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I love to watch the pilot episode of the TWdrama Happy Days on YouTube and i love to watch . Credit goes to DramaWiki and Chinese Wikipedia and the keyword search is 遇見幸福天 . Would u upload download Happy Days / 遇見幸福天 . does anyone know how many episodes this show has in total ?. Happy Days is a Taiwanese romantic-comedy television drama created and Also known as, Days to Meet Happiness . Yao Yang, who is the first to fall in love with Ya Ting, plans to pretend to be the He escapes to Ya Ting's hometown when he thinks he has killed a man Ding Qiang as Grandpa You. A man loses everything in one day in a tragic car accident. his vision. But his life takes an unexpected turn when Wang Yu-Hsi (Lorene Ren), who looks exactly like Someone Like You See full summary» .. Taiwanese dramas also have a tendency to make the female lead into someone who isn't very bright.

At the inn he meets Ya Ting who he is instantly attracted to, but later finds out that they were former high school classmates who he was in love with, because of his over 50 self-centered love confession letters to her she rejected his love back than. After finding out that his idol was a designer of "Spring Breeze", he agrees to stay and take on the project to redesign it.

Small time triad gangster Zhang Yao Yang KunDa Hsieh is on the run from the authorities when he thinks he has killed someone. He arrives in Kenting by accident when he gets nervous after seeing a policeman headed his way on the train and decides to get off at the next stop.

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He meets Ya Ting at the local market while trying to get away from police and falls in love with her at first sight.

Not wanting to let her get away, he follows her all the way to the "Spring Breeze" inn where he takes up residency and later becomes the chef when Gigi discovers his talent for cooking.

Ding Hao Quan Kaiser Chuang was a respected doctor and surgeon in pediatrics, but due to the death of a patient during surgery he is traumatized and loses his confidence. Turning to alcohol to cope with his inner pain he tries to commit suicide on the roof deck of the hotel that Ya Ting works at in Taipei. After Ya Ting talks him out of suicide he talks her out of aborting her child. He arrives in Kenting to visit the grave site and pay his respect to his patient.

While trying to commit suicide again by jumping off a boat, Qi Tian saves his life and brings him back to the "Spring Breeze" inn.

When the three men find out that Ya Ting is pregnant and unwed, they think of a plan to help her since she is afraid of letting her mother Gigi know because Gigi was also an unwed mother and made her daughter Ya Ting promised not to follow the same path as her. Yao Yang, who is the first to fall in love with Ya Ting, plans to pretend to be the father of her unborn child, but his idea is announced first to Gigi by Qi Tian.

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Soon Ya Ting and Qi Tian get married to follow through with the lie. With the two pretending to be a married couple, each day they begin to fall more in love with each other, but both with their stubborn personalities refuse to admit their feelings to one another. Also Qi Tian having an ex-girlfriend that won't let go and accept that he is married to someone else. She and Qi Tian were high school classmates who she found annoying and conceited.

Afraid that her mother will be furious with her if she finds out that she is also a unwed mother she agrees to let Qi Tian lie and pretend to be the father of her unborn child. Kingone Wang as Qi Tian A talented but arrogant interior designer. He is fired from his job when his uncompromised attitude causes his design firm to lose an important client.

Bored at home he is conned by Gigi to take her on as a client. He was in love with Ya Ting when they were high school classmate, but she rejected him because in each of his love letters to her he wrote it in a self-centered tone. He volunteers to be Ya Ting's unborn child's father because of what his college ex-girlfriend did to their unborn child.

He escapes to Ya Ting's hometown when he thinks he has killed a man while trying to collect a debt from him. An orphan who joined a triad gang when the triad boss paid for his died grandmother's medical bills.

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Gigi discovers his talent for cooking and hires him as the chef at the inn. Kaiser Chuang as Ding Hao Quan A respected doctor, he losses his confidence when one of his patients dies during surgery for the first time.

Unable to cope with the trauma he turns to alcoholism. He meets Ya Ting when she saves him from committing suicide and later goes to Ya Ting's hometown to visit the grave site of his patient. Unlike other romance dramas where the male lead is a CEO and they don't talk much about it other than the fact that he looks great wearing suits and has a lot of money, this drama plays out the rivalry scenes. They continue with the department scene rivalry side story throughout the drama and I really enjoyed these scenes because they were intense and nerve wracking to watch and they added to character development of Zhan Cheng.

It wove seamlessly into the main plot and didn't distract from the romance. Kingone really carries this drama. His portrayal of a blind man was seriously amazing. His acting was flawless and I couldn't see any flaws in his portrayal.

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I wasn't initially a fan of him because I usually like idol drama actors read my other reviewsbut his character is really the ultimate perfect boyfriend.

I actually liked Lorene's acting. Although her acting seemed a little fake in the beginning, her acting got a lot better.

Like I said, Kingone carried the drama and he guided her through the romantic scenes well. Many think her crying scenes were fake, but I thought it was realistic because realistic crying isn't pretty. In terms of the supporting actors, I loved William's camaraderie with Zhan Cheng, and Yu Xi's relationship with her family. The supporting couples between Zhan Cheng's sister and Yu Xi's brother was adorable, as well as William's relationship with Yu Xi's best friend.

Lorene was good at her dual roles as well. The music is so heartwarming and emotionally provoking.

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I think this is one of the best soundtracks as a whole for a drama. Bii did most of the soundtrack, and I liked his songs a lot. They perfectly match the tone of the drama and the scenes.