Meet the female faculty 2015 form

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meet the female faculty 2015 form

BMJ ; doi: (Published 16 December ) Cite this 38% of full time faculty, 21% of full professors, and 16% of deans are women.1 2 This is a There were department leaders who met inclusion criteria. . All authors have completed the ICMJE uniform disclosure form at. We wanted to end the (at times depressing) year of with a bang! Therefore, we organised an event on Tuesday December 20th from in the. Round-table lunch meeting 02 June ' On Tuesday June 2nd , the Halkes Women Faculty Network organized another of her round-table lunch meetings.

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Additionally, having a mentor preferably outside of your work environment can also be a boost of confidence. We also shared the following list of resources: Research has suggested that higher female participations in boards of directors and supervisory boards has positive effects on sustainability and financial management.

In the Netherlands, a law Wet Bestuur en Toezicht was passed in to stimulate the number of women in top positions.

meet the female faculty 2015 form

However, the results aimed for were not reached. This raises the question whether this intention is enough or whether a quota would be desirable.

meet the female faculty 2015 form

This question to date remains controversial; the discussion of course is not restricted to the Radboud university, but has wider societal implications. It is important to aim for an equal balance of men and women, but it is also important to consider diversity more broadly and to think of other minorities.

Looking at the demography of a population is helpful to identify various subgroups that should be represented in high positions. Whereas some of the participants earlier in their careers thought a quota was unnecessary, throughout their working life they experienced that the higher one gets the more difficult it becomes for women to acquire a position.

As long as men are dominant in the higher positions, their ideas and biases will prevail. In order to effect real change in gender balance, a critical mass of women is needed. The importance lies in the actual number of women needed to maintain the change: Original document approved September ; revisions approved November Affirmative Action Plan The Department of Social Science is committed to a policy of employment equity, and in particular to foster the recruitment of women, aboriginal people, members of racial minorities, and people with disabilities i.

Affirmative Action and Equity Representative Each year, the Department of Social Science elects an Affirmative Action and Equity Representative hereafter referred to as the AAE Representative who is responsible for counselling the Department on implementing its Affirmative Action and Equity Plan hereafter referred to as the AAE Plan in its recruitment processes, and who brings to the attention of the relevant committees any matter of concern relating to affirmative action and equity within the hiring process.

This officer is expected to meet with and advise the Chair of Social Science, the Executive Committee, and each search committee at the beginning of the recruitment process to ensure that the principles and procedures of the Plan are adhered to. Identifying Hiring Priorities The Department formulates its hiring priorities within the framework of a five-year academic plan and annual updates of the plan.

Priorities are determined through a process of wide and open consultation within the Department and are recommended by the Executive Committee to the Department Council, which votes on the final recommendations on new appointments to the Dean of Arts.

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The priorities take into account such factors as student demand, imminent retirements, existing commitments within the Department to particular fields, and emerging fields of interdisciplinary inquiry in social science. The Department recognizes that the choice of fields of research and teaching as hiring priorities may influence the number of applicants from designated groups i.

meet the female faculty 2015 form

Programs and fields within the Department making a recommendation about hiring priorities should indicate how affirmative action for designated groups has been taken into account in determining areas of specialization and required qualifications. Hiring Procedures - The Search Once hiring priorities have been established and approved by the Dean of Arts, advertisements for any positions to be filled during the current academic year are drafted by the Chair of the Department and the Executive Committee.

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The wording of the advertisement must contain the university's standard language on affirmative action and equity. A preliminary draft of the advertisement is then presented to the Department Council for amendment or ratification. The Department then engages in proactive search procedures to elicit the largest possible number of qualified candidates from designated groups.

Direct contact is also made with academics and others active in the field for which applicants are sought, to ask them both to encourage qualified candidates to apply and to provide names of such persons whom the Department might seek out directly. From year to year, the AAE Representatives are expected to accumulate a list of such contacts for advertising positions.

A list of all contacts made in one search must be presented to the AAE Representative at the beginning of each search and inserted into the search file. Hiring Procedures - Appointment Committees Once a decision has been made to proceed with an appointment, the Executive Committee is constituted as the Executive Staffing Committee.

Round table meeting on May 10th - Halkes Women Faculty Network

The Chair and the Executive Committee are responsible for recruiting individual faculty members within the Department to a staffing sub-committee, at least one member of which is a member of the Executive Committee, and at least one of which is from outside the field from which the candidate is being recruited faculty members from outside the Department may be included where appropriate. The AAE representative is a non-voting, ex-officio member of the staffing sub-committee.

meet the female faculty 2015 form

Each member of the sub-committee is given a copy of this Plan. The sub-committee is responsible for: The Department will arrange for Equity Training workshops to be held for members of staffing sub-committees.