A short distance relationship movie japanese for kids

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a short distance relationship movie japanese for kids

Watch Close Range Love (Movie) online English subtitle full episodes for Free. To My Chinese movie / Genres: Romance, Drama, Fantasy. tutik rini That Is Not a Child But a Minor / Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai - Japanese Movie. A young boy and his little sister struggle to survive in Japan during In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of .. brainwash the city's children afflicted with the Geostigma disease. .. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie () .. When a connection forms, will distance be the only thing to keep. Close Range Love is a Japanese romance film directed by Naoto Kumazawa and an adaptation of the manga series of the same name. Contents. 1 Plot; 2.

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He also lets them visit the mini-mart and buy things they like. As winter turns to spring, the bills have piled up and the phone, electric, gas, and water have all been turned off.

They consequently must make use of the local park's public toilet to wash themselves, and the tap for their water.

a short distance relationship movie japanese for kids

It is on one of these trips that Shigeru starts a conversation with a high school student, Saki, and this soon blossoms into a friendship between all of them. Saki frequently visits them and helps take care of them. However, when she offers to earn money to give to them by visiting a Karaoke lounge with a man, Akira distances himself from her, rejects the money she offers, and runs home.

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Summer approaches, and money remains very tight. Suddenly, Yuki falls off a stool while trying to reach for something and dies. At that time, Akira was playing baseball. The children are shocked, and Akira has to go find Saki to borrow money in order to buy a dozen or so boxes of Yuki's favorite chocolate candies which are then placed with Yuki's dead body and stuffed bunny into a suitcase.

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Akira and Saki then take the Tokyo Monorail to an open field near Haneda Airport's runway and bury the suitcase containing Yuki in a hand-dug grave. He is twelve years old. His father is a worker at Haneda Airport. He is also the person who becomes the surrogate head of the family, taking care of his siblings.

a short distance relationship movie japanese for kids

Her father is a musician, and she dreams of owning an actual piano. She is in charge of such household chores as doing the laundry. He is very playful and the reason why they have had to move to their new apartment.

She is five years old, and nobody knows who is actually her biological father.

a short distance relationship movie japanese for kids

She loves to draw and eat chocolate candies. She later dies after falling from a stool, and is buried near Haneda Airport's runway. She is a friend of the children, and frequently helps them.

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She leaves them to marry someone and never returns to see them afterward. He gives Akira leftover sushi to bring home whenever Akira comes by the mini-market. Plot[ edit ] During her freshman year in high school, Mika Tahara loses her cell phone, but later finds it in the school library with the help of an unknown caller. Throughout the summer, Mika and the mysterious caller continue to communicate, and agree to meet each other once school starts again. The caller turns out to be Hiro, a delinquent-like boy that Mika is initially afraid of, who shows proof of his identity as the caller with a photo of the sky on his cellular phone.

a short distance relationship movie japanese for kids

From her friends and through her first sexual encounter with Hiro, Mika learns that he had a girlfriend named Saki. Although Hiro reassures her that he broke up with her, Saki, who still is in love with Hiro, holds a vendetta against Mika and hires a group of men to rape her.

The horrific encounter ends with Hiro and his older sister Minako punishing both the men and Saki, but Mika continues to be harassed at school when Saki spreads rumors about her.

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Hiro protects Mika from all of the bullying advances, but she assures him that she's not frightened from being with him. Mika later becomes pregnant after she and Hiro consummate in the school library. Hiro is thrilled by the news and both of them gain Hiro's parents' permission to raise the child together, although Mika's parents disapprove of the action.

Despite this, Mika is determined to have the baby. After an altercation with Saki, the baby's birth ends in a miscarriage. Despaired, Mika and Hiro build a grave for their baby and promise each other to come visit the memorial yearly on the day of the baby's death.

Shortly after their second year in high school begins, Hiro begins to distance himself from Mika and breaks up with her. On the day of the baby's death, Mika finds Hiro visiting the grave as per their promise.