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meet the patels full documentary csny

CSNY last played as one unit in for Young's Bridge School Benefit Concert in legacy with Ringo Starr gigs and Ron Howard's long-rumored documentary, Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. .. Every yard has a well cared-for pickup truck and everybody you meet is. As I anticipated, the book is full of inspiring insights and experiences, false fronts with which he has been meeting life, and the more he tends to move a documentary about her life and work, I have a whole new level of appreciation. . ); Woodstock (Ladies of the Canyon, ); Our House (CSNY. With his 30th birthday just around the corner, Ravi Patel finds himself in a love triangle This docu-comedy is based on the experiences of star Ravi Patel, who .

By a similar count, the frequent Actor Allusions to Kamen Rider probably flew over the heads of most Westerners. Art Quite some famous or well known people from previous centuries are nowadays better known because they were painted or sculpted by world famous artists. So whenever, for instance, the Mona Lisa is parodied, most people aren't aware that she was an actual aristocratic 15thth century lady.

meet the patels full documentary csny

Ten years later, who can remember their contemporaries? Guess which one got immortalized across the pond in Robotech?

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The flip-side of this trope, when it comes to mecha anime, is the Super Robot Wars game series, which have the effect of re-popularizing old, "out-of-print" series. While were on the subject, the word "Instrumentality" will have most anime fans thinking of Evangelion. However, it's actually a reference to the stories of sci-fi author Cordwainer Smith. Gunbuster was actually a parody of Aim for the Ace! Dragon Ball originally started as a parody of Journey to the Westwhich, while still popular in Asia, is more or less unknown in many countries Dragon Ball was released in except those that had Monkey!

The speech "Sometimes I'm a Ouran High School Host Club appears to be headed this way, with more people watching the show having not seen any of the shojo it parodies. The surface humor and well-developed characters serve to attract people who don't get the joke.

The anime commonly includes Shout Outs to older works to entertain some of its older audiences, so naturally for many younger viewers, it's often the first they've ever heard of certain things. Interestingly, that show actually was shown in America, but it's highly likely that most viewers never saw it.

The gaudy clothes, pencil-thin mustache, and uncommonly large overbite of Osomatsu-kun 's Iyami is much more well known to Japanese audiences than Tony Tani, the vaudeville comedian who inspired him. Even his trademark "zansu" tic came from Tani's act.

The sheer amount of references to the Ultraman franchise in anime is staggering, ranging from blatant parodies of the entire franchise to extremely subtle nods to specific episodes of specific series, but most are rarely understood by non-Japanese viewers, especially since Ultraman is usually brushed off as "that low-budget Power Rangers ripoff" by many.

Comics The pirates in Asterix comics are close parodies allowing for the difference in art style of Captain Barbe-Rouge Redbeard and his crew in the comic of the same name. Originally published in the same magazine as Asterix, Barbe-Rouge is almost unknown outside France.

meet the patels full documentary csny

You have a shot at recognizing them if you've seen one of the 90s cartoon shows, but the parody characters have such a distinct look that it's not obvious. Iznogoud contained a Shout-Out to specifically to the Asterix versions of the pirates in one story. They look much more like their Asterix designs and the crow's nest pirate observes that the ship they're about to attack 'has no Gauls on it'. Furthermore the pirates, on yet another occasion when their ship is smashed by Asterix and Co, end up in a sequence with them parodying the now somewhat obscure painting "The Raft of the Medusa".

Said painting is actually pretty famous in France, and a mainstay of school textbooks on French painting. The English translation has them say "We've been framed, by Jericho! Asterix generally is packed solid with references to French politics, society, and other such in-jokes, though in some cases the original reference are quite obscure nowadays. In Asterix and the Banquet Asterix meets a group of characters in Marseille, who are a shout-out to the s movies Fanny and Marius by Marcel Pagnol, something most people of today, even in France, wouldn't get.

The antagonist from Obelix and Co. Yes, as in former President of France Jacques Chirac, though the parody was focused on his largely-forgotten-outside-France stint as Prime Minister. In Europe and the French-speaking world, at least, it's not even a contest.

Joe, Jack, William and Averell are supposed to be the Dalton cousins. The "historical" Dalton brothers were featured caricatured in the album Outlaw which is probably forgotten because Goscinny didn't write itplus it's just one album vs. There are others who may associate the Daltons as Dinky, Pinky, Stinky, etc. Morris' work on the series in general has resulted in this.

He liked to parody various overused tropes from Western films, and the distinctive features and screen personas of actors associated with the genre.

While the comics keep getting reprinted, much of the European audience is no longer particularly familiar with the parodied films, or with tropes that haven't seen much use since the s. Most of the actors parodied are also long gone, and in some cases poorly remembered.

Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday. Also, he is a zombie. If you know of Solomon Grundy, chances are you probably know him from the comics and cartoonbut not from the nursery rhyme. In Mexico, there is a wrestler known as Solomon Grundy, and people don't know about any rhyme, comic, or cartoon.

It is also briefly referenced in Justice League and Arkham City. One Justice League cartoon episode has him sacrifice himself for something nevermind that being a zombie, he can't really die off permanently. The gravestone shown usually mentions the rhyme. Shadow of the Bat 39 The Crash Test Dummies also used his name for their Superman song, only because it rhymed with money.

The rhyme was also used in Arrowwith Ollie quipping " Died on Saturday; buried on Sunday " after defeating him. Note that the 19th-century nursery rhyme has a couple of variations, but is only eight-lines long and gives the Grundy depicted no individual traits. Making it unlikely to receive many memorable adaptations. In its longer form, the nursery rhyme simply describes the rather conventional course of life for a man. Grundy was in order born, Christened, married, taken ill, having his medical condition further deteriorating, died due to his illness, and then buried.

Many comic book fans didn't even realize that DC Comics had other characters besides Wesley Dodds and Morpheus who went by " The Sandman " until they saw Hector Hall acting foolish in volume 2 of Neil Gaiman 's celebrated series. While the characters of Watchmen have become popular and well-known despite only being in that story, the original Charlton heroes that inspired their creation have almost faded into obscurity.

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The QuestionBlue Beetleand Captain Atom have managed to escape this to some extent, but Thunderbolt and the Peacemaker Ozymandias and the Comedian's counterparts respectively have suffered. In Thunderbolt's case, he isn't owned by DC anymore. Pete Morisi, the creator of the character, eventually claimed full ownership over him. Morisi died inand his estate still owns the rights to the character. Thunderbolt still had a second lasting contribution to comics aside from Ozymandias, though: On a curiosity, Pete Morisi based the Thunderbolt's costume on the "symmetrically divided, red-and-blue costume" of a s superhero: Morisi had attempted to purchase the rights to the defunct character, but after one of the co-owners refused, he simply decided to create an expy with a similar costume.

And Peacemaker only very superficially resembled the Comedian, making any connection ridiculous on its face. If they ever met, they would not get along. Moore and Gibbons' use of the 9-panel grid has prompted a lot of people, including comic book historians, to believe that Steve Ditko the creator of the original Charlton characters worked almost exclusively in the 9-panel grid format.

This is not to say that Ditko didn't use it frequently, but it was hardly his "go to" layout. The Guy Fawkes mask is now associated more with V for Vendetta than with the guy — er, Guy — it represents.

Bonfire Night is still a well-celebrated national holiday in the UK, and kids are taught about the history behind it in school. For that matter, the English word "guy" is itself a reference to Guy Fawkes that has evolved over the centuries to be used as reference for anyone, not just an effigy of the original Guy.

On top of that, Mr. Fawkes himself was named after a long forgotten local celebrity from his hometown; Guy Fairfax. Later writers took the character and revamped him into a parody to save Marvel some face.

While Deathstroke still has a strong fan following, Deadpool has pretty well eclipsed him in terms of popularity.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles started as an underground comic strip that affectionately parodied many popular Marvel Comics series of its era, but it went on to become much better-known than most of them after the cartoon adaptation became a major hit.

In particular, the comic took major cues from the Daredevil and X-Men issues penned by Frank Millerwho was famous for his fascination with Japanese culture. The Turtles' origin story, involving a runaway canister of radioactive chemicals, also parodied Daredevil's origin. And their basic character dynamic parodied the X-Men—another surrogate family of temperamental teenage mutants with contrasting personalities.

Even with proper annotation you'll be hard pressed to identify most of the references to Victorian literature in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemenwith bonus points if you are even aware of the original work. To understand how far Alan Moore goes, there are references to Victorian porn novels that have been out of print for decades, and visual reference gags can number in the triple figures on one page.

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It gets even worse once he gets into the twentieth century. In some cases the characters mentioned or encountered are from the 19th century, but not from British literature. Also there are references to even older characters. Issue second includes a reference to the character Lady Termagant Flaybum. Flaybum is a major character in an 18th-century novel concerning flagellations, and having a sado-masochistic tone.

There are also unusual depictions of famous characters, such as Charles Dickens' characters outside their typical era. One scene involves an aging thief giving Fagin-like training to a group of child thieves. Moore does not give a name for the old man, but the implication is that we are seeing child-thief Artful Dodger in his old age. He became a copy of his mentor. Another scene involves a young rape victim who seems unusually optimistic. The name given for her is Polly Whittier, a character better known as "Pollyanna".

Far more people know Arkham as the asylum populated by Batman villains than know it as one of Lovecraft's fictional haunted towns in New England. The prototype of the Bat Signal in The Bat was not used to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, but was a notorious criminal's Calling Card striking fear into the hearts of people staying in an Old, Dark House.

Viz started as a parody of British children's comics and now the genre it parodies is all but dead with the exception of The Beanowhich Viz even outsells. To this day many Flemings especially from the older generation will think of the protagonist from this popular comic book series whenever they hear the name "Nero", instead of the Roman Emperor on which his name was based.

Similarly, the name "Barabas" will remind many people in Belgium and the Netherlands of the Absent-Minded Professor in this comic book series, rather than the biblical character. There is a Suske en Wiske story called De Texasrakkers "The Texas Scoundrels"which was originally a shout-out to the popular s TV western series The Texas Rangers, but this show is nowadays completely forgotten.

A lot of younger people may not associate the name "Konstantinopel" with the original name of Istanbul, but with Kiekeboe's son. Urbanus, just like the comedian he is based on, is named after several medieval popes.

Nowadays most people in Flanders and the Netherlands will automatically think of him, rather than these popes. Similarly there are lot of children who know Urbanus more as a comic book character than as the comedian he was based on, mostly because Urbanus doesn't perform that often anymore. This series started out as a parody of James Bondbut mostly the campy s version. For many people unaware of these movies they may not notice the parody element anymore.

Similarly the character Olga Lawina has a Punny Name lawine means avalanche in Dutch and the character is of Swiss nationality which refers to the nowadays almost forgotten Dutch singer Olga Lowina. Practically everything about the story arc's plot was inspired by the Avengers episode in some way: Jean Grey's famously kinky "Black Queen" outfit was an exact replica of Emma Peel's "Queen of Sin" costume, and Jason Wyngarde was modeled after British actor Peter Wyngardewho guest-starred as that episode's villain.

But while the Hellfire Club in The Avengers appeared only once, Marvel's Hellfire Club has remained a major part of the X-Men mythos for over three decades, and most younger fans don't know about its origins, especially in the US, where the syndication package omitted that episode and it only became available much later. It helps that their introductory appearance was in the first part of The Dark Phoenix Sagathe most beloved X-Men story of all time.

California children, ages four through twelve, from diverse backgrounds present original artwork, accompanied by a story written by the artist.

An exhibit of black and white photographs by Oakland photographer Cathy Cade, who captured the interrelationships of the different struggles for justice and social change. Photolab Gallery, Fifth St. Call ahead for hours. Atelier 9 Ninth St. The Return of Gaymes Night; Sept All events are free. Nancy London has been cancelled; Oct 5: Reflections on Death, Rebirth, and hunger for Faith; Oct An Argument About Afrocentrism; Sept.

Amir Aczel poses The Riddle of the Compass: An American Childhood; All shows at 7: Steve Arntsen and Kathleen Dunbar followed by open mike reading.

Sharron Jones-Reid, Fruit of the Spirit poets, acoustic musicians, comedians, rappers, performance artists, writers. Michael Parentini Oct 4: Call ahead to make reservations. University of California, Berkeley. Trains run Sunday, 9 a. Sunday, noon to 3 p.

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Monday and Wednesday, 9: A 20 foot by 40 foot replica of the fearsome dinosaur made from casts of bones of the most complete T. When unearthed in Montana, the bones were all lying in place with only a small piece of the tailbone missing. The pteranodon lived at the same time as the dinosaurs. Monday through Friday, 8 a. It will reopen in early On View until Oct.

Nelson Graburn and the Aesthetics of Inuit Sculpture. Photographs by George Foster. Wednesday, Friday through Sunday, 10 a. Space Weather Exhibit now - Sept. Using a simple star map, learn to identify the most prominent constellations for the season in the planetarium sky. Centennial Drive, UC Berkeley or www. Free for museum members and children 5 and under.

Free admission the second Sunday of the month. Barbera lofted her shot over Cal goalkeeper Mallory Moser and off of the inside of the left post. The sixth-ranked Bears lost despite a scintillating second-half stretch of play during which they had a penalty shot and three breakaways. Cal striker Laura Schott kicked off the run with a beautiful through ball for midfielder Kim Yokers, but St.

After two nice counter-attacks by the GaelsYokers returned the favor, putting Schott through one-on-one with Montgomery. Schott pushed the ball past the sliding keeper at the top of the box, and Montgomery took the All-America junior down for a penalty kick.

Minutes later, freshman sensation Kacy Hornor slid the ball across the box for midfielder Brittany Kirk, but Kirk put her one-time shot wide of the goal. Up front, freshman Katie Frattone and sophomore Lucianne Crenshaw made things hard on the Cal defenders, refusing to back off and let the Bears play the ball to each other with ease. Sudha Patel, who has owned the little motel at Bancroft Way for over 20 years, has submitted plans to demolish the motel, which was built inand construct a unit hotel with retail space on the side of the building that fronts Milvia Street.

Many ZAB members voiced their concern about the effect on pedestrians of a building not set back on that corner.