Meet the team creative photoshoot

50 Web Layouts for Showcasing Company Teams & Employees

meet the team creative photoshoot

See more ideas about Website layout, Webpage layout and Design websites. Showcase of Creative "Meet the Team" About Pages Blog Design, Ui Design. Clever marketing and design inspiration from the best team pages on the web Open the lines of communication so people can reach out to them if need be. the team gets their time to shine and when you scroll over their individual photos, . May 4, Examples of website staff pages that improve conversion rates by Find current examples and even more great information: Using team photos to improve your conversion rate Booreialnd eyecatching meet the staff page.

meet the team creative photoshoot

For an instance, this org chart represents the staff of a university. Graphs made with Creately. However, if you quote the team members, it should remain in their own words as it would add a personal touch to the page.

The language you use may also vary according to the industry your company belongs to; if you are a legal firm, the fact that your CEO loves Yoga might not really impress the visitor!

meet the team creative photoshoot

Hence, be careful what you choose to mention about your team, but also remember that the purpose is to get the visitor to feel more at ease when it comes to contacting you. Their bios could include their responsibilities at work and their skills, but you can always spice it up by mentioning something personal about them that makes them more likeable.

Links Including links links to social profiles, blogs etc. Allowing your website visitors to follow your team on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Moz The Moz team is presented to its visitors in a very user-friendly manner.

The visitors are given the option to sort the members by the work category or the team they belong to. And upon clicking the image of the member, you can find a separate page dedicated to her with a small introduction that includes a range of information from what she does at Moz, her social media profile links to her hobbies. The staff and partners, standing on small round platforms, seem like action figures at first sight.

Each holds on to a prop which highlights a certain characteristic of that person. The images may be in black and white, but the page is certainly very dynamic!

When you hover over the picture of a member, you can see how many projects she has backed so far and which is her favorite category in terms of interests, based on which they are then divided into groups.

However, the visitor is not given any other information, such as the job titles, links to their social media channels etc. On the Meet the Team section of the page, features an image of the team posing in front of a fictional background.

Absolute Agency - Creative Communication Agency - Meet The Team

However, once you click on the avatar, you can uncover a real image of the member posing entertainingly on, in front of, beneath etc. On the right hand side of this image is a brief and funny description given by themselvesexplaining what they like and dislike. Once I saw these creative team pages, I knew I have to let you know about them.

So here they are.

50 Webpage Layouts for Showcasing Company Teams and Employees

RJMetrics team page — simple but effective RJMetrics builds data infrastructure and analytics software to help businesses make smarter decisions with their data. Their team page is simple but effective. They are also funny, try moving your cursor over a picture.

I did — can you see who stands out? Once you click on them, you can read more of their responsibilities and what they like to do in their free time. Especially when you scroll it down through all the employees — it just looks cool!

A Showcase of Creative Meet The Team Pages - Phire Base

For example we have: The one category that stole my heart is Dogs: There are 12 dogs with names, pictures and the description like: They seem super agreed. If you want to see their full potential, go to their website and play a little with the cursor. Also, I like how one person stands out from the crowd when you hover the cursor over them. What I miss though is some sort of information about employees.

Etch — glorify each teammember I like the description and the design of this team page. First you have a short description: When you click on a person, you go to a nicely designed website with personal photographs, private pictures and favourite quotes.

Cloud Horizon — who you wanted to be as a child? This is one nostalgic team page. First, we have a short history of a company and right beneath we have something that seems normal at first: But when you hover the cursor over a picture, you can see the pictures reveal the past — and suddenly everything is clear.

For example we have a Creative Director who wanted to be a Ghostbuster. Or a Chief Technology Officer who wanted to be a cowboy. Etsy — show yourself It takes a lot of people to build such a resilient platform like Etsy. They make you feel anonymous.

meet the team creative photoshoot