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itil relationship management

Modern Business Relationship Management and ITIL. By Simon Kent – Chief Innovation Office, Sollertis; 08 June ; Business Relationship Management. In this tutorial, we will discuss on ITIL Business Relationship Management (BRM) Process. Here in this chapter, you will learn the definition. How does the BR Management interface with the other ITIL lifecycle processes? What is important?.

We will do a short walkthrough of the five ITIL lifecycles: Therefore, it is inherently strongly destined to interact with its processes.

20. ITIL Foundation - Business Relationship Management

For the purpose of this post, I will focus on three of them: Regardless of the maturity level of this process, if your BRM is serious about his job, he will spend a lot of time here. What can be done for the customer? - Business Relationship Management

How does it relate with what we already have for our other customers? Do we have to create new services or change the existing ones to adhere to the new requirements? Your BRM will have to take care of cost and pricing models for reporting purposes, but more importantly, for evaluating investments in new opportunities.

itil relationship management

Therefore, a few processes should be addressed. What is the level of service the customer gets? Is it aligned with the customer priorities?

itil relationship management

Customer Satisfaction Survey Process Objective: To plan, carry out and evaluate regular customer satisfaction surveys. The principal aim of this process is to learn about areas where customer expectations are not being met before customers are lost to alternative service providers.

itil relationship management

Handle Customer Complaints Process Objective: To record customer complaints and compliments, to assess the complaints and to instigate corrective action if required. Monitor Customer Complaints Process Objective: To continuously monitor the processing status of outstanding customer complaints and to take corrective action if required.

itil relationship management

Complaint Status Information A message containing the present status of a complaint, typically sent to a customer who earlier made a complaint. Complaints and Compliments Complaints and compliments from the customer side which are addressed in the Business Relationship Management process.

ITIL Business Relationship Management

Complaints Log The Complaints Log contains the full history of all received customer complaints, complete with activities triggered by those complaints. Customer Survey Questionnaire A questionnaire for surveying customer satisfactionaimed at getting insight into overall customer satisfaction and customers' views on specific aspects of services.

Customer Survey Response The response to a service provider's customer survey, typically a completed questionnaire. Desired Service Outcomes The desired outcomes of a service, stated in the language of the customer.