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On Dec 8 we moved from Gamboa to the Breezes, since we were doing the our stays at Gamboa first and Breezes second, Sunwing did not cover our transfer between hotels.

That was actually fine with us as following lesab33's advice we booked a tour of the canal, Amador Causeway and the Old City with Ashley at PanamaRoadrunner. All of this cheaper then I was quoted for a cab to do a direct transfer. The rains interfered with this as well so we did not get any chance to walk around the Old City or the Causeway, but we did get to view the Canal from the observation deck in the morning just before the closed the locks.

Despite the weather we really enjoyed our time with Ashley Check in Check-in went quite smooth however when we went to the room the key would not work in either our room or the one for another couple across the hall who were Check in Check-in went quite smooth however when we went to the room the key would not work in either our room or the one for another couple across the hall who were checking in at the same time.

The young men bringing up our luggage went and got the maid to open the room so my wife could get in well I went to the front desk to get a new key. We had a room facing the beach with a full balcony and outside sitting area As is mentioned in an earlier review food at the snack bar was rather limited Beach is not soft white sand as found in the Caribbean but the beach is wide and long.

There were ample chairs and sunshades for the people who were there but that might not always be the case. In our training, we emphasize the need, in the event of someone falling over the side, to do three things simultaneously: Well, this is exactly what happened.

I glimpsed off the side to port, and saw a light blue color pass close by the hull. Since I was closest to the general alarm button, I sounded the alarm to alert everyone onboard, while calling for the helm to be put hard to port to stop the ship immediately. I then jumped back on the quarterdeck, saw the blue was a rain jacket and could easily identify who was wearing it, just meters astern. As soon as he was at the floats and hanging on, I could see that he was ok, and I knew we would have him safely back aboard pretty quickly.

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The Seamans has a rescue boat that is designed to be ready and quickly launched in the event of just such an emergency. I made a quick assessment of the situation and determined that under the circumstance, the fastest and safest way to retrieve the person in the water was by doing so directly from the Seamans, without launching the rescue boat.

In fact, it took us a matter of minutes to turn the Seamans around, toss a line to the person, and pull him alongside. In that time, the crew had opened the bulwark gate and readied a ladder. The chief mate had put on a safety harness and, while tethered, was able to climb down the ladder to assist the person aboard.

All of the above transpired in just a few minutes; only then we were able to take a deep breath. Our medical officers immediately helped the student below and before long reported to me that he was safe, without any injury at all.

As always, any event onboard is an educational opportunity. Without question, the possibility of someone falling over the side while at sea can be very serious and is one of the risks that mariners must respect and be conscious of at all times. I have been going to sea for 33 years, the last 28 of them as Master. I have participated in over man overboard drills over the years in various oceans, on various vessels, with many different crews — most on board SEA vessels.

I am very proud of how everyone onboard handled the situation, from first response to recovery to thoughtful debrief and subsequent support of the person who fell in as well as every member of the shipboard community. I also have to recognize the student who fell in the water. He remained calm throughout the incident — precisely what was needed at the time. I wonder how I, or anyone else, would have reacted in a similar circumstance. Fore and main staysails and the d-sail Weather: Another starry night in paradise Photo Captions: Science in all its glory: You know that any day that starts off with breakfast sandwiches is going to be a good day and today was no exception.

It was important that we got started on the right foot because today was not just any other day aboard the Robert C. Seamans but project presentation day! The main salon was abuzz all morning long as presentations were practiced, graphs were drawn, and last second preparations were underway.

An additional challenge to the usual fare of collegiate procrastination included the fact that this morning, as we drew ever closer to the leeward side of the big island of Hawaii, we began to experience some of the delights that the Alenuihaha Channel has to offer. The Alenuihaha is the channel between the islands of Hawaii and Maui and a special place indeed.

The trade winds funnel between the volcanoes and give the channel its name which translates like this: The presentations went very well: Talks ranged from carbonate chemistry and its effects on the biological community, microplastics and zooplankton, the possibility of ocean thermal energy conversion as a alternate source of energy in this region, nutrients and their effects on trophic levels, and turbulence within the water column.

With the presentations finished and the newsprint slides cast into the ocean, let the final push of paper writing commence.

As the sun sets on one of our last days out of sight of land and we reach a major milestone in the research project process, the fact that this cruise is drawing to a close soon is slowing dawning upon all of us. While all of us are excited for Kona, most notably a full night of uninterrupted sleep, there is a certain bittersweet factor to leaving the self-sufficient and insular world we have at sea to return to the bustle of land life.

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Who knew that 50 miles offshore of Hawaii you could get deep-dish pizza? Color this Chicagoan psyched. The main salon, filled with conversations about various scientific topics this morning, has now dissolved into the laughter of people who are tired, full of pizza, and get a lot of entertainment out of a camera and bag of bunny shaped marshmallows. Happy birthday Alex and much love to my whole ohana. Mom and Dad, ask Kirstin, she knows what it means.

Friday April 27, Current Position: Calm seas, light winds, and a chilly 76 deg F those of us headed home to northern climes are sure going to have to reacclimate! Theo and Diz in their Field Day finest.

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These presentations are the culmination of almost ten weeks of efforts. Field Day might have been a welcome respite from science! For motivation, A watch prepared a cleaning supplies scavenger hunt, giving silly costumes to three teams who were sent running all over the ship. In his or her own way, every person on this ship is using each day to the fullest.

I bet the next seven will be some of our best yet. Laura Dismore ps - okay, parents: