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Mrs. vlozodkaz.infoavathy. Use and International Journal 1. READING .. working at private colleges which is located in pudukkottai district. Instead, technology applications can be tailored to meet promote their movies, music and events via Twitter, Facebook and personalized blogs. October - December Vol. . C. Thilagavathy & Dr. S. Naga Santhi In a Pudukkottai district, crisis it is imperative for the also and based on Members availability to meet for an activities involve blogs, business / local listings. Two Journals were published in with ISSN & ISBN. I. Curricular Kamaraj University during the Vice Chancellors' Meet in Delhi. An Overview Lenin Tamilkovan, Director, Anna Science Center, Trichy and Dr. J. multiple communication channels-e-mail, chat, forum, blogs, etc. stories of G. Thilagavathy in.

Even in dictatorships that had strong rule of law, we see firms working in a predictable environment where there's recourse to people who have stolen from them. Therefore, they decide to innovate. One of the key factors for a person's failure can be his lack of communication skills.

If a person displays lack of self control and interpersonal skills, he is destined to fail. The negative character traits such as pride, impatience and indecisiveness contribute towards a person's doom.

The present article is a study of human nature. It is a study of how a highly talented and successful person faces a tragic end because of not having skills such as interpersonal, communication and emotional intelligence. Buldhna District is located in the northern part of Maharashtra State.

Physiographically the study area is divided into Deccan Trap and Purna valley. Ground water quality in the study area needs to pay attention as the people are dependent on it for drinking and irrigation purposes. It is also noted that people from this area are suffering form renal disorders. Therefore physico-chemical parameters of 27 samples from shallow aquifer and 35 samples from deeper aquifer were randomly collected and analyzed using different statistical techniques. Jaykumar Abstract Full Text Abstract: The tourism potential of our country, especially in a global context, remains far from realized.

It is projected that with this growth rate, the sector will generate 2. Angappapillai, A B; Shanmugasundram, N. But past references have identified that hotel courses lack the rigor to provide quality manpower Harkison, a, b; Steele; Hotel management students seem to rate the value of their degrees higher than do employees in the industry Dawson Mary, The battle for gender justice has been a long-drawn struggle.

Unequal status of women being offensive to human dignity and violation of women right has emerged today as a fundamental crisis in human development in the world today. India is no exception. The legislature framework provided in the Constitution provides for equality in society between men and women. In order to fulfill this Constitutional mandate the Parliament and Judiciary have from time to time made laws and interpreted the existing ones that would guarantee gender justice.

Despite constitutional guarantees of justice, social, economic and political, and assurances of a life of freedom, equality and dignity, sexual abuse, dowry deaths, bigamy and other heinous crime are ravaging the lives of millions of women who remain a prey to predator in the form of husbands, relatives or friends.

The present study aims to investigate the Awareness of Internet usage among B. Ed students of Nagaland. The objectives of the study were to compare the mean scores of Awareness of Internet Usage among B.

bloggers meet 2015 pudukkottai thilagavathy

Ed students of rural and urban, male and female, government and private and arts and science. Ed students of government and private colleges of Nagaland were identified as the population of the present study.

The data was collected during the academic year In order to realize the above said objectives, the normative survey method was employed. Giving representation to type of management,the researcher has selected B. Ed students from Colleges of Education in Nagaland by using random sampling technique. Awareness of internet usage tool was developed and standardized by the researcher and was used for the study.

The questionnaire consisted of 50 statements. Each statement provided three responses. The responses were expressed on a three point scale, Yes, Undecidedand No. The weights of 3, 2, and 1 are given in that order for the favorable statements. The study reveals that there is no significant difference between the B.

bloggers meet 2015 pudukkottai thilagavathy

This research includes the evaluation of the possible and important use of Moringa Oleifera seed for calcium hardness removal from synthetic hardwater. Synthetic hard water which varied from ppm to ppm as calcium hardness has been used in this research. Almost complete reduction was found with the lower initial concentrations and overall reduction in hardness decreases with increasing the initial hardness.

The Moringa Oleifera has also been proved as a quite acceptable natural coagulant especially in developing countries. The paper attempted and extent of utilization of government and private hospitals by selected respondents in Mysore district. It was found from our study majority of respondents have prefer private institutions for general and common ailments but diseases that are chronic and whose treatment are costlier, public institutions are preferred.

In general the preference to the private hospitals is higher from both male and female respondents, even private hospitals are offering service under such government schemes like, yashaswini, arogyashri, bal sanjeevini and other schemes are facing difficulty in meeting the high cost of treatment involved. Whereas the government health care is preferred because it is free, the private institutions is preferred because of the quality care.

Recently, Top most hundred Universities have nominated as the qualitative institutes in the world but, there is ashamed part is that none of the universities in India could be appeared in that list. Patil Abstract Full Text Abstract: The capital markets in India have evolved over more than a century.

The seeds of investor protection were sown way back in at the time of enactment of the Securities Contracts Regulations Act,wherein several investor protection measures found their place.

Since then, investor protection has been evolving. Over the period, investor protection has been receiving increased attention and focus from the market regulator, the Securities Exchange Board of India SEBIas well as stock exchanges. The disadvantages of caste, class gender and the exclusionary mechanism entrenched hierarchical social relations have had differential outcomes for Dalit women in our society.

The constitution of India is enriched with several provisions for schedule castes to safeguard and promote their cultural, social, educational, and economic status in order to bring them in the mainstream of the nation.

This paper also explores, who are living outside the mainstream of the society due to their lower social and economic status. The caste-based stratification of the society adversely affected the equality of opportunities to the disadvantage of these groups. It also examined the demerits of caste attached to the present scheduled castes in general and scheduled caste women in particular.

The scheduled caste women are disadvantaged by their caste and gender and as such they are subject to exploitation and discrimination by their family members, by their caste people and by forward castes. The female feticide, illiteracy, gender inequality, different types of violence, dowry, child marriage, etc are few of the problems faced by scheduled caste women in present society. Apart from, this paper addresses the socio economic status of the Dalit women in Andhra Pradesh as well as in India.

The role of financial development in the growth of nations has been long recognized Schumpeter ; Gershenkron Large number of literature, both theoretical and empirical, has come up on this issue over the years. The hypothetical contributions have highlighted the diverse services provided by the financial sector that can influence output and growth Saint-Paul ; Diamond ; Bencivenga and Smith, Shaik Saleem and M. To reduce the broader dimension of poverty, it is needed to focus on rural development, particularly in agriculture, employment, health, education and nutrition.

Agriculture is an important component of most rural economies especially in the developing countries. It is the size of agriculture within the local economy is sometimes used to define rurality. Therefore, any successful rural development strategy will contain an agricultural development component; but they are not the same thing.

The banks have a huge potential in Rural India. Even though the role of the banks in rural India is more of social responsibility and obligation, considering the potential of the rural India the banks would be largely benefited monetary wise. The purpose of study is analyse the growth in Kisan Credit Card scheme in India.

The finding of the study reveal that there is high growth of KCCs since inception and this growth is leading to growth in GDP. The success of any nation depends on education system.

The strength and quality of any educational system depends largely upon a sound programme of teacher education. Educational programme are bound to fail if the quality of teachers are compromised. Hence, the teacher education programme is of utmost importance. The teacher educators have to shoulder a great responsibility of educating the teacher trainees.

But now these days there is a growing feeling that teacher training courses are not effective in turning out trained and competent teachers. There are so many reasons are behind this st problem. This article highlights emerging concerns and problems of teacher education in the 21 century and suggestion to improve teacher education programme.

Khan Abstract Full Text Abstract: The impact of insurgent movements across the globe has been colossal especially from economic point of view and there has seldom been any sector of life which has not been impacted. The valley of Kashmir which witnessed the birth of militancy in the early 's too witnessed its consequences in the different spheres of life be it Education, Art and Architecture, Arts and Crafts, Small-Scale Industries, Trade and Commerce and so on.

The region which has had a distinction as one of the premier regions famous for its tourism industry and tourist traffic however came under the profound impact of militancy.

The present paper aims at seeking an investigation about overall damage caused to once flourishing industry of the valley and unfortunately could not come out of the shocks though Most developing countries like India across the world have recognized the importance of facilitating international trade for the sustained growth of the economy and increased contribution to the GDP of the nation.

As a part of its continuing commitment to liberalization and to trigger larger flow of foreign and domestic investment for the generation of additional economic activity and creation of employment opportunities, government of India started promoting export oriented industrial parks. | Kalvisolai | No 1 Educational Website in Tamil Nadu

Land use and Land cover change is one of the main driving forces of global environmental changes and central to the sustainable development debate. Understanding landscape patterns, changes and interactions between human activities and natural phenomenon are essential for proper land management and decision improvement. Land use gives an over view of how different patches of lands are being utilized under various anthropogenic activities.

Nimrana, in recent years has been witnessing significant land use changes. While there is a progressive decline in area under Aravali Hills and fallow land, built up areas are increasing. These all changes have come mainly as results of industrialization. Ashin Khemeinda and R. Selvakumar Abstract Full Text Abstract: The Buddha clearly asserted that in realm of his Dhamma and Vinaya, any kind of development- mundane or supra-mundane-cannot be achieved without faith as its foundation.

Reviewing the Green Project Procurement and Development globally, Green Project Procurement has been one of the fastest growths in Education during the last decade. Green Project Procurement is the way forward for Education, but faces many obstacles.

Mostly for the part the cost is higher, and Governments have yet to fully accept the Green Procurement model. There is a demand in expediting our culture of diversifying traditional Green Project Procurement. E-learning is a modern approach away from traditional education. Green Project Procurement contributed in China establishes a Management Approach notion which can keep up with educational concerns of tomorrow.

The Stages in the Appraisal of Green Project Procurement for Education is incorporated into practice in which Building Green Project Procurement is based on the betterment of the current procurement system.

Deepa viswam Abstract Full Text Abstract: Internet comes to the mind of anyone who required some information of the first instance. Internet is considered as the prime source of every kind of information. Most Internet access products were being marketed using the term "broadband", and broadband penetration was being treated as a key economic indicator. Receiving and sending e-mails continues to be the most pervasive use of the Internet on mobile devices with 70 percent using an e-mail program installed on their mobile device or via the website of an e-mail provider 60 percent.

Phone or video calls via Internet ranks as the top activity Host of utilities such as messaging through social media, blogging and tweeting, and watching videos are also on the rise. The frequency of these activities is also trending upwards. In today's higher education, the Internet is indispensable in creating, storing, and disseminating information and knowledge. Mobile Internet in India report prefer to access newspapers and related content on their mobile screens.

Internet usage through mobile devices excluding tabletshas almost doubled in the last one year. However, the Indian usage figures are higher than global stats. The figures have grown from just Lenin Abstract Full Text Abstract: The Hindu social system is socio-religious. The social institutions are intimately connected with religion. The religious books, the repository of social codes, are considered to be of divine origin.

This system is infallible and indisputable to the majority. The society is so rigidly graded that those at the top of the social ladder—the Brahmins are inalienably vested with the authority of learning, teaching and interpreting the shastras, By distorting the interpretation of the shastras and stamping the later accretions with divinity, they ascribe to themselves congenital superiority, which has resulted in an intricate, illogical and irreligious system of descending inferiority and ascending superiority complexes in the society.

bloggers meet 2015 pudukkottai thilagavathy

The caste system, intended originally for social cohesion, and as a device for labour division is inelastic and birth based. It has given rise to innumerable endogamous groups and to a section regarded as outcaste, unsociable and untouchable.

Such a social system militates against any change even through an evolutionary process. It resulted in the pathetic condition of the dalits and a strict observance of unotouchablity for centuries in Tamil Nadu. Abstract Full Text Abstract: Grape is the most important fruit of India and scientifically is called Vitis vinifera L. The grape is cultivated in the largest area i. Total export of grapes from India is The grape export from India was started in the year after economic liberalization.

There is a phenomenal rise in export of grapes from India, as only 14, tons were exported during which has increased to tons in The present paper is an aims to analysis the India's performance in production, productivity and export of grapes with different dynamics, growth rates in relation to area, production, yield and export of grapes.

The related data have been collected from secondary sources like published reports and internet. The appropriate statistical and cartographic techniques have been adopted for preparation of map and diagrams.

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Grape growers faced the problems of production, direction of export, export competition and marketing. Understanding why people buy product is very crucial for a company.

bloggers meet 2015 pudukkottai thilagavathy

This helps companies to target the audience accordingly to increase sale of their product. Indian auto sector is one of the largest manufacturing sectors of India and as the sales are plunging down quarter after quarter its becoming essential to know what actions consumer take before they make the final purchase decision. Purpose of this paper is to find out which are the most important steps taken by consumers before he arrives to buying decision.

The objective is to also find out if the action differs in various car segments. The concept of Vocational Education, which has become highly relevant today, was introduced in India just after independence.

It offers specialized and practical knowledge through which an individual gains skills and experiences directly linked to a career and thereby gives way to better employment opportunities.

AJMR FEBRUARY FULL JOURNAL SPECIAL-1 | Jayalakshmi Ramakrishnan -

A proper implementation of vocational education will help in patching the gap between the skilled workers required and the skilled workers available in the job-market which in turn will solve the problem of unemployment. Increasing 'internationalization' has made English a 'global resource'. It has become the common means of communication.

It has become prime consideration in almost every job and essential for social and career advancement.

bloggers meet 2015 pudukkottai thilagavathy

With this growing demand of English, 'Communicative English' or 'Communication Skills' becomes very relevant and important as a course of vocational education. The need of time is a careful planning, successful implementation and social awareness.

In the last two decades there has been tremendous concern shone to the security complexity created by weak and failing states.

South Asian region is home to more than one-fourth of the world's population. It is an area of varied geography and endowed with diverse natural resources. The countries in the region still depend heavily on agriculture, with the majority of their populations relying on it for their livelihood. Strategically the political conditions in Pakistan are highly significant to the regional and international security.

As an integrated and influential chain of the South Asian system, the failure or demise of Pakistan is highly detrimental to the regional stability. As The multi-faceted threat emanating from Pakistan give way to intrastate, interstate and human security issue in the region.

In fact the incapacities of Pakistan not sheer question the existence of Pakistan but also the survival of the South Asian region. India's growth story has important implications for the capital market, which has grown sharply with respect to several parameters — amount raised number of stock exchanges and other intermediaries, listed stocks, market capitalization, trading volumes and turnover, market instruments, investor population, issuer and intermediary profiles.

In research, the investigator has used a structured questionnaire for eliciting the required responses relating to investment from general public. For the purpose of secondary data, the investigator has used books and internet. Lot of data was also gained through verbal conversation with the employees of the Ludhiana stock exchange. Lastly, all the data were compiled together to make a complete report by analyzing the data collected. Ask any women about sexual harassment, and she is likely to have experienced it or to know of cases of it at work.

Speech act theory provides one of the crucial criteria for demonstrating that a play cannot be conceived as a text in the full sense of the word. It can be shown, speech act theory, that play do not meet the condition of this definition of 'text', In particular because of the indefinite and non-verbal shape of the sign and utterance that the reader is expected to decode. The paper include three types of verbal categorization are to be found in the play, as there most natural location.

Rawoorkar Abstract Full Text Abstract: Women are playing significant role in agricultural work and processes and more than half of the working population in agriculture are women. But, they are facing many problems such as exploitation from employers, no security for work and job, seasonal employment, lower wages, wage discrimination, etc.

A sample survey of women agricultural workers working in Gulbarga taluka in Karnataka was made with interview technique. The social aspects to a greater extent depends on work life of the women agricultural workers.

This paper deals with the strengthening of insight into the correlative connections between the personal statements of architectural students as the conceptual trigger and the process of creating cultural eventfulness in the pedagogical context. The transitional interconnections of the personal view in the reflexive statements of the architectural students call for re-examination of the frameworks and performing power of the Expression Plastique Studio in the context of nonexistent research traces about the simultaneity of individual, educational and cultural transitions.

Our hypothesis is that the work in progress methodological procedure has provided the architectural students with a multi-directional transitionality of creative suggestions of simulated character, which gives the Expression Plastique Studio predisposition to make more constructive creative contribution in the democratic-transitional procedures started in late January in Tunisia.

This paper investigates the relationship between academic stress and social intelligence. Data were collected from rural and urban area of Bathinda city in Punjab. The sample consisted of school going male and female adolescents. Results of the study reveal that there were no significant gender differences with regard to academic stress and social intelligence among rural and urban adolescents. Male and female students experienced same amount of academic stress. Besides, the students are properly guided to face the competitive exams in their future.

Ensuring the sports and games facilities for all pupils, necessary steps will be taken to provide the sports goods and equipment under the proper guidance. This will in turn create a very good team spirit and build good health. Keeping the view in mind that exercises are more important in every one's life, all pupils will be encouraged to participate in a large number. Ensuring the pursuance of yoga and meditation as per the instructions of the Education Department, steps will be taken to monitor the yoga and meditation every day and make the pupils feel the impact of them.

We take utmost care in implementing the costless schemes provided by the Government for the welfare of students in time. The stipend which is mainly given to pursue their education reaches the beneficiaries without any procrastination. Ensuring the creditability among the public, we organize umpteen functions in a small way in order to bring out the latent potentialities of our pupils and thereby they overcome shyness, fear and become orators, dancers and so on.

This is very well exhibited in our annual days and in our cultural programmers. Ensuring perfect sanitation in the school premises the pupils will be supplied things to use in the school and monitored whether they are discarded in the dustbin and insisted to keep the school clean and green always. This will help them to keep the surroundings clean. Ensuring the reputation of the school, our teachers enter into the two hamlets which are benefitted by our school.

The teachers when they come to school they are asked to come through a hamlet and when they leave the school they pass through another village so that they can keep in touch with the parents and discuss various prospects of their children. This will help us to maintain good attendance, punctuality, basic needs, health care and the loss due to their absence from the school. Offering free guidance and counseling to the parents of affected families due to family violation and other unwanted problems.

This will help them to overcome their problems and have a congenial atmosphere in their families.