Shanmugam meet the people session in singapore

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shanmugam meet the people session in singapore

In a Meet-The-People Session letter Facebook note, Shanmugam expressed his frustration with a Nee Soon GRC resident, who was “rude and. Mr Shanmugam is the MP for the Chong Pang division of the Nee made an appointment to meet him on a Sunday morning at am, the. ஜூரோங் குழுத்தொகுதி. Party: People's Action Party Meet the People Session. Place: Blk Yung Sheng Road # Singapore.

A young, pregnant woman was about to go to jail for hiring illegal workers in her father's laundry business.

Shanmugam: Man once demanded HDB helipads

Not wanting her child to be born in jail, she was going to terminate the pregnancy and Mr Shanmugam found out about it. He advised her not to abort the baby and sent appeals to the Attorney-General's Chambers and the Ministry of Home Affairs on her behalf.

shanmugam meet the people session in singapore

At that time, he was still a practising lawyer and would ask his colleagues to attend the woman's court hearings to keep him updated. The woman was eventually let off with a fine and her daughter is now 14 years old. When it was mentioned that it was cases like these that endeared him to residents, he let out a rare smile and said: In the end, it's people reaching out to you, forming the networks, forming the community support groups and helping people.

There are countless stories of people helping each other, people helping me, and me helping people. And you don't wait until the last minute to prepare," he said. On the issue of possible new candidates, Mr Shanmugam said with a laugh that many had already been identified by the media. I wouldn't know if they're going to stand for certain," he said. Animal rights activist Ng, 37, who started out doing grassroots work in Chong Pang, was moved at the start of the year to Joo Chiat constituency under veteran MP Charles Chong.

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Asked about criminal lawyer and pro bono advocate Josephus Tan, who has been very outspoken about his grassroots work in Chong Pang, Mr Shanmugam smiled and nodded. Mr Shanmugam and his wife with Zorro, a mongrel they later adopted.

He was responding to questions about the recent cases where cats in Pasir Ris were believed to have been fed poisoned fish flakes and an old, blind dog that was abandoned in a plastic bag in Siglap on June Thankfully, I would say, it's in a very small minority.

shanmugam meet the people session in singapore

That's where you need tough laws and you need to enforce them. A strong advocate of animal welfare in Parliament, he has four dogs of his own - all adopted from animal shelters. The Minister claimed that the resident deliberately wasted the time of his officers. The Minister expressed that mocking grassroots leaders who spend countless hours serving the community was unacceptable.

shanmugam meet the people session in singapore

Rude, mocking behaviour of a resident ——————————————————— Public officers deal with thousands of members of the public every day, on different issues. They try their best to help.

On many such occasions, they need to work with the public to help resolve municipal issues at hand. Most residents are helpful and understanding.

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And sometimes our public officers are wrong. When that happens they get disciplined. But from time to time, our officers also get verbally abused, with unfair, sarcastic or offensive remarks. Recently a resident wrote to me complaining about rats.

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He seemed to think that he had a right to do so. After mocking them, he then wrote to me in these terms: Maybe you have been too busy meeting the residents and grassroot members are also blinded by the job to served sic as much every week on non essential matters.

I would like to share a little secret with you…you have a new family in our neighbourhood and maybe you and your grassroot team would like to meet them personally.