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cc meet manipur

3: The All Manipur Football Association has got Manipur CBE Memorial Football Tournament (CC Meet) which saw a twofold increase. Once ARC Shillong bagged the runner's title of the CC meet while NEROCA FC The tournament is being organized by All Manipur Football. 61st CC Meet Football Tournament postponed Ithai Barrage Impact on Environment of Manipur · India International Cherry.

We have a credible and trustworthy company. In the company was reformed to expand in the field of herbs. We found the biggest inspiration of all the states in the culture of Northeastern State Manipur.

cc meet manipur

For most of tourists still very hidden part of India but this beautiful land offered us the most delicious cup of lemongrass tea, the cup of CC Tea — produced by SuiGeneris. We have been drinking herbal teas for as long as we can remember, but it was not until a visit to the plantations and meeting tea farmers that we realized the extent of tea manufacturing to their employees and to building sustainabilty and social responsibility — from its consumption to the field.

Eager to share the wisdom of this plant with consumers in Europe, we decided to bring the CC Tea to Slovenia and to start our new journey. OUR MISSION Rozle-tea was formed with a purpose to be a bridge between tea growers and businesses such as restaurants, cafes, tea shops, hotels, wellnesses and spas, who want to present best to their customers as well as real tea lovers.

As your tea supplier we like to provide you, your family, friends, clients and customers with the full and best possible tea experience, consistant taste and high-quality. Currently we work directly with the most capable and interesting tea grower in Northeast India, who produce small-batch, artisanal tea.

cc meet manipur

I am strongly committed to do good through commerce towards environmental and social sustainability. I was raised closed to the earth in the farmland of central Slovenia.

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The inspiration is perhaps his grandfather, who, Ragesh says, was a flamboyant businessman of his time, but also went bankrupt in his lifetime. His parents then stuck to the norm that is characteristic of Manipur, which is taking up a government job. Ragesh dabbled in some freelancing and consulting jobs at the beginning of his career. The first proper venture he set out to do was a BPO business, which was a contract he took from his friend in the UK for data digitization.

However, the venture folded up soon because of unfavourable social conditions in Manipur. The problem was reliance on electricity, which Ragesh says is a scarcity in Manipur.

61st CC Meet Football Tournament Match Fixture

Regular power cuts plague the state and sometimes the power supply is only for 4 hours in a day. Given such constraints the BPO business soon folded up. However, once he realized the constraints in doing a BPO business, Ragesh set out to understand which could be his next outing. About zeroing in on farming, Ragesh says the rationale was that to do any business in Manipur, it had to be something that could use the local resources available and not be reliant on something external.

His tryst with agriculture started inwhen Ragesh started researching and brainstorming with many experts in the agricultural field about that one product which could be turned into a bigger venture. During one such discussion with Dr. M Ahmed, a senior scientist from the aromatic field, the perfect solution was suddenly evident and Ragesh was impressed by the numerous therapeutic benefits of Cymbopogon Citratus CC.

61st CC Meet Football Tournament postponed

As some varieties of lemongrass grow in the wild, a very high yield was predicted for CC in Manipur. Next he imported 10, saplings of superior quality CC from Indonesia in I was given half assurance that I will get the loan, but it never happened. Six months down the line, the plants started flowering and Dr.

Ahmed told me that if it starts flowering then the utility of the plant is gone. I had to cut it and burn it.

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The first 6 months was pure heart burn for me. Two crops had to be burnt down, and predictably Ragesh was dejected and thought of quitting and doing something else.

In the process he attempted many things — tried using the grass as fodder for cattle, thatching roof, but nothing worked. He started searching online for a solution and came across an article that said lemongrass had been used to cure fever in Brazil and was called fever grass. This article gave Ragesh the idea to use lemongrass as a beverage.

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He boiled the leaf to make the beverage, but the brew that came from it was not palatable. It was literally undrinkable. So I knew I had to find a process of drying it. So after lot of trials, I found the process of drying it. With the product ready, Ragesh decided to convince his parents to try it, who were ardent tea fans and had about cups of tea a day.

cc meet manipur

In the beginning his parents found the tea little light, but over a period of use they developed a taste for it and took to it completely. With the first hurdle crossed, Ragesh now had to take the product to the masses, and to launch anything in Manipur market is an uphill task. With no money to invest in advertising, Ragesh thought of an ingenious way to sell his product. During his research for CC Tea, he had read a lot about the impact of gloabl warming on the environment.

I recruited people who helped me take appointments from local schools, colleges, and clubs. In the presentation, the last 15 minutes I reserved to talk about CC Tea, and how global warming and CC tea are linked.