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meet the shrews

Shop our inventory for Meet the Shrews by Reed Parsley with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!. A shrinking skull would be fatal to most animals, but not to this red-toothed shrew (Sorex araneus, pictured). The head of this tiny mammal. Meet the Shrews. We are members of the Tucson community. Many of us are involved in theatre on and off the stage and are passionate about seeing quality.

Writing has always been a passion for Bryn.

Meet the Shrews

She is excited to be writing again and bring more light to the theatre of Tucson. Chloe Loos Chloe Loos is a dramaturg, director, playwright, designer, and facilitator who is passionate about new play development, audience inclusiveness, and accessibility. She is interested in work that tells the story of its specific community, theatre with non-theatre people, theatre in non-traditional spaces, and the politics of performance.

For more information on upcoming projects, please see chloeloos. She has been involved in the production of theatre and educational programs that reflect the diverse voices of the U.

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Especially women of color. In her free time, she records music and makes youtube videos.

meet the shrews

She is incredibly grateful to be a part of the Tucson theatre community, but she is often disappointed with the reviews on projects her and her fellow actresses have worked tirelessly to present. With Taming of the Review she would like to break the cycle of toxic masculinity in the theatre community and give women of color the reviews they deserve.

meet the shrews

Gabriella De Brequet Gabriella De Brequet was born and raised in Tucson Arizona and has been working professionally as an actress and designer in Tucson since Gabriella spends most of her free time with her partner and their two dogs at their home in West University. She also enjoys reading tarot cards, gardening, cooking up new vegetarian recipes, and watching The Office.

Gretchen Wirges Gretchen Wirges has been acting, directing and writing for Tucson stages for nearly ten years. Two of her plays were featured in the New Play Festival.

meet the shrews

She will also have several plays features in the festival. She is an accomplished improv teacher and performer.

Meet the Shrews | Taming of the Review

She spent 4 years on stage with Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed and now performs around the country with her long-form improv duo Ex-Boyfriend. Photo by Jamie McCarthy. Assuming, of course, that you haven't already met. The Soricidae are a family of small insectivorous mammals found throughout Eurasia, Africa and North America, with a small number of species extending to South America.

By mammal standards, this is a fairly large family with about species currently recognised and a small but steady trickle of new species still being published such as Sylvisorex akaibei from the Congo within the past year Mukinzi et al.

Caravan of house shrews, Suncus murinus. Photo from Osamu Matsuzaki.

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Living shrews are usually divided between two subfamilies, the Soricinae and the Crocidurinae, or the red-toothed shrews and white-toothed shrews respectively Dubey et al, Red-toothed shrews, found in Eurasia and the Americas, are named after one of their most unusual features, red crowns to their teeth due to the deposition of iron in their enamel this feature has been lost in a few soricine genera.

White-toothed shrews are found in Africa and tropical Asia and make up for lacking the funky tooth pigment of Soricinae by including such creatures as the insanely over-developed hero shrew Scutisorex somereni and the bewildering diversity of the genus Crocidura with in excess of species.

Meet the shrew with the incredible shrinking head

Other notable features of shrews include the production by at least some species of toxic saliva, and the formation by young shrews of 'caravans'. One youngster will grasp its mother's rump in its mouth, its own rump will be grabbed by another, and so on until the entire brood forms a train by which the mother will lead it about.

The young shrews will remain determinedly clinging to each other even picked up and dangled above the ground like a living monkey chain Nowak,