What is a dog flirt pole

How to Build A Flirt Pole (Exercise equipment for dogs) -

what is a dog flirt pole

One of the top exercises for bulking up your dog is using the Flirt Pole. This is just a pole, a string, and dog toy at the end, but it will make. Why the flirt poles? Because in addition to driving out of the neighborhood to walk in a safer area, I also want a fun way to exercise the dogs I'm. Safety Warnings & Tips. We recommend briefly walking your dog both before and after using a flirt pole to help prevent muscle strains. Flirt Poles are powerful.

The pole is typically 3 to 5 feet 0.

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Movements[ edit ] The owner or trainer holds the pole and through a variety of motions, moves the rope and the lure. The idea is to move the lure so that the dog cannot catch it easily, i. The owner generally stands in one place while working the pole to make the lure "active" or moving.

How to build a spring pole for dog

Standing in one spot and rotating to swing the pole around in a circle will cause the lure to move quickly in a wider circle. Exercise with flirt pole where dog runs to chase lure Swinging while dragging the lure along the ground will create an effect of an animal running or an object escaping.

In turn, the dog will run to chase the lure. By snapping flicking or quickly jerking the pole, the trainer causes the lure to "change directions". Jerking or swinging the pole higher so the lure is in the air entices the dog to jump while attempting to catch the object. Occasionally the dog will, or must be allowed to, catch the lure. This is a necessary part of the exercise; dog games that never reward the dog for their hard work tend to make them distraught and unbalanced.

For this reason, bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs have been found to become mentally unhinged if they never find bombs or drugs and are occasionally taken on dummy missions where they have successful finds.

what is a dog flirt pole

When the trainer is ready, he or she gives the dog a command to release the lure and may resume swinging the pole or end the session. Principles[ edit ] Flirt pole used to condition dog for running and jumping. The flirt pole used to condition dog for running and jumping. Dogs have a natural prey drive that compels them chase after and kill prey, typically smaller animals.

How to Build A Flirt Pole (Exercise equipment for dogs)

I especially like the bungee cord. Best Dog Toy Ever! Posted by Lea Ann on 2nd Oct Exercise, entertainment, and training all in one! Posted by Becky on 24th Sep This is a great toy for our american bulldog.

what is a dog flirt pole

In fact, she loves it so much that she gets mad when u stop playing with it with her! It sure tires her out, which is a very good thing! It tires out dogs quickly. I use it to work on self control and practice stays.

Flirt pole

I also use it at my day care program with dogs that don't play with other dogs. Once they get the game they generally really like it. I recommend this product to anyone! Coming up in the dog training in the street I looked for different ways of running a dog and I have spent countless hours trying different things.

what is a dog flirt pole

When I came across this I felt like all my problems were answered. I am so happy that I have the flirt pole to use thank you squishy face for inventing the very best exercising told the dog training industry has ever seen. When we have busy dogs that need to burn off energy we will spend 15 to 20 minutes playing with this toy and it exhausts them.

This is way more effective than a walk.

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It challenges them both physically and mentally. It is by far the best toy for big guys like pit mixes. Really drains them of aggression of any kind. She loves the interaction with whoever is on the other end of the toy.

Just cant say enough good things about this toy! My dog loves to chase the lure, and I love giving him exercise without wearing myself out when I am too tired for a long walk.

Flirt Pole Instructions

It is also a good toy for the handler. The handler learns how to observe his dog. He learns just when to pull it out to of his dog's at the correct time so to begin the play again. I recommend it to everyone! I don't have time to go on long walks and I'm not a runner so this thing is a life saver! With Vala still being a puppy she still has lots of energy so we play twice a day.

We don't play in the rain so if it rains for a couple days I notice a HUGE difference in her behavior. She gets into everything if she doesn't get her energy out. She likes to play rough so the bungee cord ended up breaking in February lasted about months.

I sent an email explaining what happened and asking if I could buy a replacement cord, which unfortunately wasn't available.

what is a dog flirt pole

However, since it was within the one year warranty time frame they sent me a new one for free! I went ahead and bought another one just so that we'll have 2 in case one breaks. But seriously this is my all time favorite toy we have. It's super fun to watch her go crazy for it and it seems to be the only thing that wears her out: She had a flirt pole there. I had borrowed one from someone. I also watched your video and understand why you are smiling.

I thought I knew what I was doing when I received your product.