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Meet the Egyptian Gods. Please select a name from the list below to view the Egyptian god's description. Ra. ra The god of the sun, Ra was the first pharaoh of . Online dating in Egypt. Meet people & date in Egypt. Over M users looking for love on Badoo!. Talks described as preparations for Egyptian intelligence chief's upcoming A senior official in Abbas' office confirmed the planned meeting to.

In any greeting between men and women, the woman must extend her hand first. If she does not, a man should bow his head in greeting. Gift Giving Etiquette If you are invited to an Egyptian's home for dinner, bring good quality chocolates, sweets or pastries to the hostess. Do not give flowers, which are usually reserved for weddings or the ill, unless you know that the hosts would appreciate them.

A small gift for the children shows affection. Always give gifts with the right hand or both hands if the gift is heavy.

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Gifts are not opened when received Dining Etiquette If you are invited into an Egyptian's house: You would normally remove your shoes before entering. Dress well and conservatively. Appearances are important to Egyptians. Compliment the host on the house. Table manners Wait for the host or hostess to tell you where to sit.

Eat with the right hand only. It is considered a sincere compliment to take second helpings. Always show appreciation for the meal. Salting your food is considered 'unnecessary'.

meet egypt

Leave a small amount of food on your plate when you have finished eating. Otherwise they will keep filling it up for you! Who you know is more important than what you know, so it is important to network and cultivate a number of contracts. Expect to be offered coffee or tea whenever you meet someone, as this demonstrates hospitality.

Even if you do not take a sip, always accept the beverage. Declining the offer is viewed as rejecting the person. Since Egyptians judge people on appearances wear good quality conservative clothes and present yourself well at all times. Egyptians believe direct eye contact is a sign of honesty and sincerity, so be prepared for disconcertingly intense stares. Egyptians are emotive and use hand gestures when they are excited. In general, they speak softly, although they may also shout or pound the table.

This is not indicative of anger; it is merely an attempt to demonstrate a point. You should demonstrate deference to the most senior person in the group, who will also be their spokesperson.

This is a country where hierarchy and rank are very important. Business Meeting Etiquette Appointments are necessary and should be made in advance. Confirm the meeting one week in advance, either in writing or by telephone.

Reconfirm again a day or two before the meeting. Meetings are generally not private unless there is a need to discuss matters confidentially. In general, Egyptians have an open-door policy, even when they are in a meeting.

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This means you may experience frequent interruptions. Others may even wander into the room and start a different discussion. You may join in, but do not try to bring the topic back to the original discussion until the new person leaves.

High- level government officials often adhere to more western business practices and hold private meetings without interruptions Business meetings generally start after prolonged inquiries about health, family, etc. If you send an agenda and presentation materials in advance of the meeting, send both an English and Egyptian Arabic translation.

Business Negotiation The social side of business is very important. Egyptians must know and like you to conduct business. Personal relationships are necessary for long-term business. The highest ranking person makes decisions, after obtaining group consensus. Decisions are reached after great deliberation. If the government is involved, discussions will take even longer since approval must often be given by the ministers of several departments.

Business moves at a slow pace. The society is extremely bureaucratic. It may take several visits to accomplish a simple task. It is advisable to include older people with impressive titles in your team since Egyptians respect age and experience. Expect a fair amount of haggling. Egyptians seldom see an offer as final.

Egyptians do not like confrontation and abhor saying 'no'. If they do not respond, it usually is a negative sign. Always include research and documentation to support your claims. Do not use high-pressure tactics. Set tricked him into laying down in a golden coffin, then sealed the coffin and cut it into pieces. Eventually, Isis put her husband back together, binding him in cloth to make the first mummy, but Osiris only came partially back to life. After that, he was the god of the underworld, sitting in judgment over the souls of the dead.

He appears as a king with blue skin and white robes. She tricked Ra into retiring by poisoning him with a magic snake, then encouraging the old sun god to reveal his secret name so Isis could cure him. She encouraged him to retreat into the sky, opening the throne for Osiris.

Isis was the patron of magicians, and loved her husband very much. She encouraged their son Horus to take vengeance on the evil Set, who had killed Osiris. Isis is often pictured as a beautiful woman with multicolored wings.

Set The god of the desert, storms, and evil, Set was one mean dude. His color was red, the color of sterile soil and the desert. Set was the strongest of the gods, and very tricky. He became pharaoh of Egypt after killing his brother, but was later overthrown by his nephew Horus.

After that, Set fled into the desert, where he controlled all the evil harsh lands outside the Nile Valley. Set is usually pictured with red skin and the head of an unknown animal demon — part dog, part anteater, all ugly.

Nephthys The river goddess, wife of Set and the sister of Isis. She was a kind and gentle goddess, and mother of Anubis, the god of funeral rites. When he grew to manhood, he challenged Set and eventually defeated him, becoming the new pharaoh of Egypt. Afterwards, all mortal pharaohs considered themselves to be the descendants of Horus.

meet egypt

Bast Cats were extremely popular in Egypt, because they could kill snakes, scorpions, and other nasty creatures. Bast, the goddess of cats, was just as popular. Bast was a protective goddess, and people would wear amulets with her likeness for good luck, especially during the bad luck Demon Days at the end of each year.

In cat form, Bast is often pictured with a knife, fighting the chaos serpent Apep. Sobek The god of crocodiles was both respected and feared. Crocodiles were strong creatures.

In ancient Egypt, an entire city was named after them: Crocodilopolis, and Sobek had a temple with a lake full of crocodiles. However, crocodiles were fearsome predators, and many Egyptians were killed each year if they got too near the river. Sobek was pictured as a crocodile-headed man. His sweat was said to have created the rivers of the world.

Serqet The goddess of scorpions was both good and bad. She could send scorpions after her enemies, and a single scorpion bite could kill you. On the other hand, you could pray to Serqet for protection from poison, and sometimes she was seen as a guardian of children. She was pictured as a woman with a giant scorpion for a crown. Anubis Anubis the god of funerals was one of the most important gods, because he helped prepare the soul for the Afterlife and escorted the dead to the hall of judgment.

Anubis helped Isis make Osiris into the first mummy. Bes Bes is god of dwarves, protector of households, mothers and children.

meet egypt

One of the ugliest and most popular gods in Ancient Egypt, Bes had the power to scare off evil spirits.