Relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay format

relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay format

In chapter 2 Candy begins to describe Curley?s relationship with his wife. Near the start of the chapter Curley?s Wife enters the barn where Lennie is. She is to audience response as well as reference to the structure of the novel with comparisons being made between sections. Related GCSE John Steinbeck essays. (See Critical Analysis Essay); Compare/Contrast. Contrast/compare the relationship between Lennie and George. On page 70, recall the scene in Crooks's quarters once Curley's wife arrives (pages ), focusing on. We will write a custom essay sample on Explain how the idea of the American . Lennie accidentally kills Curley's Wife and because of this most of the people on the . Like Lennie, Crooks has a 'relationship' with loneliness.

Their dream is simple in some ways yet very complex in others. The dream apparently began as just a story that George told Lennie, perhaps as a way of calming Lennie down, or to keep him focused on working, but after some time, it seemed that George started to believe in the dream himself. Everyone can dream but clearly, the ability to dream is inextricably tied to having someone to share that dream with.

Lennie and George have a dream, which they have thought out very thoroughly. They could do anything they wanted on this land because they would be their own bosses. However, I believe that in chapter 6 George is describing Heaven to Lennie, rather than the little farm.

Yet this is what they thought, the dream gradually vanished throughout the novel. The author, John Steinbeck, illustrates this vanished dram through a series of incidents involving Lennie and his interactions with other characters in the novel. George and Lennie had to hide in a cesspool while men went looking for them. Lennie later, a few miles south of Soledad by the Salinas River, killed a mouse. The reader, at this stage, would take this as foreshadowing for events later in the book.

But luckily Slim keeps the chances of the dream alive, for the meantime, by stepping in. The reader gets the impression that something unforgivable might happen soon because Lennie has killed an animal and now seriously injured a human.

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In addition he next kills a pup that Slim gave him. This was a kind killing for which to put Lennie out of his misery. The film American Beauty Essay All Lennie ever wanted was to look after things but in the end George has to kill Lennie, using a painless but more dignified way than the alternatives. George describes the dream all over again to Lennie, knowing that it will not happen.

In fact, probably the reason why she is not given a name is because she is totally hidden from the world and nobody knows her as anyone else.

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This emphasizes her complete isolation form the rest of the characters in the novel. She is a character without a single drop of sympathy shown towards her and she can be vicious, which adds to more characters trying to avoid her. She is a victim of an empty life, and a meaningless one. She has wonderful dreams of being a Hollywood star, but all her dreams are crushed by the insensitivity towards her shown by the other characters.

Whatta they think I am anyways? Her dream of fame is more modern like a 20th century dream of fame rather than a s dream of fame.

relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay format

He says he was gonna put me in the movies. Says I was a natural.

relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay format

It is important to keep dreams alive, even if they are unrealistic. Her dreams come to an abrupt holt when she makes the biggest mistake of her life by letting Lennie touch her hair. This ends with her getting killed.

relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay format

She is not a storybook wife, and that is what Curley wants. Not many people get success like that and for the people who do, great sadness comes. Candy is an old, physically disabled swamper who has worked on the ranch for a good majority of his life. While working on the ranch a few years ago, Candy got into an accident which resulted in the loss of one of his hands. This unfortunate accident left him a little bit of money and whole lot of loneliness.

The student audience will be encouraged to respond and take notes. Any of the writing topics in this section can be expanded into full-length essays word length and completion time at the discretion of teachers.

These short writing prompts can also be used as discussion topicsjournal entries, or as advance organizers. Types of essays can include: Ask students to defend or condemn the practice, and argue reasons for their opinions.

Teachers should emphasize that each short prompt should be concise and contain specific examples from the novel. Arrange time in the computer lab if availableso students can start their assignments and teachers can assist students. For unfinished assignments, students may email themselves the document or place it on a USB flash drive.

Estimated Time Each short writing prompt can be assigned and completed in one or two homework assignments. Procedures Provide some ideas and ask students to write about some as much as can be covered during the unit of these topics: Ongoing before or during the reading of the novel: What does friendship mean to you? How important is it to have a place where you belong, where there are people who know you and love you?

relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay format

What dreams do you have? How can these dreams fail? How can they succeed? Who is your favorite character in this book so far? Give your reasons for choosing him or her.

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Why does Steinbeck tend to start each new section with narrative description? Write journal entries from the point of view of one of the characters in the novel. Do you know anyone who is mentally-challenged or otherwise disabled? If so, describe your relationship with that person. Is violence ever justified? Are you concerned about what others think of you?

Write about a major conflict during any stage of the novel. In which time period does the novel take place? How can you tell? What does the mouse in the first section tell you about Lennie? Think about why Lennie insists on carrying it around with him. At what level is he functioning? What figurative language does Steinbeck use in this section and why? Why is setting important to Steinbeck? Consider why he usually starts each section of the novel with a description of the setting.

What are the motifs already established in Section 1? Discuss, and provide examples of, the literary devices Steinbeck has introduced. How does George try to prevent Lennie from getting into trouble? Why is Curley so mean to Lennie and George upon first meeting them? What does he have against them? Why do you think he acts the way he does? Why does George tell Lennie to remain silent when they first meet the ranch boss? Why is the ranch boss so suspicious of George and Lennie?

Why is George especially worried? Why does Lennie refuse to fight back when Curley attacks him?

relationship between lennie and curlys wife essay format

Why does Curley agree to what Slim told him about how to explain his crushed hand? How does Slim get George to honestly talk about his relationship with Lennie and what happened in Weed? Why is he so highly regarded? Why is it so important that he is included?