Meet and greet audition tips for soap

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meet and greet audition tips for soap

If that goes well, I ask the actor to come back and meet the other agents. . thank you, hope to here from you very soon. feel free to give me some advice. When i was 12 i did some drama with a co star from a soap, which was really fun. Hello, My name is Amir, I'm 11 years old,And I'm and trying to be the next big thing. I knew to look on the Actors Equity website for auditions. I knew After touring the United States for a year with the national tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, I started I wanted to get on a soap opera. Soap casting directors turn over every once in a while, I actually went in for a meet and greet so the casting director could make sure I understood the gig. The two key concepts for nailing this meeting (or any soap audition situation) are simple . Super Audition Tips for the Super Prepared · Waiting Room.

It's a dizzying task, made harder by the sheer volume of performers around today. Spotlight, the directory that actors pay to join, comes in five volumes for each gender, updated annually two actors per page, with a headshot and brief CVand an ever-expanding website. There are also a huge number of actors' agencies. There are, he says, only around 50 agencies he takes seriously.

This isn't frowned upon, or at least not exactly: But they don't go out of their way to publicise their details. They say, 'We just wanted to get your attention. Now we've got to clean this shit up. Pryor trained as a stage manager, and worked at London's Bush and Royal Court theatres before becoming a casting director there is no formal training.

He goes to see plays, especially new ones, three or four nights a week, always talent-spotting: At the National, Wendy Spon, arguably the most influential casting director in British theatre today, gives the same impression. When they come for auditions, we meet them at the lift, give them water, tell them what to expect. Nerves do funny things to people. We've had a few people cry.

The workings of, say, the literary department are much more obvious, with clear instructions on how to submit a play. Spon explains that the casting section is being reworked, adding: We don't do open calls, but actors can invite us to see plays: We're not intentionally mysterious.

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I'd be disappointed if people felt they were knocking on a door that was never open. I'm struck by how much of this seems to hinge on instinct.

meet and greet audition tips for soap

Spon points out, however, that it's the director's instinct that ultimately counts. We talk in the "taping room", where auditions are filmed; one wall is light blue, apparently the most flattering colour for skin. It's actually about a total alchemy. Like the other casting directors, Syson works through agents, but does sometimes hold "generals": Britain's Aaron Taylor-Johnson came in for a general just before Syson started casting 's Kick-Ass, and got a lead part.

It was unusually good timing. You've got two people in a room.

meet and greet audition tips for soap

They're sizing each other up. And they're both wondering if it's going to go any further. Now ask yourself this: There's nothing worse than being stuck on a date with someone who spends the whole night going on and on about themselves.

It's the same thing in a meeting.

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I tend to tune out actors who waste their time by doing a non-stop monologue about who they are and what they want. So don't play into the stereotype of the narcissistic, self-involved actor.

And worst of all, it doesn't give me a chance to really get to know you. Instead, walk into that office and create an atmosphere where you can both get to know each other as people. I have to forget that you're an actor seeking representation.

Meeting with a Talent Agent

Instead, I need to see you as an individual. I have to get a sense of who you really are outside the world of show business. How do you do this? Try to have a normal conversation. Maybe there's something in my office that catches your eye.

Or maybe you just saw a great movie. The idea is to get into a give and take situation where you're talking about anything but acting. This will give me a chance to get to know the real you.

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I once met with a young lady who had "tarot card reader" listed on her resume under Special Skills. It just so happens that I love anything having to do with the occult. So we started talking about it and the next thing you know, we're both sitting on the floor and she's giving me a reading.

As a result, we really got to know each other and I ended up representing her for many years.

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Now that's what I call a good meeting. Remember - it's easy for an agent to pass on an actor seeking representation. We do it every day. But saying no becomes just a little bit harder when we've spent 15 minutes getting to know you as a human being.