Relationship between federal state local government

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relationship between federal state local government

Relationship to Federal & State Government. The U.S. Constitution does not mention local units of government. As creations of the individual states, however, . The three tiers of government in Nigeria includes the federal, state and local. A federation is an association or a union of autonomous states. Modern federal, state, and local governments must deal with changes in technology Relationship Between The Federal Government And The United States.

Relationship to Federal & State Government

Whereas state governments are like outside contractors working for a bigger business on their own terms, local governments are like employees within the bigger business of state government — local governments are merely delegated state powers over a local district. The concept of federalism, which is held by our national government towards individual states, is not shared by individual states in their connection with local governments, as it is elsewhere, such as in Mexico or Brazil.

relationship between federal state local government

States can disband, or dissolve, local governments whenever they choose to do so, in order to change things up if they so choose to. The national government, on the other hand, cannot arbitrarily dissolve state governments — they must let them be. This is definitely different than the powers granted to states within the U. Any powers not specifically granted to the U.

How It Happens: State vs. Federal

It is like this — any powers not specifically given to the U. There are other relationships between the tiers of the government in Nigeria besides the collaboration of the state government with either the local government or the federal government.

relationship between federal state local government

The relationship between the three tiers of government in Nigeria Since we know the main responsibilities of each tier, we can discuss the relationship between them. Even though collaboration is a type of relationship between the tiers, there are other areas of cooperation or relationship.

The power sharing relationship This is the first area of the relationship among the tiers of the government in Nigeria. Each of the tiers has a type of an important list. There are three types: The exclusive list can be considered as a symbol of power. The concurrent list belongs to the federal and state governments. The residual belongs to the states. The "power sharing" means that even though there are certain lists that belong to each tier, the responsibilities can be shifted among them in order to get better results.

For example, even though primary education is in the list of the state government, other tiers can take it up when needed. The state government provides inspectors who visit local governments regularly to inspect their operations. They look into their income and expenditure and other records and offer advice to the local government officials.

relationship between federal state local government

The state government auditors audit the account of the local government annually. The state government provides rules which guide local government staff.

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It provides the local government with financial memorandum. The state government also regulates and controls the appointment of certain professionals working with local governments like medical officers, etc.

relationship between federal state local government

Often times, the relationship of the three tiers of government is a talking point based on the revenue sharing formula that allocates resources from the Federation Account amongst the three tiers of government—currently The FRN is composed of 36 states that share sovereignty with the Federal Government and 1 federal territory administered solely by the Federal Government. Also, the Federal Government is composed of three distinct branches: The Executive Arm The executive arm is better explained within the context of the presidency.

Generally, politics in Nigeria takes place within the framework of a federal, presidential, representative democratic republic, in which executive power is exercised by the government.

Relationship between Federal, State and Local Government |

The President of the Country serves as the head of the Federal Executive Council which is also known as the cabinet. The executive branch is divided into Federal Ministries, each headed by a minister appointed by the president.

relationship between federal state local government

The president must include at least one member from each of the 36 states in his cabinet. In some cases, a federal minister is responsible for more than one ministry for example, Environment and Housing may be combinedor a minister may be assisted by one or more ministers of State. Each ministry also has a Permanent Secretary, who is a senior civil servant. The ministries are responsible for various parastatals government-owned corporationssuch as universities, the National Broadcasting Commission, and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

It has members, who are elected for four-year terms in single-seat constituencies. On the other hand, the Senate has members and it is presided over by the President of the Senate. One member is selected in the single-seat constituency of the federal capital. Creation of New States in Nigeria: Past, Present, and Future C.

The National Judicial Council serves as an independent executive body that protects the judiciary from the executive arm of government. The Supreme Court is presided over by the Chief Justice of Nigeria and thirteen associate justices, who are appointed by the President of Nigeria on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council.

These justices are subject to confirmation by the Senate. State Government We can understand what the State Government is by defining what a state is. A state is defined as a group of people permanently occupying a fixed territory and bound together by common habits and custom into one political body.