Meet the cast of flashpoint

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meet the cast of flashpoint

The Flashpoint community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. "Vacation" helmers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are in negotiations to direct "Flashpoint.". It's a bittersweet day for "Flashpoint" fans as the fifth and final season of the playing the leader of this great team as well as being the leader, the vet, of this cast? What 25 Celebrities Wore To Meet The QueenDelish. Undo.

Just another day off for the team! Thanks to Flashpoint Freaks Christine and Michelle for the inspiration! Man, How am I supposed to go to the beach now with all these thoughts of Flashpoint flying around? D Okay, if you have a problem with me writing "funny" one shots…please don't flame me, come on…its summer break!

And remember flashpoint season 3 on CBS in 16 days!!!!!! I'm in America, but I'm going to light a sparkler for yall! That place is the best place in the whole entire world, so if you have never been there—you better look it up and be so jealous, because whoever invented that place is my hero: D "Are you serious? Lane, we will use this time to cherish what a tight knit team we are. I will expect to see all of you at the team garage 8 am sharp tomorrow morning! It was 8 pm, and in exactly 12 hours they would have to ride for three hours compacted into one Suburban.

He dove on top of Lou and Wordy and climbed out the side. When he returned, Ed asked the dreaded question again, "Are we ready to go? As they finally got headed down the road, Lou spoke up, "I'm hungry! Ed pulled into the drive-thru, and reached his head out to the speaker.

Ed turned to look at him, "What the hell?

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Um—I'd like, um—ten Bo-Berry biscuits—and seven sweet teas! A voice then came on the speaker, "How old are you young man? Ed shook his head, "That's what we want. A few minutes down the road, everyone had their food situated in their lap with their drink positioned in a cup holder.

The first song that popped up was "The Gummy Bear Song. It's way too addictive! The next song to play was Axel F by Crazy Frog. As the beat continued, Spike jumped up and down in the seat. He dug into the rest of the food off the carpet of the car. He giggled, "Its good! Everyone immediately grabbed their pillows from the back and leaned into their seats to get some rest. She looked over to Spike who had his eyes closed tightly, and his arms wrapped around his stuffed Wall-E.

She smiled, leaning over to Sam to place her head on his shoulder. He leaned against the window compartments, and closed his eyes. He and Ed were the only ones that decided to stay awake considering Ed was driving. Give us a smile! Within minutes Spike started to bounce up and down. After a few minutes all the guys walked back out to the truck and filed in. Sam wrapped his arm over her shoulder, "Aw did anyone hurt you?! But some weird creepy guy walked by me and he slowed down and he was like "Where's the bathroom baby" So I stared at him and he ran.

He pulled her face to his to kiss her. Everyone laughed as they continued down the road. Suddenly a cell phone beeped, "Aw! Allie sent me a picture!

meet the cast of flashpoint

It was a picture of his daughters holding a sign that said, We love you Daddy! Everyone laughed, "Are we there yet!?

meet the cast of flashpoint

The team knew that question would be coming soon. Everyone began to collect their things from around their seats as they headed into the neighborhood of rental lake houses. The finally pulled up to a small cottage. The yard was covered in weeds and there was mold hanging from the staircase outside.

At least we got the SRU's boat and some cool innertubes! Everyone carried their bags to the front door where they could see a clear view of the lake. The door unlocked with a few twists, and an SRU style kick from Ed. The house looked even worse on the inside. Sam sighed, "Come on guys—Afghanistan was way worse than this!

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The house had two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a single bathroom. One bedroom had a king size bed, and the other had two single beds.

The living room had two couches, and there was a blow-up mattress in the closet. Spike raced after him, jumping onto the second single bed. The guys went to get everyone to get ready. Spike and Lou's room. Both men jumped from the floor and ran to their bags to get their bathing suits. They ran to line up at the bathroom door. Sam and Jules' room. Ed twisted the door handle slowly…It was locked.

Sam climbed off the bed as Jules reached for her shirt, "Ever heard of knocking? I don't know who it was that ultimately decided to give us so much time to say goodbye. On your own terms -- perfect. I know the fans are a little upset, but everything must end. Sometimes it ends the way they cancel you abruptly, other times, it's dignified.

So I like the dignity.

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Are you sad it's all over? Excited to move on to other things? I always say, it'll take me six months to realize how much I miss it.

But Hugh and I want to collaborate, Hugh and I want to write things together, we want to produce things together, we want to direct together, Hugh and I just want to basically do everything together -- Live together? No, no, no, we couldn't live together. We can't tolerate each other for more than an hour unless we're working. If we're working, we could spend years together. But if we're just hanging out But I adore him.

The Cast of Flashpoint

I want to keep working with him. The people we met, just fantastic, talented, amazing people, those writers, those directors But do I miss the whole running up the stairs, living that high-octane level for five seasons? Because like everything else, by the fifth season, it was just the hardest thing to re-invest into that emotional place. I mean, we did it, of course, we loved doing it once we got there, but it was like, "Oh, no, not another mother who lost a baby.

Other shows of that caliber get nine days, 10 days. We're doing 12, 14 pages a day and half of it is, "Get down, get down, get down, put down the gun.

'Flashpoint' Season 5: Enrico Colantoni Talks Show's Ending And The 'Veronica Mars' Movie

The premiere was dark -- not that any of the episodes are light and fluffy -- but this one was a real downer. Perhaps even more so, knowing that it's the final season.

That was probably meant to push our buttons. Yeah, they raised the bar. Anne-Marie, [co-executive-producers] Mark [Ellis] and Stephanie[Morgenstern], every season, they just said, "How do we make this bigger? How do we keep putting all this money on screen? It was like, "Really? Really, really, we're going to kill the girl?

It seems like the natural place to go. It was so heavy. The abuse, how he was treating his wife. It's like, "Oh my God!

That last scene, where everyone is trying to take the blame for what happens -- was it as intense to film as it was to watch? There was nothing easy about that episode. Not only that whole thing at night, on the roof, literally at 5 a. The guy, he was great, Ty Olsen, he was so great at that abusive father.

They were all great. But in the five seasons, we had never dealt with a character like that, who was just rabid. He was a rabid animal. Why don't we just take him down now? Yeah, you'll get more of them. You won't be disappointed. The first one was pretty devastating. The second one, we go back to the hope.

One thing about Anne-Marie, in spite of everything, her achievement on this show, she really just had great taste in actors. Those guest stars, just week after week, she knows how to pick 'em. Any actor coming on this show, they'd salivate because they got all the good stuff. Is there anything you can spill, any guest stars fans might be interested in? Will we see Wordy again?

Yeah, we will see Wordy again. What can long-time fans look forward to? Again, we were aware that the season was ending, so there's a lot of loose ties that are neatly tied by the end. Fans won't be disappointed? Fans will not be disappointed, no. But I'll tell you, the last two episodes are bigger than any other episode we've ever done. And to quote "Spinal Tap," we went to

meet the cast of flashpoint