Meet and greet demi lovato mexico 2014

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meet and greet demi lovato mexico 2014

Demi Lovato's Neon Lights Tour travels the US arena circuit in early as the Dallas-raised pop singer/actress backs her fourth studio album, "Demi," her. The Future Now Tour was a co-headlining concert tour by American singers Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. It is Lovato's fifth headlining tour, promoting her fifth studio album Confident (), and Jonas' third concert tour, promoting his The tour concluded in Mexico with three shows in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and. CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Platinum-selling music artist, People's Choice Awards Favorite Female Artist and purveyor of female.

At her talk in New Jersey, that was clear. Alysa Bainbridge traveled from Leesport, Pennsylvania, to hear Lovato speak about bipolar disorder. She took the stage wearing a black lace top and skirt.

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Her dark hair—which, in the past, has been shaved, blonde, and blue—was swept away from her face gracefully, with just a hint of blonde highlights glistening along the bottom. Here are highlights from their conversation, edited for clarity and length. What made you realize that you needed help? It took a mental breakdown for me to realize that I needed to go into treatment.

I had tried many, many times to get help on my own, whether it was through a life coach, or through just medication and not doing anything else to change my behaviors.

And it never worked because I never combined all the things that I needed to do in order to live a happy and healthy life.

meet and greet demi lovato mexico 2014

Rock bottom looks different for everybody. I think that rock bottom for me was several things put together.

meet and greet demi lovato mexico 2014

It had been embedded in my mind from a very young age that I was never meant to be happy. Does that have a component that makes you feel vulnerable? First off, I see all of those issues as coping mechanisms for my manic [and] depressive states. Since receiving help, I have been able to accomplish so much personally and professionally.

I am a normal human being with problems like everyone else.

meet and greet demi lovato mexico 2014

After coming out of treatment, how did you keep your momentum? The way that I kept my momentum was always knowing in the back of my mind that I could lose the relationship with my family at any moment. It was also losing the ability to be able to perform onstage because I knew I could tarnish my career and my reputation.

A habit of mine was self-sabotaging everything from relationships to progress. And for me, it was [committing to] sober living. The night of that intervention, in order to show them that I was going to fully surrender, I handed over my cell phone, handed over my credit cards, handed over my car keys. Those were the measures that I needed to take in order to keep myself alive.

And I was really good at faking it, which is something I think a lot of people can relate to. But I think that you actually show strength when you ask for help. What do you mean by that? And I have to realize that every single thing in my life has to come together in order to form the right treatment plan for me.

The right treatment plan can be hard-won. What does that treatment plan look like for you? I think [finding the right treatment plan] is a difficult journey and an emotional roller coaster. And I can relate to that because I knew there was something wrong [for years], and I was never told what it was until the day that I went into treatment.

But the right treatment plan is a combination of things. She herself writes lyrics and music, skillfully plays piano and guitar, dances nicely. Overall, she is incredibly charming.

meet and greet demi lovato mexico 2014

Demi Lovato's full name is Demetria Devonne Lovato Childhood Education and early development of the star-to-be was almost completely an achievement of her mother.

The girl does not really remember her father because he left the family when she was two years old — he divorced the mother, Diana Hart. Perhaps this was the reason why Demi was very vulnerable and could not stand up for herself in the face of her classmates, could not respond confidently to constant bullying and gossips.

Demi had a good relationship with her sisters though — the elder, Dallas, and the younger step-sister Maddison.

However, even they could not help the girl learn how to deal with the attacks of peers and to get along with others in general. At some points, her psychological state was very difficult. As the singer herself admitted, the idea of suicide has been haunting her since she was seven. Therefore, Demi's mother decided to transfer her daughter to homeschooling. Demi Lovato has been a real beauty since childhood The future singer started to get acquainted with the world of music at the age of seven.

It was during this period that she began to learn how to play the piano. Several years later, having mastered the basics of the piano, she took on the guitar. And when the six-stringed instrument was conquered as well, the girl with an evident musical talent did not stop at things she achieved.

The next step was acting school.

meet and greet demi lovato mexico 2014

She got the diploma of the senior school externally. Demi Lovato's photos as a baby The early career Although many fell in love with Demi Lovato as a singer, and she herself has repeatedly stated that music is on the first place for her, - her first success was associated with cinema.

Being still very young, she managed to star in the children's television project "Barney and Friends. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato in the children's series "Barney and friends" was a landmark for a young actress: Lovato was invited to play in one of the episodes of the cult series "Prison Break" 4 series 2 seasons.

After this, the career of the Dallas-native girl has intertwined with Disney company. The company's leaders not only gave her roles in projects "As the Bell Rings" and "Camp Rock" in the latter, Demi played the lead role but also picked her songs for soundtracks.

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Immediately after the premiere, this composition hit the charts and soon topped them. By that time, both girls had become widely known, and the number of viewers of the TV project exceeded 8 million people.

One of Demi's most famous songs, "One and the Same," was also performed there. A screenshot from the film "Princess Protection Program" Warm-up performances at the opening of the concert of the popular boysband Jonas Brothers became the first milestone in Demi's development as an independent singer. Soon her debut album "Do not Forget" was released.