What is the relationship between amanda knox and rudy guede

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what is the relationship between amanda knox and rudy guede

All the Things You Forgot About the Twisted Tale of Amanda Knox. Rudy Guede, True Crime Week. TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images. 3. Raffaele Sollecito said the dark cloud over his links to the brutal stabbing of British Rudy Guede, then also 20 – who had befriended Amanda and her roommates – was “I only had a relationship with Amanda for five days. The Amanda Knox case is going under renewed scrutiny with the including the mystery around Knox's connection to Rudy Guede, the man.

Candace Dempsey writes that in rummaging around, looking for anything that might be missing, Romanelli inadvertently disturbed the crime scene. Instead, Romanelli's male friend forced the door open at around 1: Her injuries consisted of sixteen bruises and seven cuts.

These included several bruises and a couple of insubstantial cuts on the palm of her hand.

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Bruises on her nose, nostrils, mouth, and underneath her jaw were compatible with a hand being clamped over her mouth and nose. Italian Code of Criminal Procedure A panorama of Perugia, the city where Kercher, Knox and Sollecito were students In Italy, individuals accused of any crime are considered innocent until proven guilty, although the defendant may be held in detention. Unless the accused opts for a fast-track trial, murder cases are heard by a corte d'assise English translation: A guilty verdict is not regarded as a definitive conviction until the accused has exhausted the appeals process, irrespective of the number of times the defendant has been put on trial.

If the Corte di Cassazione overturns a verdict, it explains which legal principles were violated by the lower court, which in turn must abide by the ruling when re-trying the case. If the Corte di Cassazione upholds a guilty verdict of the appeal trial, the conviction becomes definitive, the appeals process is exhausted, and any sentence is served. Guede, then aged 17, was adopted by a wealthy Perugia family. In mid, his adoptive family asked him to leave their home.

He later went to a nightclub where he stayed until 4: On the following night, 2 NovemberGuede went to the same nightclub with three American female students he had met in a bar. And secondly, we have Alex Guttieres who is a native New Yorker actually but came to college here in Chicago, the second city who we would like to call it the first city and obtained his JD from the University of Miami was admitted to the Florida Bar in and then actually got a second law degree in Rome, was admitted to the Roman Bar in He is currently a member of both the Florida Bar and the Italian Bar, lives in Rome and practices in the area of civil claims, family controversies and commercial transactions, largely in the international space.

So, Alex and Carlo, welcome. We are so glad to have you. Thank you very much for the invitation. Thank you very much. In then year-old American Exchange student, Amanda Knox, was accused of the brutal murder of a British roommate, Meredith Kercher, suspicion was quickly cast on Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, I know I am mispronouncing that, I apologize guys. Media all around the world covered the story very, very closely and in the eyes of many unfairly following the conviction of known burglar Rudy Guede, for the murder Knox and Sollecito were convicted of the murder as well.

Italian police and a local prosecutor pursued a narrative that Knox, Sollecito and Guede had killed Kerscher in some kind of angry, sexual, orgy or game often portraying Knox as the motivating and manipulating force behind the killing.

Prosecutors also accused Knox and Sollecito among other things of simulating a burglary to divert suspicion away from them. Knox was sentenced to 26 years imprisonment, Sollecito to 25 years. Well, I think what would be helpful, Carlo, is if you first told us how you came to represent Amanda?

what is the relationship between amanda knox and rudy guede

How did your attorney-client relationship with her form? Yes, thank you, and we started just because we were contacted there.

what is the relationship between amanda knox and rudy guede

We are listed in different embassies here in Rome working in the International field and also with the international organization of the United Nations and so somebody from the US Embassy gave our name and we were contacted day one. So the day actually that Amanda was arrested, so that was the 6th of November In terms of criminal matters we also handle within the firm specific cases only we are not purely criminal lawyers, we are also criminal lawyers, but lately in the last years we are facing many, many involvements also because in a way the crime is becoming more-and-more international and when I am talking about cartel or trafficking and immigration and also international situation.

The family called us, we got a lawyer in Perugia immediately the same day. Luciano Ghirga who was assisting Amanda with me all the way to the end, so for eight years the five grades. We met Amanda on the day three. So, there was a hearing in the prison. Amanda was arrested on the sixth — in the morning of the 6th November.

One of the things that struck me when I was learning more about this case was, how quickly the police focused on Amanda and her boyfriend, what explanation can you give for why they focused so intently and so early on the two of them? This murder in Perugia was somehow without a reason and so all the authority, the police, the prosecutor, even the University because Perugia is known to be famous for the University of Foreigners, they all took this matter seriously. So, they had to show that something was going on that the murder happened actually in the town, the belated house was just outside the wall and a few hundred meters from the University, and it happened in the room of the poor victim Meredith Kercher.

So, not only in the house but in the room, which is known to be one of the safest place of all of us. And so, the police immediately took strong action, there was numbers of police officer appointed supervised by a prosecutor, and Amanda was put immediately under an examination because she was interrogated the day that they found the body. So this was the second of November, the third, the fourth, the fifth, and then during a famous night within the fifth and the sixth they arrested her.

And the reason why Amanda is because she was living with the Meredith and they were held together and the house was occupied by four girls but the other two girls were away that night, and so I think the police now that we know what was the final result — they actually made a mistake, but they put a lot of energy and they wanted to reply and to keep immediately some kind of name or some kind of solution of this possible murder and they were too fast. So, today we can say that they made a mistake, they should probably take more time and wait to make more evidence, collect more elements because the idea of the participation of the murder with Amanda, Raffaele, Rudy Guede and the poor victim which the main idea was a sex game that went wrong.

Little by little it collapsed because there was no element supporting this hypothesis and the prosecutor in fact they changed the motive during the trial but the reason I think all this gave was that they closed the case too fast.

Is that generally sort of the opening sequence of events? There was a need of giving a reply, there was such a strong fact. Right, there were no intense political and press pressure.

what is the relationship between amanda knox and rudy guede

They were very much under pressure and they simply made a mistake, this happens. So, this is a question for both of you guys, there was strong pressure or strong evidence I should say from my understanding of the case that emerged that Rudy Guede was actually the sole perpetrator of this murder. Yes, the main point of our defense that we brought over-and-over again and we also had that at the beginning of limited access to the document was that there was no evidence of Amanda being in the room.

Murder of Meredith Kercher

The girl was found on the floor with blood with two wounds on the neck and many, many blood traces on the handle of the door, on the wall, on the bed. There was no evidence of Amanda and the same applied for Raffaele.

Where Rudy Guede had a footprint with a Nike shoe, there was a circle underneath, on the blood just beside, there was a DNA that was found on the hand of the victim that was related to Rudy Guede, there was his DNA on the bra, the bra was cut with using a knife, and there was two handprint, two handprint of blood on the pillow that with the fingerprint was analyzed within ten days from the finding and everybody thought that that was something related to Amanda, Raffaele, and Patrick Lumumba because at the first stage, Patrick Lumumba was involved.

But in fact, as a result of the fingerprint were Rudy Guede, all immigrant And also there was DNA in the body because according to Rudy Guede, the version that he gave is that he had an affair with Meredith and they had a meeting that night and they actually had a preliminary intimate relation using the hand.

The first part is probably true, the second part is false. There was a dispute about whether it was broken from the inside or outside but that seemed to add up that this may have been some kind of breaking and entering or started out as a burglary crime. How does that square with the finding of his DNA? May I add something about the known burglar? Not only was he a known burglar, but he has a history for breaking windows and breaking an entry, which was comparable to what had happened that day when the police came on the scene and Carlo, you know more about this than me, but correct me if I am wrong.

And ultimately, one of the big issues was — was the breaking I never believed in this version that Rudy Guede brought. First of all, all the friends of Meredith, the British girls, none of them confirmed that there was an affair that were out at the day before which is a Halloween.

Meredith had that relation with the boyfriend that was living on the ground floor, the villa, the small villa was divided into ground floor with four boys and the first floor was occupied by the four girls. So it is Rudy Guede that is trying to say that and nobody really believes.

I think Rudy Guede had an attack. And probably with the other hand, Rudy Guede was trying to take advantage, the girl was found almost naked.

So there were some pants, some jeans just beside, the underwear and the bra that was cut. So he was probably using a knife. He was arrested before, as Alex said, he had some precedent of breaking into a law firm taking the computer and also in a school in Milan, he took all the equipment and when the stay was stopped in Milan, in fact, and they found that he was always carrying one of the small knife with about 6 centimeters blade which is comparable with the wound. And while he was there, Meredith Kercher probably walked in, then what happened there will be a mystery, nobody will know but my impression that he attacked Meredith just because he was alone with the girl in house.

So, one of the things you just mentioned was that the knife that was used to kill Meredith was never found, but the prosecutors believed that that knife was in the house, right? They thought that — Jon Amarilio: Right, so they thought that they had it.

Can you talk to us a little bit about the murder weapon?

The Amanda Knox Again Edition: An Interview with the Defense Team

Amanda was staying with Raffaele at night, so they went into the kitchen and they picked up one of the knife that was in the kitchen.

This was a centimeter knife, kitchen knife, with a blade of centimeter and that was used by the prosecutor as the murder knife, as a supposed murder knife. There was an investigator if I remember correctly that just said something like he selected this knife as evidence because of his investigative intuition, something like that. That was the version because we asked there was another sixth knife in that kitchen and then it was analyzed with DNA and they found the DNA pretty good trace of Amanda on the handle but she always said from day one that they cooked, like the day — the night before, they cooked fish and they cut the puffed fish and she did that.

A finale slide informs the audience that Knox has since graduated college and advocates for the wrongfully convicted, but what about her engagement to childhood friend Colin Sutherland?

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Has she officially moved on with boyfriend Christopher Robinson? Has she since made peace with Kercher's family? What is her relationship with Sollecito like today? Who was Rudy Guede to Kercher and Knox? Though he is the only person still serving time for his guilty sentence in the murder and his DNA was found all around the crime scene, his background, connection to the women and his role in the night felt somewhat lacking in detail in comparison to the other characters.

We know that Guede said he met Kercher the night before and they went back to the apartment, but how did they meet? Where did they meet? How well did he know their male neighbors?