Queens dressed in white to meet pope pic

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queens dressed in white to meet pope pic

"When the Queen went to see the Pope when she was younger, she Michelle Obama chose to wear a veil on meeting Pope Benedict XVI What's more, while the Vatican had spoken of a dress protocol to Mrs Trump's office at the White House, Satellite images indicate Anak Krakatau has now lost over. My message to her is, "You are not a Catholic Queen, my dear, and you Pope Francis meet with Princess Charlene, dressed head to toe in. Why Stars Should Never Wear Color to Meet the Pope. AM PDT 6/3/ by Whitney Bauck. FACEBOOK; TWITTER; EMAIL ME. Franco Origlia/Getty Images with George in a dark suit and Amal in an Atelier Versace dress and Jimmy handful of Catholic queens or princesses to wear white when visiting the Pope.

We have seen statements that Saudi protocol does not require Western diplomatic visitors to veil, so long as they comply with the standards for modest dress, which Melania and Ivanka did. It will be remembered because Donald Trump tweeted disparagingly about it at the time that Michelle Obama did not cover her head when she, as First Lady, accompanied her husband on a diplomatic visit to Saudi Arabia.

Any speculations about using head-veiling to signal preference for one religion over another are just that, speculations. Diplomatic protocol was upheld in both cases.

queens dressed in white to meet pope pic

The surreal, funny dialogue between Pope Francis and Melania Trump And speaking of Michelle Obama, some have used photographs of her and her daughters being introduced to Pope Francis while wearing short-sleeved colorful dresses and no head coverings as proof that a Mrs.

Obama broke protocol and was disrespectful or b Pope Francis threw out all that dress code nonsense. The Obamas were introduced to Pope Francis informally while on a family trip. It was not a diplomatic meeting covered by protocol.

Melania Trump in black at the Vatican. Why?

In fact, when the Obamas did make a state visit to the Vatican to meet with Pope Benedict XVI, Michelle was dressed in a high-necked, long-sleeved black dress, black close-toed shoes, and a black lace veil. Diplomatic protocol, all the way. There is an exception to the black if you are a queen or princess of an official Catholic monarchy or duchy. In such a case, you may wear white formal clothing, white close-toed shoes, and a white veil.

queens dressed in white to meet pope pic

It is now limited to Catholic queens and dowager queens or princesses of specific royal houses. She handed over her gifts — honey from the garden — while Prince Philip waved around a bottle of best Balmoral scotch. Then Pope Francis unveiled his own little pressie, for eight-month-old Prince George: Even the Queen, practised as she is in keeping a straight face, couldn't resist a tiny joke.

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But there was one common thread: The Queen is 87, Francis is In a world where leaders have tended across recent decades to get younger, but also at a time when we're re-evaluating the role of older people and doing more to combat ageism, there's irony in the fact that it takes an oligarchy and a monarchy to come in on trend and provide the world with a couple of oldies as movers and shakers. And make no mistake about it, the planet is better for them: In the meantime, it's one good thing to be said for the British royal family and the throne of St Peter.

At the very least, they give us continuity: And on this occasion, the meeting with the pope brought a hugely important symbolic difference from all her previous trips to Rome. Every time she has been there before, the Queen has worn a black dress and a black mantilla.