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While feeding, diapering, napping or cuddling, moms listen to/watch volume controlled at pm for the purpose of building deep relationships, enjoying fun games, Our goal is to partner with Parents in that pursuit and equip them with. "Difference Makers", here at Fellowship Church, are the people that keep this place running. . Play, cuddle and just have fun. Our goals are: to be welcoming, for safety, creative Bible teaching, building relationships and FUN! (though we have a couple that serve weekly and really work on building relationships), this. Jan 7, #RelationshipGoals that encourage sex before marriage is one of them. Kahit hindi sex, kahit na cuddle, lying in bed together or kissing – all.


More than great stories from the Bible and exciting songs, we are serious about helping parents develop a spiritual foundation in their children. To this end, every five year old will have grown up hearing, saying and understanding: These simple, powerful truths permeate each moment of each thing that happens In The Clubhouse! In The Clubhouse we have designed four unique rooms to meet cognitive, spiritual, emotional and social needs of infants and preschoolers.

Moms and infants can find the dimly lit Shalom Room to relax and share restful moments together. Next to the Shalom Room An easy drop-off spot too! This small, soft comforting space if filled with sensory toys, books, glider-rockers and developmental play.

Tears seldom drip off cheeks as smiling giggles fill the air.

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Child target ratio is 1: Energy and enthusiasm kicks up as toddlers begin walking and socializing. Walkers and talkers learn community skills like listening to directions, holding hands, sitting together and taking turns as they transition from Infant to Preschooler. The real excitement begins as two through five year olds kidlets join one of the small group animal circles In The Clubhouse!

Through intentionally designed large and small group configurations, early foundations of worship, story, application, prayer and community are nurtured. On KidStreet leaders in large group worship and story help kiddos ask these hard questions. Next, age similar kiddos gather with their Small Group Leaders to tackle these topics through Bible investigation, scripture memorization, games and discussion. Amazing connections and truths are revealed every Sunday.

Then, during the week, with the support of the Parent Cue App, God Time Cards and the Small Group Leader on speed-dial, moms and dads lead their children in application and further discovery. An authentic, transforming faith in Jesus begins! Jesus is the model for Christian life. And Jesus grew in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man. This is especially true if you have recently moved to a new town, or even just a new neighborhood. As a general rule, church people are pretty friendly, and most churches have a variety of social events, groups, clubs, and connection opportunities available each week.

Church Helps Us Better Connect with our Spouse Not everyone is on the same page as his or her spouse when it comes to faith. However, couples who attend church together report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction within their marriage. Church reconnects us to our shared beliefs. It reinforces the higher philosophy and purpose behind marriage and family and it allows us a safe space to connect with God and our spouse together.

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Couples who attend church together are making time to reiterate the important foundations of their marriage. When you got married, you pledged to love and support each other. Church Allows Us to Feel Reverence In the chaos of every day, do you ever long for peace, quiet and reverence? Attending church can help us revisit this revered state regularly. It gives us a space to pray and to express humility and gratitude. It allows us to feel at peace and gives us respite from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Church Provides Plenty of Opportunities to Give Back Most Christian churches offer some type of charity work and assistance for their communities and other areas of need around the world.

Church offers an opportunity to donate our time and money to causes we believe in. So many people in the world live in poverty and pain, and through our faith, we can help bring them comfort and help. It made her heartsick to have to work full-time when she was desperately longing to stay home with her young child. Church Teaches Us Forgiveness It can be hard to let go of disappointments, frustrations and annoyances.

Maybe a friend has let us down, our kids have been out of control lately, or our spouse has said or done something hurtful.