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zombie survival guide wikihow how to flirt

Zombie Valentines Vintage Valentine Cards, Funny Valentine, Valentine Day Cards, .. wikiHow to Flirt -- via vlozodkaz.info Flirting Tips For Guys, Flirting With . How to Survive Doomsday As a Teenager. Surviving wikiHow Contributor. Community Answer Tips. First aid kit is also a good choice. If you have an infant, store some food and water for him/her. Survive an Apocalypse. Look for anyone carrying a Zombie Survival Guide Handbook Edit . Fast Zombies can vary in many ways, but the main item is that their entire physique ( i.e. It is always good to be by someone who loves you, so flirt with the ugly chick and.

I think we need to decide what it should to be: Please help improve this section if you can. January Survivalism is approached by its adherents in different ways, depending on their circumstances, mindsets, and particular concerns for the future. Safety-preparedness-oriented While survivalists accept the long-term viability of Western civilization, they learn principles and techniques needed for surviving life-threatening situations that can occur at any time and place.

They prepare for such calamities that could result in physical harm or requiring immediate attention or defense from threats. These disasters could be biotic or abiotic. Survivalists combat disasters by attempting to prevent and mitigate damage caused by these factors. This group stresses being able to stay alive for indefinite periods in life-threatening wilderness scenarios, including plane crashes, shipwrecks, and being lost in the woods.

The rule states that a human can survive: These survivalist tactics are often firearm-oriented, in order to ensure a method of defense against attackers or home invasion. Natural disaster, brief This group consists of people who live in tornado, hurricane, flood, wildfire, earthquake or heavy snowfall-prone areas and want to be prepared for possible emergencies.

While assuming the long-term continuity of society, some may have invested in a custom-built shelter, food, water, medicine, and enough supplies to get by until contact with the rest of the world resumes following a natural emergency.

Bio-chem scenario This group is concerned with the spread of fatal diseases, biological agents, and nerve gases, including swine fluE. Newsletters suggest hard assets of gold and silver bullion, coins, and other precious-metal-oriented investments such as mining shares.

Survivalists prepare for paper money to become worthless through hyperinflation. As of late this is a popular scenario. Biblical eschatologist These individuals study End Times prophecy and believe that one of various scenarios might occur in their lifetime. While some Christians and even people of other religions believe that the Rapture will follow a period of Tribulationothers believe that the Rapture is imminent and will precede the Tribulation "Pre-Trib Rapture [40] ".

There is a wide range of beliefs and attitudes in this group. They run the gamut from pacifist to armed camp, and from having no food stockpiles leaving their sustenance up to God's providence to storing decades' worth of food. Peak-oil doomers This group believes that peak oil is a near term threat to Western civilization, [41] and take appropriate measures, [42] usually involving relocation to an agriculturally self-sufficient survival retreat. Hatfield's The American Common Law: The Customary Law of the American Nation.

Common preparations include the creation of a clandestine or defensible retreat, haven, or bug out location BOL in addition to the stockpiling of non-perishable food, water, water-purification equipment, clothing, seed, firewood, defensive or hunting weapons, ammunition, agricultural equipmentand medical supplies. Some survivalists do not make such extensive preparations, and simply incorporate a " Be Prepared " outlook into their everyday life.

A bag of gear, often referred to as a " bug out bag " BOB or "get out of dodge" G. It can be of any size, weighing as much as the user is able to carry. Changing concerns and preparations[ edit ] Survivalists' concerns and preparations have changed over the years. During the s, fears were economic collapse, hyperinflation, and famine.

Preparations included food storage and survival retreats in the country which could be farmed. Some survivalists stockpiled precious metals and barterable goods such as common-caliber ammunition because they assumed that paper currency would become worthless.

During the early s, nuclear war became a common fear, and some survivalists constructed fallout shelters. Inmany people purchased electric generatorswater purifiers, and several months' or years' worth of food in anticipation of widespread power outages because of the Y2K computer-bug.

Instead of moving or making such preparations at home, many people also make plans to remain in their current locations until an actual breakdown occurs, when they will—in survivalist parlance—"bug out" or "get out of Dodge" to a safer location.

Some evangelical Christians hold to an interpretation of Bible prophecy known as the post-tribulation rapturein which the world will have to go through a seven-year period of war and global dictatorship known as the " Great Tribulation ". Similarly, some Catholics are preppers, based on Marian apparitions which speak of a great chastisement of humanity by God, particularly those associated with Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Akita which states "fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity".

Mainstream emergency preparations[ edit ] People who are not part of survivalist groups or apolitically oriented religious groups also make preparations for emergencies. This can include depending on the location preparing for earthquakes, floodspower outagesblizzards, avalancheswildfiresterrorist attacks, nuclear power plant accidents, hazardous material spills, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

These preparations can be as simple as following Red Cross and U. Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA recommendations by keeping a first aid kit, shovel, and extra clothes in the car, or by maintaining a small kit of emergency supplies, containing emergency food, water, a space blanket, and other essentials.


Mainstream economist and financial adviser Barton Biggs is a proponent of preparedness. In his book Wealth, War and Wisdom, Biggs has a gloomy outlook for the economic future, and suggests that investors take survivalist measures. In the book, Biggs recommends that his readers should "assume the possibility of a breakdown of the civilized infrastructure. Think Swiss Family Robinson. Even in America and Europe, there could be moments of riot and rebellion when law and order temporarily completely breaks down.

In such situations, alternative food is necessary, which is converting natural gas and wood fiber to human edible food. Most zombies move slowly, with awkward gaits, but this is especially true of hordes. Fast zombies are unable to remain in a cohesive horde and quickly break apart into hunter packs.

zombie survival guide wikihow how to flirt

Hordes should not be faced aggressively. Only attack with a solid escape plan in place, and even then only attack if you have massive weaponry.

The recommended tactic is to use tall buildings and any news reports that manages to broadcast during the invasion to keep tabs on the horde's location. However, if you notice a piece of flesh fall off the anchorperson's face, ignore anything they have to say about how to avoid the zombies. Stay ahead of the horde and flee quickly. Stay out of the zombies' sight and leave some space between you and them. Most hordes include a few zombies wandering off a bit on their own.

These loners may raise an alarm before you can deal with them, drawing the horde to you. When fleeing a horde, silence is key; favor melee weapons and fleeing to conventional combat. If you can get away from the city, do not stop in the suburbs. Though initially zombie free, suburbs will draw smaller packs from the main zombie horde, and occasionally have zombified animals or more diverse -often physically superior- zombies holed up in houses, farms, etc.

You must choose from two final destinations: Government shelters have the advantage of armored exteriors, food stores, and military defense To limit infiltration points, such bases have few entrances, and thus escaping a massed zombie attack will be impossible.

The wilderness is not very habitable to zombies and is only rarely invaded. The exception to this rule is swampland which should be circumvented if encountered.

Zombies' slow gaits and clumsy movements make it especially hard for them to travel over unpaved ground. They ARE easy prey for most predators, but this results in zombified animals. However, in the wilderness, it is easier for fungi and bacteria to break the zombies down.

The only problem with a wilderness destination is YOUR ability to survive there. Print off a wilderness survival guide before fleeing and look for high ground.

An example of a fat zombie randomly exploding as usual. While they move with a slower gait than normal Horde Zombies, Fat Zombies are a formidable foe.

For some reason unknown to science today perhaps transition of fat into muscle from whatever made them a zombie. In some cases they have been known to explode when shot, causing anyone in a large radius around them to be burned with acid, so it's best to kill them from a range. Even though the Zombification changes their strength, the Fat Zombie's gluttony stays exactly the same so if you were to throw this team-member at them, they will stop following you and gorge.

When you are a reasonable distance away from a Fat Zombie, get your team to focus fire on that one zombie Aim for the legs first, as it will force the fatty to crawl. Conventional Zombie killing tactics are not as effective against fat zombies. To render one to an almost completely harmless state, you must shoot off all extremities - Arms, Legs and Head. Suggested weapons are powerful sniper rifles, rockets and chainsaws. Please note that if you are close enough to use a chainsaw, you are likely about to die so think happy thoughts.

Grue Zombies, grues who have somehow died and became zombies. There is really no way to kill grue zombies unless you have Chuck Norris or can successfully pull off the shoop da whoop.

Camper zombies, zombies who hide and wait for prey, are the other common type. Campers hide in darkened corridors, side rooms, and even in the drywall. They prefer to wait for their prey to come near and then burst out and seize the victim. When dealing with campers, a smart survivor favors lighter weaponry that can be used safely at short range.

One very effective but rarely used tactic is to keep a dog with you. Zombies are surprisingly adept at hiding despite their dim wits, but canines easily detect the rotting odor that emanates from their hiding places.

When facing camper zombies, move slowly and keep a sharp eye on your surroundings for hints of an upcoming attack. Clues include a rank smell, eerie music, and long periods without zombies.

zombie survival guide wikihow how to flirt

If traveling in a group it's not a bad idea to hole up in a room for rest as long as two people are awake at all times to ensure the guard does not fall asleep. Open areas and wall hack cheats are your friends when facing campers.

Do not split up to look for this type of zombie, as it is almost guaranteed the least important members of your group will be taken by the zombie and added to its ranks. Fast Zombies are some of your most dreaded enemies when facing legions of the undead. Fast Zombies can vary in many ways, but the main item is that their entire physique i.

The majority of fast zombies have been found to have been overzealous gym instructors and annoying co-workers who won't let go of the "Can do attitude" even post-mortem. Most of the time the Fast Zombies are very skinny as opposed to their horde friends and as a consequence are much less resistant.

Their most prized weapon is surprise. Thee best way to take out a Fast Zombie is by rapid-fire or wide area explosives. Shotguns are very useful because if you don't hit them while they're bearing down on you well if you cannot hit something with a shotgun then you probably deserve to be a zombie anyway then you still have a very heavy thing to hit them with. Remember, when you see a cloud of zombies which seems too much of a simple target, it probably is.

Keep a loaded shotgun nearby, and watch the rooftops - Most of the time the horde is very one minded following the "kill-eat-move on to the next guys" mantra, but sometimes "Smart Zombies" co-ordinate them so the Fast Zombies and the Horde Zombies work together. Please see below for advice on Smart Zombies. Elvis Impersonator Zombies These are usually the rarest, if not the most entertaining variety of undead you may encounter.

They can be easily identified by their signature hairdo, glittery pretentious suitsand trademark lurching walk which they plagiarized from Elvis. Which isn't really even a walk, since they don't actually get anywhere. When you know a Smart Zombie is around, the best thing you can do is avoid him at all costs. Smart Zombies have the ability to set up and carry out plans. If there's one around, then there are likely several zombies gathering.

Smart Zombies are a rare type. Sewer Zombies like to spend all their time in sewers and in drain areas, they are afraid of light so taking a flashlight is a good idea. A better idea is to just avoid sewers. As a matter of fact, you should avoid all places with low visibility and no cover, as this means the zombies darker coloration and slow movement speed will not make much of a difference, whereas a well lit, cluttered area will often make zombies stumble about opening them to fire.

Lady Zombies are exactly what they sound like. Every necrophiliacs nightmare, they are girl zombies. But surprisingly, they're not that different from the live ones, they still moan and groan about the men never taking them anywhere. Some of the zombie abilities he is theorized to possess include infecting people by burping on them, complete cellular regeneration means he can't be killed.

Luckily, the Zombie Chuck Norris made mistake early by approach Zombie Hunter Tony Jaa who not only smash its brain but also every single piece of bone in single blow along with all bystanders, undead or not. Animal Zombies Depend on your luck. A zombie snail is most common but they're totally harmless.

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Other kind of animal zombie do exist. Some of these are "dog" zombies. If a zombie gets to be this big, then it's lethal. However, since much of it's muscle has degraded by then, it won't be able to catch you. The Terrors of the junkyard,these vermicious brutes Wander the junkyards, in poorly built helies, or controlling guns.

HowTo:Survive a Zombie Outbreak

Avoid these brutes, they have a leader, Project He has two dual glocks, and is not afraid to use it. Since the zombies corrupted the rest of the info, i think you should find out more about these peanut zombies. All have high level martial arts skills and requires extreme weapon tactics to wipe out; if using hand-to-hand combat, the chances are you will not survive. However, if you get lucky and manage to kill one, it will yield a Katana as a weapon drop, which can upgrade a basic Asian to Ultimate Asian.

Method of Transmission Edit In order to get infected by a zombie, you need to be bitten, or bite one of them, although I have no idea why you would ever want to. The saliva and blood of a zombie have the potential to infect a person and eventually turn them, so keep your mouth shut if you're the dumbass using a chainsaw. To be honest I prefer a good old fashioned flamethrower to burn those sumbitches where they stand. There are rare exceptions in which zombies learn not to walk on land mines or that electrocution will put them down for good.

If you encounter these zombies, then pray to God you took Garry Kasparov or better yet, Deep Blue into your hideout, you're going to need someone smart to stay alive. Plus, if you like getting your ass beat at chess, bonus!

Top 10 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tips

Preparation Edit Preparation is essential for surviving a Zombie Outbreak. Being prepared for a Zombie Outbreak is sometimes referred to as having a 'Zombie Plan' write that down so when someone asks you if you have a 'Zombie Plan' you don't look like a total NOOB!!! Chainsaw- Most of all Resident Evil or horror films and countless Hollywood scenes show the awesome power of the chainsaw. As cool as it is though, it ranks very low on the practical zombie-killing weapon list.

The lightest chainsaw recorded was 25 pounds and it won't do you very good carrying that VERY heavy object around, while running from a crowd of pale-skinned freaks intent on eating you. Chainsaws are freakin' hard to control, so you might be trying to behead a zombie but you can't guarantee it won't turn on you and slice your own damn head off in the process.

In addition, once the fuel runs out, it's as useful as a giant spoon. Unless you can do an indefinite spinning attack with your chainsaw. Also Chainsaws need gas, imagine how much it costs to kill only 12 zombies?

Lawn Mower- All the same problems as Chainsaw, with even greater problems. You know how hard one of those things are to lift, let alone to a position that the blades can even do their work. Also, it is not made to be lifted up into the air, so even if you can lift the mower, it will not stay up there for long.

It might of looked cool in Brain Dead, it will never work. Slingshot- It wouldn't be the wisest of choices. Using it against a zombie will only alert it to your presence, stupid. Unless you throw a bomb with it. Edged Weapons- Imagine using a sword to kill a crowd of zombies and you stab some zombie through the skull in the brain.

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Now imagine you turn to the zombie behind you to do the same, only to realize that it's stuck on the first zombie that you stabbed and you can't seem to get it back So use one without a serrated edge. Unless you are a skilled fencer, this is an inadvisable choice.

Katana Meant to slice a zombies head clean off their shoulders rather then trying to stab them to death. Cuts through dead And live people alike like a hot knife through butter, don't forget to keep your blade clean by spinning it in your hand and fanning the blood everywhere like a bad ass.

Note that SMGs don't have the stopping power of an assault rifle but it shouldn't matter unless you are fighting zombified military personnel and police who wear bulletproof vests. Also you a screwed if you have a bolt action verse a Fast Zombie. Much better, make sure to reload often though, that full auto will dry out that ammo at all the wrong times like when a zombie is stuffing your own arm up your ass.

The second best weapon for zombies, there buck shots will blow off the heads of several zombies, the person who is carrying a shotgun will survive most zombie outbreaks. Also makes you feel like a badass.

It is only surpassed by Note, high recoil might send the user through a wall after 12 shots. Though whoever is using it will die just as his buddies got to relative safety. If you are dumb smart enough to do this, make sure you have a friend tape it and stick it up on Youtube, you will get more hits then Achmed the Dead Terrorist, easy. Blunt weapons- Using a baseball bat, cricket bat, or a sledgehammer is one of the most effective way to kill a zombie because you can use it over and over again, it does not get stuck to zombies, it is quiet, fun, will never run out of ammo and it is easy to carry note that the 1.