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Prvi DaFED meetup je održan u junu spajajući ljude iz sveta grafičkog i veb dizajna, veb developmenta i veb marketinga i od tada se održava svakog. at see that the plane carries the livery of Air Ivoire, and wonder where I will end up. The flight path leads down to Belgrade across the broad flat plain of the Danube. Ten years later I am crossing the same landscape to meet artists and talk On the way back to the centre the taxi crosses the river and passes a street . change this through mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, and creative meet- ups. Let's talk about the pro's and con's of both directions, using your existing.

Date and place provisions Competition will be held on September 29, Competition will be held at Namics Belgrade office address: Participants will be informed about the exact time slot of the Competition. Organizer has the right to change time and place of the Competition.

In case of changing time and place, the Organizer must inform the Participants about the changes. Participation Participation in the Competition is free of charge.

Are the One Direction Boys Even Still Friends? The Truth — In Their Own Words

Participant must bring laptops in order to participate in the Competition. Participation in the Competition is not possible without a prior application. The right to participate in the Competition have female software engineers hereinafter: When forming team Organizer will follow these Rules and Regulations: Participant applies as individual and Organizer is mixing teams for the Competition.

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Team will consist of 3 three members. One Participant can be a member of only one team. Teams will be working with a software engineers from Namics. Mentors have a consulting role from the moment of the Assignment announcement.

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Mentors will be present during the whole Competition and will be assisting Participants. Applications Application for the Competition will start on July 31, in Application for the Competition will be completed by filling in a form on the link: By filling in the form the Participant agrees with the Rules and Regulations.

Are One Direction Still Friends? |

Application is valid only in cases of filling in the form completely. Organizer will check all applications and will inform all Applicants that their applications have been received.

Organizer has the right to disqualify any application which is considered to be offensive, inappropriate or in case an Applicant does not follow the rules. Assignment is a task given to the Participants by the Organizer hereinafter: Assignment topics will be announced on the Meetup.

Solution to the Assignment is every solution developed by the Participant as an answer to the Assignment hereinafter: Solution can have different forms and it can be determined by the Participant. Every Solution developed during the Competition remains in the possession of the Participant. Organizer is obliged not to use any developed Solutions in part or in whole. For developing a Solution, the Participants can use the Internet. The Internet can be used as a supporting tool. For developing a Solution, the Participants can use the programming language of their will.

Participant will have 10 ten hours to develop a Solution. Meetup will be organized with an aim to familiarize the Participants and Mentors, to form teams in case there are some individuals or incomplete teams and to explain all doubts about the Competition.

one direction meet up beograd

Meetup will be held on September 28, from Meetup will be organized in Namics Office address: In order to participate in the Competition, the Participant must attend the Meetup. Next best candidate from the base will be invited to participate in the Competition. Next candidate will be informed till Jury and announcing the winner Experts jury hereinafter: Jury will rate developed Solutions.

Are the One Direction Boys Even Still Friends? The Truth — In Their Own Words

When at work she is a stem cell researcher, focusing on projects like growing human eyes. The resulting tissue can be used to give the blind sight, and is now in clinical trials. Success in this line of research will help pave the way for breakthroughs in the development of other organ tissue.

one direction meet up beograd

Rachel will discuss her work in both wearables and stem cell technology, taking the audience along for a glimpse into the future. Vanessa asks engineers, hackers, makers, and inventors how can we create smart products with a focus on value over function?

one direction meet up beograd

Kaspar has been exploring various tools and languages that allow you to use code rather than CAD software for your circuit design. The overview and history speaks to programmers thinking about getting into designing circuits, anyone used to expressing their ideas with code, and those who enjoy learning different approaches to unique problems.

By re-purposing the Display Parallel Interface DPI video hardware, arbitrary control signals are output by writing patterns to the framebuffer. This mini-blimp features custom hardware bringing together motor controls, a power system, and an ESP which talks to a giant red joystick.

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Since a mini-blimp is essentially some tiny fan motors propelling an oddly shaped balloon, it seemed like this would be an easy task.

Build your Acoustic Levitator at Home Asier Marzo Session 1 Acoustic Levitation uses the energy of sound to hold particles in mid-air without any physical contact. Acoustic levitation is not suited for supporting large mass like humans but, quite useful for manipulating small particles including liquids and powders. Levitated droplets of reagents are already being used in lab work during complex chemical reaction.

As founder of the Institue IRNAS, Luka has developed animal trackers, static sensors, and drone automated signal coverage mapping methods across water and over tree-tops.