How did sonu nigam meet madhurima

Life of Sonu Nigam and His Lovely Wife Madhurima : How They Met and In Loved? | MIJ Miner8

how did sonu nigam meet madhurima

The Madhurima And Sonu Nigam marriage was something of a 'given'. They meet, as he quotes, on 24th December , a good six years. Sonu Nigam, one of the most popular singers in India today, was born on 30 July He has sung in many Indian languages such as Hindi. I was happy in a way to meet the Sonu of For a long time, when you have everything going smooth, you stop getting that feeling. But I got.

There are times in your life when you have to go through this kind of resistance to sort your head out for a cause for which we took a stand. For instance, Sajid-Wajid and David Dhawan wanted to use my voice in Main Tera Hero, but I know that they could not and got my voice dubbed in Javed Ali 's voice finally, but that they did not do it deliberately. We have to be rational. Sajid-Wajid have been my friends from pre-Deewana days. They were slaves to their circumstance. I know that there were people anti me.

I've had marital problems in the past, but I am sorted now: Sonu Nigam

And who has not had foes in their life? Despite having sung for so many years, you seemed so excited when your song Dildara from Tamanchey was released and appreciated. I actually felt exactly the same way I felt in when my first song released.

I would sit close to the radio set and would record on the cassette and that happened to me last week again when back-to-back my three songs came.

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I realised that it was such a nice thing that I had not lost that child in me. I was happy in a way to meet the Sonu of For a long time, when you have everything going smooth, you stop getting that feeling.

But I got to meet the same Sonu who was excited about being praised as I was then, on getting a song. It was lovely seeing everyone praising me and talking about my songs, as if I was the new voice in town. Sonu Nigam replaces Arijit Singh in Ganapa There is a complete change in the voices singing songs today.

Does that make you feel insecure? By the grace of God, my head and feet have always been on the ground and remain so.

how did sonu nigam meet madhurima

I felt the same way listening to my songs last week. I never felt arrogant. I practise on everything and have no qualms about admitting it. I have known you for many years and can comfortably vouch for your being a principled man. You love to take stands, right? I sometimes feel that I am too correct to be in this industry.

I have always been vocal about the correct things in life, be it my view on marriage, Pakistani singers performing in India, my stand on copyrights and contracts and an artistic stand of singing live in shows. Talk about each of them? Hence in matters where the heart rules over the mind, there is no question of an ideal man or woman. The person who you love is the ideal person for you.

However, Sonu Nigam looks for certain qualities in his wife, Madhurima.

My wife Madhurima and I have split: Sonu Nigam

She should be a housewife taking care of their son while Sonu is away on his musical assignments. At the same time, Madhurima expects Sonu to be faithful to her at all times. Until date, there has been no romantic linkups for Sonu Nigam. He believes in the sanctity of marriage. The Hinduism religion prohibits extra-marital relationships.

Both Sonu as well as Madhurima respect this aspect of the religion and practise it perfectly as well. They think of marriage as a sacred institution and understand the importance of the seven vows they take as a couple.

The very fact that they have been together for more than 14 years speaks volumes of their intentions to keep it as a long lasting relationship until death separates one of them.

How many children do they have? A post shared by sonunigam sonunigam on Mar 1, at 9: Today, Sonu is forever on musical assignments and spiritual tours all over the country throughout the year. Hence, he rarely remains at home. He is not ready to shoulder the responsibility of a second child at this juncture in his career. So at this moment, the couple do not have any plans for having any more children.

When I started getting slightly popular, the female interest around me grew. I met with a lot of wonderful women of different mindsets, qualities and nationalities. During a concert tour in Israel, I first realised how popular I had become. As soon as we came out of the airport, the women who were swooning over Chunky Pandey left him and showered me with kisses. My face was plastered with lipstick. I quite enjoyed that phase. I still get a lot of female attention and like it.

This song is special to me, the words by Amitabh Bhattacharya are really meaningful. Kal ho na ho, from the eponymous film: Suraj hua maddham, from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, the lyrics are beautifully put together. Ajnabi sheher hai, from Jaan-E-Mann. The song although not very popular, was very good. Do kadam aur sahi from Meenaxi: A Tale of 3 Cities. There are many more singers around today. How much of it is a function of sound engineering? Technology is helping non-singers become singers.

So much so that even Salman can sing today.

  • Life of Sonu Nigam and His Lovely Wife Madhurima : How They Met and In Loved?

Despite that, the respect for good singers has gone up. Which are the new singers you like? Javed Ali sings very well. So do Arijit Singh and Benny Dayal. Keerthi Sagathia has a very nice voice suited for songs with a folk touch. The advantage I have over other singers is that I can sing every genre that they can sing.

You have to support your talent. So, I work hard to stay versatile. A lot of film offers came my way.

how did sonu nigam meet madhurima

How wrong could all these people go together? Unfortunately, it went on to become one of the most hilarious movies of all time. So I understood I was not meant to experience success as an actor at that point. You have sung for the biggest names — the three Khans and Hrithik. Who are you closest to? I am very fond of Shah Rukh. Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi. People say you have become more spiritual over the years… The moment you say you are spiritual, you cease to be spiritual.

I am settled and sorted in life despite the turbulences. We are still together and my wife is a wonderful girl and we have a child together.