Average author speaking fees meet

average author speaking fees meet

I charge at least £ for the speaking day and £ for travelling/preparing etc. So, the fee is for, on average, two days of my time. Consider whether your speaking fee should always be the same or Before each meeting or meal that we'd scheduled for him, Ed would ask. You CAN get paid on your first real speaking engagement. It doesn't mean you have to be the best in the world, but if this would be your very first time ever.

average author speaking fees meet

Speakers cost anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on their fame and experience. Speakers who are more famous, renowned or in demand generally have higher fees. Event pricing Most motivational speakers charge by the event.

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Speaking engagements involve much more than the one hour the person speaks. Most speakers block out an entire day for one event and must also spend time preparing for the event as well as traveling to and from the event.

average author speaking fees meet

Nature of the event Many motivational speakers charge different rates for different types of speaking. A keynote address may cost one price, a half-day seminar another price, and a full-day seminar or emcee gig another.

How much should authors charge for speaking engagements? – Inside the Inkwell

Many speakers customize their quote for customers rather than offer a standard price list. If clients have a specific budget in mind, many speakers can outline exactly what they can get for that budget. For some events, he charges a flat fee, sometimes he charges a fee based on the number of people participating in the program, and other times he charges an hourly rate.

average author speaking fees meet

Travel expenses Some motivational speakers charge for flights or train rides, mileage, food and lodging costs. But that was my agenda. I wanted to learn and so I picked events where they would have me speak, and frankly I learned a lot by doing these events. And I may still speak for free, if it's a favour for someone or because I feel strongly about things. But I won't buy into the non-profit story any more I have spoken at events where the organisers will say that they're a non-profit or not-for-profit organisation.

The event organisers pay full fare for the venue. Full fare for the catering. And that isn't the end of their expenditure. Call me cynical, but I've seen money being blown up elsewhere as well. I've then been invited to dinners post-event dinners where the event organisers will spend a few thousand dollars patting themselves over dinner and fancy wine.

And of course there's justification for all those expenses.

Average Motivational Speaker Cost (with Price Factors)

All those expenses aren't free. But they will want you to speak without any charge. And I won't do it any more. Have I done it in the past? Will I do it again?

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They either pay my fees or I don't go. You may or may not have that option You may need to get in front of an audience to get better at speaking. You may need an audience to create future clients. It may be logical to speak free now so you get dividends later. And this is where my rule comes in. I have a rule that goes like this: I will speak if I can either travel to a place I haven't been, or reach an audience that I may not have reached, or if I can sell to an audience.

average author speaking fees meet

For instance, when I last spoke in Chicago, it met two of those criteria. I was able to reach a new audience and also sell to the audience.

How much should authors charge for speaking engagements?

However, my methodology of selling is not the endless pitch. It's different, but that's a whole different story. And the answer is based on the rule below. Even if it gives you a break, it may be worth it.

You need to evaluate this very carefully and not be whimsical in your evaluation.

average author speaking fees meet

There are reasons and dividends for most speaking engagements But know what those dividends are in advance. Question why you're doing what you're doing, and if it still makes sense, then go ahead with it. If you must speak free, then so be it.

If you must charge a small fee, then that's ok too.