How to develop a deep relationship with the holy spirit

How To Be Led by the Holy Spirit

how to develop a deep relationship with the holy spirit

The scriptures refer to the Holy Spirit as God, stating in Acts that lying to the “ The Spirit knowing all things, searching, even the deep things of God. He gives supernatural sanctification i.e. making us holy, (Romans Being grounded in Scripture ensures that we have a strong foundation for developing an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Bible. How the Holy Spirit Leads Us to a Deeper Relationship with Christ strengthens our efforts in developing and living the kind of spiritual life that is necessary in.

The power of His mere presence will be magnified greatly within those who humble themselves before Him. There will be a great harvest of the lost. There will be signs and wonders and creative miracles that have not yet been seen. The glory of the Kingdom of God is being poured upon mankind, Praise, glory and honor to our living God.

The Holy Spirit cautions; Many present day religious leaders will be left behind for they have become confused by the world rather than lead by the Spirit of the Living God. Those leaders who spiritually sleep in vain as they steal the glory from the children of God and claim it for self promotion cannot shepherd with grace nor honor.

The competitive and controlling leadership of the secular church is consistently lead by the flesh and does not protect the Fathers children and are accountable. Ibe Tochukwu dailygospelvibe Great article. The holy spirit is our way maker.

how to develop a deep relationship with the holy spirit

Intimacy with him heals our wound. Our focus on building intimacy with holy spirit through our worshipful meditating on the word of God cleanses our souls. Angelina 15 August at 9: Sometimes I think God sees my heart and let me experience what could happened if I allow Him to take control.

5 Steps to Deeper Relationship with the Holy Spirit – Hungry Generation

I love to worship God and specially leading others to that place of worshiping Jesus as the only one true God, that is my desire.

Jesus gives eternal life and abundant life John This speaks of a relationship. Intimacy flows from relationship. Our salvation gives us the relationship but our pursuit of the Holy Spirit brings about intimacy.

7 Ways To Grow in Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

The love of God is the foundation for everything, and the communion of the Holy Spirit is what will change everything! Many know about grace and love but very few practice communion with the Spirit. Click To Tweet He waits to be wanted, longs to be welcomed.

how to develop a deep relationship with the holy spirit

He needs to be hosted. Many people invite the Holy Spirit, but few know how to host Him. To start fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit we must first see Him as a person. If you want to walk in the Holy Spirit, start with talking to the Holy Spirit.

Throughout the day address Him, welcome Him, thank Him and worship Him. You should not feel guilty for not spending time with the Holy Spirit but you should feel thirsty. He wants relationship, not rules. Bible instructs us not to grieve the Holy Spirit. He is not merely an impersonal power. The New Testament reveals the Spirit to be a Person with will, mind and emotions.

As well as empowering us, the Holy Spirit communicates and fellowship with us. He guides, teaches, helps, assures and comforts us. It made a lasting impression upon me. A missionary who saw Hsi minister in the power of the Spirit pressed a large sum of money into his hands, as a gift towards his ministry.

Hsi received the cash without praying as to whether or not he should accept it. Immediately he felt uncomfortable. As he went to pray about the matter, Hsi heard cries as the demonised man became uncontrollable once more.