City of houston meet and confer agreement

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city of houston meet and confer agreement

Oct 17, Houston Fire Department - Pay Parity Analysis (4) The proposed Meet and Confer Agreement with Houston Police Officers' Union include a. May 10, Granting meet-and-confer authority to Houston city employees agreements could be modified or changed by filing with the city a petition. that may be brought on behalf of one or more officers by the MBA or on behalf of the City by the Chief of Police through specified procedures set forth herein.

city of houston meet and confer agreement

The issue of standing focuses on the question of who may bring a lawsuit. Planned Parenthood, S. Standing is a prerequisite to subject matter jurisdiction, and a trial court must have subject matter jurisdiction in order to entertain a particular case.

A court has no jurisdiction over a claim pursued by a plaintiff who lacks standing to assert the claim. When a plaintiff lacks standing, the proper resolution is to dismiss the lawsuit.

city of houston meet and confer agreement

Generally, the scope of review on appeal from the grant of a motion to dismiss is limited to the grounds raised in the motion. Under provisions of the Texas Local Government Code, if the Meet and Confer Agreement satisfies certain criteria, then it preempts Aall contrary local ordinances, executive orders, legislation, or rules adopted by the state or a political subdivision or agent of the state.

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Furthermore, once these criteria are met, the agreement is enforceable and binding on the employer, the bargaining agent HPOUand the employee police officers including Wheeler. The criteria in question are as follows: Although neither Wheeler nor appellees offered evidence below to establish that the Meet and Confer Agreement met these criteria, both assert the validity, enforceability, and applicability of the agreement in their standing arguments.

Her very cause of action is premised on the enforceability of the Meet and Confer Agreement. If the agreement is not controlling, then she has no cause of action.

In other words, the applicability of the agreement is an element of proof for Wheeler. Because Wheeler premised her cause of action on the enforceability of the agreement, she has judicially admitted its enforceability for purposes of this lawsuit.

A party suing under a statute, or as here an agreement with the force of a statute, must establish standing, or the right to make a claim, under that statute or agreement. In other words, the agreement itself provides the framework for the standing analysis.

We will not imply a right of enforcement simply because a party suffered harm from a breach of the agreement; we look to the intent as expressed in the document. Here, there is no practical distinction, however, because the agreement in question operates as a statute and trumps all conflicting rules and legislation.

city of houston meet and confer agreement

Appellees attached portions of the agreement to their motion to dismiss as well as to a supplemental motion. Wheeler quoted a different portion of the agreement in her response to the motion. Neither side provided a complete copy of the agreement.

Therefore, a question arises as to whether we can properly analyze the agreement in the absence of a complete copy. Generally, in interpreting contracts or other documents, we examine the writing as a whole in an effort to harmonize and give effect to all provisions so that none is rendered meaningless.

However, the Texas Supreme Court has held that this rule does not necessarily apply in the context of analyzing the right to sue under a contract.

2018 Meet and Confer Agreement Online Ratification

In Murphy and Paragon Sales, the court explained that in order to prove a right to sue under an insurance policy, a plaintiff was required to establish only those provisions of the policy allowing recovery. Upon such proof, it was incumbent upon the defendant to plead and prove any provisions that would bar recovery. Although these cases involved insurance contracts, their method of proof is readily adaptable in disputes concerning other types of contracts.

In Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife v. Miranda, the supreme court explained that when a dilatory plea, such as a plea to the jurisdiction or similar procedural device, challenges the existence of material facts supporting jurisdiction, the court must consider the relevant evidence submitted by the parties.

Viewings may be arranged by contacting Sergeant Janet Rowe in the Professional Development Command to schedule an appointment time. Please note that rankings may be adjusted on this list as officers returning from military service take a comparable examination and are added to this list. Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act. All information regarding education points must be turned in to the Certification Office of the HPD Training Academy three 3 weeks before the promotional exam.

All education points must be completed at the time of sign up for this exam. Thursday, September 8, Location: HPD Identification Card is required for admittance to the testing area. Anyone in possession of these items after "last call" will be immediately disqualified and removed from the test. Parking will be in the "orange lot. The examination will begin at 9: Applications must be submitted online at: When the job for which you are applying is posted listedclick it.

After having completed the application process, it is recommended that you return and "Check Status" of your application. Accordingly, this action will ensure that an application was completed successfully and that you are on the "Registered List.

Nugent v. City of Houston, 159 F. Supp. 2d 529 (S.D. Tex. 2001)

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