Its nice to see what he can do without an uber advanced piece of equipment since in the original series he had the Gundam and in CCA he had the Nu.

Beltorchika's a bitch though, plain and simple. I gotta give it to her though, her little hissy fit at Mirai was pretty entertaining.

Jerid is still a douchebag, but that's just his character. I wish Lila was still around. At least when he was around her, Jerid kept his mouth shut.