Big time rush vip meet and greet tickets

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big time rush vip meet and greet tickets

Members of the band Big Time Rush, from left, James Maslow, Logan Ticket details will be announced soon, with VIP packages available. Buy Big Time Rush tickets from the official site. Find Big Time Rush tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos. Okay so I'm trying to save up all of my babysitting money to meet big time rush next year and I'm not sure how much the vip tickets cost.

V I walked into my room to grab some things, and then head over to Lauren's. Everyone was out of the house, so I left a note just reassuring my parents and sisters that I would be okay. Then I headed back out to my car to go to one of my best friend's houses. With Brittney Brittney's P.

big time rush vip meet and greet tickets

V I walked into the house to see my mom in the kitchen on the phone and cleaning up last night's dinner mess. With Lauren Lauren's P. V I was running around my room, trying to get it cleaned up. My mom was bringing up snacks for while we were hanging out. We decided we would go out and get dinner instead of eating with my family. Soon all of the girls were over; we hung out for a little bit then went to TGI Fridays for dinner.

big time rush vip meet and greet tickets

Before we left we made sure to put Brittney's and Christina's cars in the street so everyone could still get out of my house. Once we were done with dinner we went back to my house, and stayed up until midnight talking. We went to bed shortly after that, knowing we had a long day ahead of us tomorrow.

The next day Brittney's P. V We all woke up with smiles on our faces. I couldn't believe today had actually came. I looked at the clock to see that it was We all got up and each jumped into Lauren's private shower at our own times. We blasted up the music in Kayla's car and continued driving to the arena. It took 30 minutes to get there, and once we drove past it, we decided to go to the hotel and check in, so we could just go straight up to our room after the concert.

After we got settled into our room we headed out to get some dinner so we could go back to the arena. We grabbed some pizza at the nearest pizza joint, then got into the car and drove to see and meet our favorite boyband.

We heard from Twitter that sometimes the guys come outside the arena to meet some fans and get them pumped up for the show. Even though we were going to meet them later on we still wanted to see them. We got to the front of the crowd of fans who were behind the gate and we saw Carlos walking and holding his dog Sydney's leash.

He was walking alongside Kendall and they were talking and laughing about something. Then James, Logan and James's dog Fox were walking behind them. Everyone stopped their conversations when they heard all of the Rushers scream with excitement. The girls and I probably screamed the loudest. Once they were done we saw Carlos pull out his iPhone and we assumed he was going to make a video for his Youtube account. He faced the camera towards him and started talking into it. We're in Chicago and just hanging out with some Rushers before the show.

How are you guys doing today? The doors open in a little over an hour and we go on at 8: We're going to get going, but stay tuned for pictures of tonight's concert. I'm sure everyone's going to be posting away. After a while of standing outside, asking us questions like 'What's our favorite song' and such the guys had to go back inside to get ready to go on. Once they were inside and out of sight the security guards took away the gates and everyone started talking and definitely fangirling.

It definitely passed time until the doors opened. The doors opened and we headed to the VIP section. We all sat down in our seats and got every camera and video camera we had out and turned on for the concert.

Big Time Rush

We saw that Rachel Crow was still performing, and we liked her, and not to be mean but she's not the one that we wanted to see so we started talking we were excited to hear the guys perform. There were about 6 other girls in the VIP section and we ended up talking to them finding out more about them. Shortly before the end of Rachel's performance BTR's head security guard Ranel came up to us and asked us if we wanted to meet the guys.

Of course all of the girls in our section said yes and squealed with excitement. Ranel and a couple of other security guards led us backstage and into a little room that the guys were in.

We walked in and were met by the guys who were standing up talking, but once again all of their conversations stopped and they walked over to us and hugged all of the VIP people. After a little while longer of just sitting around and talking, their tour manager came in and told us we had to leave, because Cody Simpson was almost done performing.

We all said goodbye to the guys and wished them good luck. Then we were ushered back to our seats by another security guard. On our way back to our seats we couldn't stop talking about the guys and how cute they all looked. Ten minutes after we got back to our seats the stadium went dark, and a countdown came onto the jumbotrons.

The arena filled with screams as the clock hit zero, and we saw the guys come onto the stage.

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Because I know we're all ready to rock. I could tell that this would be an awesome concert. Halfway through the concert Kayla's P.

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V The guys had just gone around the audience and sang Cover Girl, and now they were picking four Worldwide girls. Me and the girls were just looking at each other, and just talking into each other's ears.

We weren't really paying attention to what was going on until each of the guys were in front of us. They had us sit on the stools that were set up.

This night was seriously the best and I couldn't wait for the end of the concert. They started serenading us and we all started tearing us knowing this was happening to us. They all did something special to us.

Logan put his arm around my shoulder and leaned into me the entire time. James kept leaning into Christina and whispering to her. Carlos kissed Lauren's hand multiple times, and then Kendall put his arm around Brittney and held her hand.

At the end of the song all of the guys kissed us on the cheek then they took us backstage so we could go back to our seats with proper security. They had two minutes before they had to go back on, and they still had to change their outfits. We wanted to ask them why they had picked us, and how they knew which guys we liked and where we sat.

Kendall replied by saying that they had seen the back of our shirts. Ranel had told us it was time to go back to our seats. We reluctantly went back to our seats to be greeted by the other girls in the VIP section, they were jealous of course, but they were so happy for us. Soon the concert ended and the guys all took quick showers and we were able to meet them again.

Now when he is in the car with me, I hear from the back seat, "Please leave that song on", or "Please change that song, I don't want to listen to old music", meaning, Nana's music, like the Beatles, Stones, or other 70's bands.

It is funny, however, he has picked some "old music" that he really likes. Sweet Home Alabama and Hotel California, are just two of his favorites. I kept checking the various ticket outlets and checking BTR's web site for information.

While I was on vacation, cruising in the Caribbean, I happened to find the tour announcement and the VIP tickets that could be purchased to meet BTR, attend a sound check, have a picture taken with them, and seats close to the stage for their concert.

It is amazing what one can do via the Internet in the middle of the ocean! I immediately bought 4 tickets, and sent an email to Jen, my daughter-in-law, to take the day of the concert off, and not to tell Alex. The day I returned from vacation, Bobby, my son, Jen and Alex all went out for supper. I had planned to talk about my vacation and to tell Alex about the concert.

After ordering our supper, and talking about the cruise, I asked, "Alex, what four guys would you really like to meet? Alex sat there with a huge smile on his face, and then said, "Oh my God, I am shaking all over! I am going to meet Big Time Rush? I can't believe it!

It was a long three month wait, but the day of the concert finally arrived on July By the way, this is a great venue for concerts! Because we had VIP tickets we were scheduled to arrive early, along with about fans and parents. We were all allowed to wait inside a building, because it was raining. While in the building, we could hear the band doing a sound check. Needless to say, this got everyone excited and shouts of Big Time Rush, Big Time Rush, were soon yelled from their fans. Within a few minutes, we were inside the "concert hall" and Big Time Rush, came back out to the stage, to applause and screams.

They sang a few songs and then took questions from the audience. While many of the girls were screaming pick me, pick me, Alex just shouted out, "What do you do in your spare time? By then it had quieted down and Alex repeated, "What do you do in your spare time?

After their answer, Alex had a huge smile on his face. A few minutes later, Kendall Schmidt, one quarter of BTR, threw out a few guitar picks to the audience. One fell in front of Alex. We were soon out of the building where the concert was to take place, and walking to another building where we were going to meet BTR.

While waiting, Alex wanted to make sure his hat and hair looked ok, before he met them. As we got closer, we all strained to see if we could catch a glimpse of Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan.