How to meet skye on harvest moon cute

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how to meet skye on harvest moon cute

What time?, Harvest Moon DS Cute Questions and answers, Nintendo DS. Where do you meet skye after the black heart event.. Marriage. As stated in my Courtship and Marriage Guide (and now in the Characters Guide as well), you MUST meet Lumina before the First Heart Event. Harvest Moon DS Cute - Skye FAQ you can see the heart event, but in Skye's case, his heart event is where you meet him for the first time.

how to meet skye on harvest moon cute

If you do not agree to participate, you will lose FP with the villagers involved but you still can change your mind and participate in Part II of the Event. Part II of every event occurs at Skye's usual time frame, between I experienced both his 2nd Heart Event and his 3rd Heart Event on rainy days. I experienced the 3rd on a sunny day as well, but I think the 2nd actually may require rain. On Tuesday, Flora will be out until late.

On Sunday, Carter does not even enter the tent until midnight strikes, making it too late for Part II of the event to trigger. Just wait until the next day It is his most romantic heart event and it is sad if you miss it.

You cannot propose to Skye in the ordinary way by flourishing the Blue Feather. You can show it to him but he will mutter something about your interest in other bachelors. Go home and go to bed with the Blue Feather in your rucksack. If you are not ready for the marriage proposal because you wish to experience other bachelors' heart events first, just stow the Feather in your toolbox and the Proposal Event will not trigger. If the Blue Feather is in your rucksack, Skye will come to your house in the night and you will have the opportunity to give him your heart with the Blue Feather.

There are complete details about all aspects of courtship and marriage, including the schedule of all heart and rival heart events for every bachelor in my Courtship and Marriage Guide at: Skye's Most Favourite is Finest Curry, but you can make do with Toiletries from the Excavation Site instead until you have a Kitchen and a Pot rather cruelly the last utensil offered by the Shopping Channel. Skye is walking across the path of the Turtle Pond.

Skye will once again be at he bridge that leads to Vesta's Farm. Skye will be at Flora and Carters' Tent. Skye will leave the village.

Harvest Moon Forever: How to find Skye!!!

On Monday-Saturday, Skye's schedule is a bit more simple. Skye will enter the Valley. Skye will cross the bridge leading to Vesta's farm. Skye will be at the Goddess Pond. He stays there until you wake up at 6: Then he seems to disappear.

Where do you meet skye after the black heart event..

If you've noticed Skye seems to have a crazy and strange schedule. The reason is because he's a thief. One that warns his victims ahead of time. I know Lumina said something like that, although I'm not completely sure that's excatly what she said, so I didn't put quotes. And lastly about Skye, he is a smooth talker. Most players fall for him quickly.

I do admit he is very sweet, although he looks a bit girly. Skye's Favorite and Hated Items Alright, here's something a bit shorter. Skye's most favorite item is Finest Curry. Not the easiest thing to cook, but it's worth the trouble.

how to meet skye on harvest moon cute

Skye also likes Necklaces, Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings, anything that you can find in the Excavation site. Unless you want to lower your relationship with him.

You will lose LP and 20 FP. Skye's Heart Events Yay, these events are so fun. Okay Skye has really weird heart events. You definatly won't have these heart events with any other bachelor in this game. Skye has 5 heart events, while all the other bachelors only have four. Skye's Black Heart Event: Path to Romona's Mansion. In most heart events, you must meet the person before you can see the heart event, but in Skye's case, his heart event is where you meet him for the first time.

Skye's Purple Heart Event: Alright the rest of Skye's heart events are cut into two pieces now. I don't really know why, but they are. The Blue Bar Muffy and Griffin will fill you in on what is going on. They will ask you to come back between