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CV Physiology | Ventricular Pressure-Volume Relationship

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If not created by Khronos, those external documents may contain contributions from non-members of Khronos not covered by the Khronos Intellectual Property Rights Policy. This document contains extensions which are not ratified by Khronos, and as such is not a ratified Specification, though it contains text from and is a superset of the ratified Vulkan Specification.

The ratified versions of the Vulkan Specification can be found at https: Vulkan is a C99 API designed for explicit control of low-level graphics and compute functionality.

failing relationship images clip

The canonical version of the Specification is available in the official Vulkan Registry http: The source files used to generate the Vulkan specification are stored in the Vulkan Documentation Repository https: The source repository additionally has a public issue tracker and allows the submission of pull requests that improve the specification. Document Conventions The Vulkan specification is intended for use by both implementors of the API and application developers seeking to make use of the API, forming a contract between these parties.

Specification text may address either party; typically the intended audience can be inferred from context, though some sections are defined to address only one of these parties. For example, Valid Usage sections only address application developers. Any requirements, prohibitions, recommendations or options defined by normative terminology are imposed only on the audience of that text.

Note Structure and enumerated types defined in extensions that were promoted to core in Vulkan 1. Normative Terminology Within this specification, the key words must, required, should, recommended, may, and optional are to be interpreted as described in RFC - Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels http: These key words are highlighted in the specification for clarity.

In text addressing application developers, their use expresses requirements that apply to application behavior. In text addressing implementors, their use expresses requirements that apply to implementations. In text addressing application developers, the additional key words can and cannot are to be interpreted as describing the capabilities of an application, as follows: These key words are never used in text addressing implementors. Note There is an important distinction between cannot and must not, as used in this Specification.

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Cannot means something the application literally is unable to express or accomplish through the API, while must not means something that the application is capable of expressing through the API, but that the consequences of doing so are undefined and potentially unrecoverable for the implementation. Unless otherwise noted in the section heading, all sections and appendices in this document are normative.

Technical Terminology The Vulkan Specification makes use of common engineering and graphics terms such as Pipeline, Shader, and Host to identify and describe Vulkan API constructs and their attributes, states, and behaviors. The Glossary defines the basic meanings of these terms in the context of the Specification.

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The Specification text provides fuller definitions of the terms and may elaborate, extend, or clarify the Glossary definitions. When a term defined in the Glossary is used in normative language within the Specification, the definitions within the Specification govern and supersede any meanings the terms may have in other technical contexts i.

Normative References References to external documents are considered normative references if the Specification uses any of the normative terms defined in Normative Terminology to refer to them or their requirements, either as a whole or in part.

The following documents are referenced by normative sections of the specification: Garrard, Khronos Data Format Specification, version 1. Hector, Vulkan Documentation and Extensions: Procedures and Conventions, https: Fundamentals This chapter introduces fundamental concepts including the Vulkan architecture and execution model, API syntax, queues, pipeline configurations, numeric representation, state and state queries, and the different types of objects and shaders.

It provides a framework for interpreting more specific descriptions of commands and behavior in the remainder of the Specification.

The host must have runtime support for 8, 16, 32 and bit signed and unsigned twos-complement integers, all addressable at the granularity of their size in bytes. The host must have runtime support for and bit floating-point types satisfying the range and precision constraints in the Floating Point Computation section.

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The representation and endianness of these types on the host must match the representation and endianness of the same types on every physical device supported. Note Since a variety of data types and structures in Vulkan may be accessible by both host and physical device operations, the implementation should be able to access such data efficiently in both paths in order to facilitate writing portable and performant applications.

Execution Model This section outlines the execution model of a Vulkan system. Vulkan exposes one or more devices, each of which exposes one or more queues which may process work asynchronously to one another. The set of queues supported by a device is partitioned into families.

Ventricular Pressure-Volume Relationship

Another example of how the EDPVR can be altered is when a ventricle chronically dilates remodels as occurs in dilated cardiomyopathy or in valve disease.

A dilated ventricle has a higher passive compliance and therefore the slope of the filling curve is reduced. This results in lower ventricular pressures during filling at any given ventricular volume. The maximal pressure that can be developed by the ventricle at any given left ventricular volume is defined by the end-systolic pressure-volume relationship ESPVRwhich represents the inotropic state of the ventricle.

Peak systolic pressure loop height also decreases because arterial pressure falls as the cardiac output declines during IVC occlusion. Therefore, afterload is decreased along with the preload. A linear relationship generally occurs within a narrow range of pressures and volumes several beats. After several seconds the ESPVR becomes non-linear with a steeper slope as baroreflexes increase ventricular inotropy.

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