Rsd going out alone to meet

Guys who go out solo, how do you do it? | RSD Nation

rsd going out alone to meet

Male chodes that know of game go out with one other friend, get No one wants to go out alone lets be honest but it is by far the best way to. Most of the time I go out now is alone. I've gotten so used to it that unless I meet a guy who is fun, dependable, and most importantly, cool, I still. While a few elite players claim to prefer to go out alone, most people feel by developing a trusted process for meeting girls when out alone.

But when going out solo, you need to hit it up right off the bat.

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This means that you are ideally approaching groups before you even get to the venue—on the subway, on the street, wherever. If there are no sets on the street, then talk to people in line and chat with the bouncers.

These interactions can be short and go nowhere: Without your friends there to reinforce that pickup is normal, you need to take action from the very start.

Minimize Time Between Interactions The biggest obstacle when going out solo is building that social, carefree headspace. The only way to do that is to keep talking to people at all times. The best way to make this happen is to lower your standards.

Talk to anyone—ugly girls, fat girls, elderly women. Even guys and bar staff.

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Establish a Home Base Eventually, something will hook. Certain girls are just outgoing and will give you a good reaction no matter what. These are usually NOT 9s or 10s.

Instead, the home base allows you to warm up by playing around with female energy, while providing you with someone to talk to in between sets. Moreover, the home base offers you a degree of social proof.

From the perspective of another, hotter girl in the venue, a guy who is talking to a group of girls, even if they are completely ugly, always comes across better than a guy who is standing around alone. Even if they are attracted to you when you meet them at 10 pm, no girl wants to spend all night talking to the same guy, so feel free to oscillate between opening other girls and coming back to home base. With the home base established, you can approach hotter girls with the confidence that you have some backup in the venue.

rsd going out alone to meet

You are more attractive when you are surrounded by people. Even when you just met those people. So, be in groups as much as possible. Even if you are just talking to only the males in the group, even when you are talking about football. You might also count on them to have your back. But when you are alone you face the music. Nobody has your back. You might get a thrill out of that by the way. Because the challenge is big the payoff is even bigger.

So welcome the challenge.

Guide To Going Out Solo - Freedom To Going Out Alone + Infield

As a result you get more out of it because you have it harder than the other guys who have wings. Talk to people all If you take a taxi, chat the taxi driver on the way there. Taxidrivers love small talk. When you get in the line, talk to the guys outside the club.

rsd going out alone to meet

Make your friends in the line before you get in. Practice social skills before you get in. Once inside the club all you are doing is to continue your social skill practice. If you chat guys on the line to the club, you are already working on potential wings. You enter the club as part of a group, so you are more desirable to women there.

This progression from solo to a group can be done if you try it. Barcelona, Spain June ,