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8 photos. LOCATION: Lake City, FL. Sweetwater Sunrise CL Having it all is easy Sea Ray SDX Outboard Designed for all-day comfort and precision handling, the Boston Whaler Sport Meet the new Super Sport®, redesigned from the keel up for .. LOCATION: MELROSE, FL. 5 photos. LOCATION: MELROSE, FL. Axis Research T22 JUST ARRIVED!!! . Boston Whaler Realm Meet the boat that calls to mind cherished. View 23 photos for Latchstring Ct, Melrose, FL a 4 bed, 3 bath, Sq. Ft. single family home built in that Dock and Boat House with 2 lifts.

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The refracted sunlight had the aquamarine tint of an old Kodachrome slide. Even beneath the surface, Wakulla seemed to drip with nostalgia. I made my way past some blue gill toward the base of a foot-high diving tower where teenagers were jack-knifing and cannonballing.

Loitering underwater, I watched as each of them plummeted into the cavernous basin, detonating a thousand bubbles, before scrambling back to the surface with a smile. After dusk, I set out on dry land in search of some entertainment.

Cute Baby Bear Rides Surfboard

At the end of it, next to a cornfield, a one-story cinderblock building stood under a hoary oak. This was the Bradfordville Blues Clubthe latest incarnation of a juke joint that, during the past half-century, has heard the moan and stomp of Little Milton, James Cotton, Bobby Rush, Johnny Winter, and Charlie Mussellwhite, to name a few. Since in Israel the rains normally stop in March, there is no rain for almost seven months!

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If God does not provide the rains in October and November, there will be no spring crop, and famine is at the doorstep. There is a ceremony, conducted on the 8th day of the Feast, that was intended to invoke God's blessing on the nation by providing life-giving water, and it's fruit. On the eighth and final day, called the "Great Day" of the Feast of Tabernacles, the High Priest of Israel, in a great processional made up of priests and tens of thousands of worshipers, descended from the Temple Mount to pause briefly at the Pool of Siloam.

There, a priest filled a pitcher with water from the pool of Siloam, and then the procession continued a different route back to the Temple Mount. Here, in the midst of great ceremony, this priest joined another priest who was carrying a pitcher of carefully prepared wine and these two priest then ascended the Great Altar.

There, these priests poured the water and wine from their specially made silver pitchers so that the water and wine trickled down the front of the Altar in sight of all Israel. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water". Then, Yeshua died on the Cross, Jn This is the probable background for Yeshua's statement: The water from the rock and the "pillar of light" provided during the wilderness wandering when people all dwelt in tabernacles was temporary and in contrast to the eternal water and light introduced by Yeshua during this Feast, which commemorated that wandering period.

The prophetic visions speak of a time when all nations will come to worship at Jerusalem during the Feast of Tabernacles Zechariah This Feast paints a picture of Yeshua's reign during the millennial Kingdom. The last day, called the "Great Day" Jn. In that day, the earth will give her full bounty, all animals will be docile Isaiah As the road gets close to Downtown Floral Cityit begins to run along the west side of the Withlacoochee State Traila former Atlantic Coast Line Railroad right-of-way that was converted into a rail trail shortly after being abandoned by CSX in Meanwhile, the Withlacoochee State Trail continues to run along the east side of the road, often behind the backyards of local businesses and vacant lots.

Florida Feast of Tabernacles

The only resemblance of a major intersection within this area is County Road 39A, a suffixed route of a former segment of State Road Inverness Airport is nearby. At some point, the road expands to a four-lane divided highway. The same types of local businesses continue to flank both roadsides until the road enters Inverness Highlands South where Citrus County Speedway and Inverness Airport can be seen on the west side.

On the opposite side of these landmarks, Fort Cooper State Park is only accessible from the Withlacoochee State Trail, until the road enters the city limits of Inverness where it widens to six lanes.

As the road climbs a slight grade and curves to the left, it approaches a concurrency with SR 44 which also includes a local divided highway named Highland Boulevard in this intersection. The first intersection after this is Davidson Avenue, which is part of County Road Later it dips towards a hotel at the intersection of Montgomery Avenue and curves to the right as it replacing the aforementioned road's alignment.

A North Florida Road Trip: the Secret Backwater Towns Worth Seeing

The road runs along the eastern edge of Whispering Pines Park as it climbs another hill with a shopping center at the bottom of an embankment and descends again towards the entrance of the Inverness Middle School on the same side, and a small industrial park on the other side. Just before leaving the Inverness city limits, the Withlacoochee State Trail crosses under US 41 and runs along the west side of the road.

The trail can be seen again on the west side of the road just south of East Arlington Street near Inverness Highlands Northand remains along that side of the street, although the trail moves slightly further away north of East Van Ness Street.

On the opposite side of the street, a former Seaboard Air Line Railroad right-of-way follows US 41, although it's no longer noticeable until further north.

Nevertheless, US 41 and the trail still remain close enough to each other as they enter the City of Hernando. Here, the road serves as the eastern end of County Roada short cut to Crystal River for southbound traffic. From here the road is slightly further away from the Withlacoochee State Trail, but that trail is still close enough to the road. In the meantime, the previously mentioned SAL line becomes more noticeable.

The road curves to the north and descends along a hill into Holderwhere it meets the only main intersection; County Road From there the road curves back northwest again, and runs through Citrus Springs The first intersection of Citrus Springs Boulevard is not the last place where Withlacoochee State Trail.

North of there the area has more pine trees, but both trails can still be seen on each side. Dead end streets for housing developments that were never built can be seen across the former railroad tracks. The Withlacoochee State trail moves away from US 41 for the last time just south of the second intersection with Citrus Springs Boulevard, which is the gateway to Citrus Springs.

US 41 becomes wide enough for turn lanes on both sides and has a traffic signals that the previous intersection lacked. North of here, the former SAL ROW is still in sight, even though the area remains wooded for the most part, although there's some slight clearing as it curves straight north.

Deep within another unfinished development on the west side of the road, the trail ends, but part of the name is encountered again at the western end of County Road 39 Withlacoochee Traila former segment of State Road 39which now terminates all the way down in eastern Pasco County. The road curves northwest one last time as it prepares to leave Citrus County, passing by some small industrial lots and a local youth athletic park. Almost immediately, US 41 enters the Dunnellon Boomtown Historic Districtwhich is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and includes a former Atlantic Coast Line Railroad depot that served the line now used for the previously mentioned nuclear power plant in Crystal River.

From here, US 41 also serves as a not-so hidden concurrency with State Road The last intersection of any importance is County Road in Romeo, before the road crosses over into Levy County.

Levy County through Alachua County[ edit ] Just as with many state and county roads in Levy County, US 41 runs along numerous farm fields interrupted by wooded areas, and intersects with many dirt and other rural roads. The road begins to curve straight north before entering the city of Willistonwhere the rural surroundings continue. Without the city limits sign though, drivers would find it difficult to believe they're in Williston until the road approaches the entrance to the Williston Municipal Airport.