Lars and the cool kids admirable animation meet

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lars and the cool kids admirable animation meet

Season 2 of Admirable Animation premiered on August 28, and ended on August 29, , two years and 27, Lars and The Cool Kids (Steven Universe), September 24th, 45, Meet the Robinsons ( movie), January 8, , views • 5 years ago · Admirable Animations # Land Before Swine [ Gravity Falls] Admirable Animations # "Lars and the Cool Kids" [Steven Universe] Admirable Animation # "Meet the Robinsons" [ Film] laboratory, Launchpad goes on a quest to save Dr. Gearloose from the awful 80s Saturday Morning Cartoon PSA Villain that is DRUGS! (Content . There's fun games to play for kids who go bump in the dark. First Grade Admiration reviews . Sadie meets Lars' parents and finds where he truly gets his crabbiness from.

How did they become friends?

lars and the cool kids admirable animation meet

And where does their friendship go from there? Better late than never by Jinxy.

lars and the cool kids admirable animation meet

Jinxy reviews Ronaldo and Lars are in their early thirties. They haven't seen each other in years and now they're meeting to catch up over drinks. Where will they go from here? Jinxy A Lars x Ronaldo one shot. This is just a cute story where the boys hang out together and things eventually get a little lewd. Jinxy reviews This is a short story.

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Ronaldo and Lars find a mysterious object while fishing. What will this mean for the two friends when someone comes to reclaim it? K - English - Humor - Chapters: Jinxy reviews This is a short LarsxRonaldo one-shot. The boys plan a date to help Ronaldo with his collection and things go awry. A little kissing, a little touching, and a little monster. There may be some elements from my other stories. But this one is currently a stand-alone. Jinxy reviews A cute little Lars x Ronaldo one shot.

After the events of Horror Club the two men find themselves locked in the basement. How will they get out? Soon the entire town will end up trapped in a nightmarish scenario, and waking up from a bad dream isn't always easy. T - English - Humor - Chapters: Now she has to find a new place to live, though it proves to be a difficult journey that tests some friendships.

If hating Steven is her grief, learning to love him is learning to cope. K - English - Family - Chapters: End of Trip by Bookman reviews Buck Dewey's always wanted a sibling. But best not to get greedy with the universe, you know? A Buck and Steven bonding fic.

Pearl is a professional ballet dancer preparing for the lead role in 'Giselle' when she is attacked by an unknown assailant, leaving her crippled. With her career in ruins, she has to adjust to life as a broken ballerina with the help of the stagehand who saved her life.

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Warnings for blood and violence in the first chapter. Head to Toe by cooliochick5 reviews It was a question you got often, so often, in fact, that you just stopped answering it all together.

Still, perhaps your answer wasn't made clear the first one-hundred times, so maybe you would give it a go one more time. What does Sadie love about Lars? Well, it involves fictional violence, a tiny amount of alcohol, and whole heap of hormones. Unfortunately, she vanished before she could see their very own son. And when the Gems find Greg there in the hospital with no one but a baby cradled in his arms, well Oneshot, takes place in the moments after Rose's death.

Admirable Animation Season 2

Pearl and the Manga of Corruption by Weaver the 8th reviews A short little scene between Steven and Pearl where she feels a certain series of manga Steven reads is corrupting his sense of what is proper to do when defending innocence.

The same would apply for a thunderstorm. With his reputation on the line, this means no mishaps whatsoever. Ciel orders Sebastian to make sure Mey Rin doesn't mess anything up this time. Sebastian must take care of her, by any means necessary.

But now, he finds that he has someone on his mind that is keeping him from focusing on his latest work. Can Clemont overcome this mental stumbling block? Will the girl he fancies even notice him? One-sided ClemontxSerena, mentions of one-sided AshxSerena. His little sister always tells herself that it was her own fault for this, so she's left with a sole option to be with him at his last moments, and by heart, she knew that was way better than anything else - by a landslide, actually.

lars and the cool kids admirable animation meet

However, with a super villain father and three girls with wildly independent spirits, no task is simple and no day is boring. Despicable Me - Rated: When they come to visit, she must confront both her parents and her friends with the truth of her identity. Will her parents accept her as their daughter instead of their son, and how will her friends handle the secret she has kept from them for so long? My Little Pony - Rated: There, she discovers a new side to both her friends and her enemies.

They are so doomed. It's a relieving occasion for the ponies-up until Discord falls deathly ill. Ridden with grief at their selfish wish, the ponies venture off on a small journey to save Discord's life, and rekindle their relationship with him. She literally is a relationship, as Steven says in one episode. Made of love, as Garnet says in another. And fusion is at the core of her being. And it is hard to watch. And it was bad enough already.

If it were always coded as sex, this would be a fairly clear case of metaphorical rape. As it stands, this betrayal is a little harder to deconstruct. Because characters fuse to be intimate, true and intimacy is a side effect of every fusionbut they also fuse for more practical purposes: And that is a problem. To want Garnet and Pearl to just talk it out, so that his home life will be peaceful again. And that is a different, though related, problem. On the other hand, Garnet herself?

Is very much aware that this is a violation. Does this erase all of the other problematic elements of the arc? Sapphire and Ruby then have this conversation transcript taken from the Wikia: Which will make things easier for the team, and ease the tensions at home. Fusion is more personal to Ruby and Sapphire than it is to other gems, because Ruby and Sapphire live permanently fused to one another.

As Garnet, they are a fusion. For some gems like Jasper, when she first tries it outfusion is a means to an end.


They have the following exchange. How can I make you forgive me!? You lied to me! You need to learn that there are consequences to your actions! The walls suddenly stop moving. Amethyst pulls on her whip to bind two of the gears together, preventing them from turning. Steven pulls on Amethyst to provide support.

Admirable Animation #24: Animations from the Web

Confident and secure, and complete. I fell apart over this. Ruby and Sapphire were in turmoil over how you deceived me. I came undone… Amethyst: Woah, that really happened? I have weaknesses too. But I choose not to let them consume me. I struggle to stay strong because I know the impact I have on everyone.

You have an impact too.

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There are times when I look up to you for strength. You are your own gem. You control your destiny. Not me, not Rose, not Steven. But you must choose to be strong, so we can move forward.

So I can trust you again. The whip disappears and the gears begin to move again, causing the walls to close in on Garnet and Pearl once again.

This whole thing is just incredibly unfair to Garnet. Putting Garnet in the uncomfortable position of having to give a self-actualizing pep talk to her abuser.

Still, the show does imply that consent is vital when it comes to fusion, even when fusion is your only hope for survival. Because I do get the sense that if Garnet had said no in that moment, Pearl would have accepted it, even knowing it could cost them their lives.

We Need to Talk About Kevin. Where is this kid the rest of the time? In the show, fusing has another, literal element that may be even more intense than sexual and emotional intimacy: Stevonnie is strong in their new form and excited about being alive, but they are also very vulnerable.

This makes them very uncomfortable. When Kevin continues to pressure them, Stevonnie, having had enough, starts angry-dancing at him in a deliberately unelegant way, splitting themself back into Connie and Steven. Even if that intimacy seems minor — a dance. If someone is making you uncomfortable, you have the right to tell them to stop.

Steven, in anger, growls I hate Kevin! Watch the four letters, schtuball. Do you know that guy? When we fused into Stevonnie, we met him at the dance and — Steven: He was a creep! He kept asking us to dance with him, even though we said no. It was really… uncomfortable. Sighs in exasperation I had no idea that happened. And I adore this conversation.

He should have left them alone. Greg acknowledges their experience and offers sympathy for it. He then encourages them not to obsess over Kevin, which will become a sticking point for Connie, Steven, and Stevonnie later in the episode.

So, in two, minute episodes, Steven Universe unpacks the importance of consent in social as well as sexual situations, and examines the relationship between consent and harassment.

In a kid-friendly way that hones in on the importance of following your instincts in situations which feel threatening and on using open communication to express your discomfort to others. That is the kind of straightforward, pro-consent, pro-communication, anti-rape-culture, anti-harassment message I can get behind. And Lars was only a focus for four of those eight episodes. Lars gets his autonomy messed with surprisingly often.

And it seems to improve his mood. But this is still a reprehensible thing for Sadie to do. He survives the experience, because cartoon logic. Which is just sad. And Lars is self-centered. Lars is, by far, the most image-conscious character in the show, and he shows more care for what people think of him than he does for the well-being of any other character.