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Students develop their leadership potential in a practical laboratory, which typically includes field trips to Air Force installations. Emphasis is on the period from after WWII to the present. The program is designed to develop military leadership and discipline, provide Air Force orientation and motivation, and determine potential for entry into the Professional Officer Course en route to a career as an Air Force officer.

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To successfully complete FT, the student must complete at least 70 percent of the required training according to the Field Training syllabus, and not be absent from the FT encampment for more than 72 consecutive hours. The student also must pass the physical fitness test, attain a minimum 70 percent academic average and not be rated as "unsatisfactory" in any single performance factor block sub-area or receive an overall score of "unsatisfactory" on the AFROTC Form 70, Field Training Performance Report.

Individual motivational and behavioral processes, leadership, communication and group dynamics are covered to provide a foundation for development of the junior officer's professional skills as an Air Force officer officership. The basic managerial processes involving decision-making, utilization of analytic aids in planning, organizing and controlling in a changing environment are emphasized as necessary professional concepts. Concentration is on organizational and personal values, management of forces in change, organizational power, politics, and managerial strategy and tactics discussed within the context of the military organization.

Actual Air Force cases are used to enhance the learning and communication processes. Special themes include societal attitudes toward the military and the role of the professional military leader-manager in a democratic society. Concentration is on the requisites for maintaining adequate national security forces; political, economic and social constraints on the national defense structure; the impact of technological and international developments on strategic preparedness; the variables involved in the formulation and implementation of national security policy; and military justice and its relationship to civilian law.

Emphasis is on achieving a full mastery of Arabic sounds and the Arabic writing system, as well as basic proficiency in everyday conversational Arabic, including greetings and other common expressions.

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Hold Your Wood Participants drag a large log up a ski slope. Evil Knievel Participants rely on each other to make it over this slippery pyramid. Electric Eel Mudders crawl under electric wires delivering a 10,volt electric shock. Walk the Plank Mudders jump 15 feet into a cold muddy pond.

Underwater Tunnels In freezing, muddy water, Mudders duck under obstacles in their path. Glacier Teams scramble up a foot wall of ice to reach the summit. The Gauntlet Mudders run through a half-pipe. Arctic Enema Participants are submerged in freezing cold water, under a chain fence. Red Hot Blood Bath Mudders must eat a hot pepper and then jump into a pool of water dyed red. Funky Monkey Participants cross a muddy lake on greased monkey bars.

Berlin Walls Camaraderie is generated as teams help one another over the foot-high walls. Tower Hurdle Mudders climb over a maze of chair lift towers.

Course Descriptions

Fire Walker Four-feet-high flames blaze as Mudders run through kerosene-soaked straw. Greased Lightning Mudders slide down a steep hill, landing head-first in a pond. Everest This keystone obstacle is a greasy half-pipe climb.

Runners are required to wait at the top and help their fellow Mudders up. Electroshock Therapy Teams run, crawl, and jump through 10,volt electric wires.

Twinkle Toes Participants balance on a narrow wooden beam over an icy pit. Our research has found that obstacle racing participants enter this kind of challenge for a number of reasons: However, even though these different lines of explanation are consistent with past research on memorable extraordinary experiences Arnould and Price ; Belk and Costa ; Keinan and Kivetzsome puzzling questions remain: