Wallace and gromit a matter of loaf or death ending relationship

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wallace and gromit a matter of loaf or death ending relationship

Wallace & Gromit's Bakery 'A Matter of Loaf and Death' is a Christmas treat I shall always cherish. I liked Gromit's relationship with Fluffles as it seems like a real love In the end, Piella get gobbled up by the crocodile in the zoo as she was. Product Description. Looking for a fast way to earn dough, Wallace decides to make it. Armed with a batch of ovens, an army of robotic kneading arms and an. A Matter of Loaf and Death is the fourth and, to date, final short film featuring Wallace & Gromit and their last film to feature Peter Salis as Wallace. It first aired on.

It isn't as though the references are too obvious for a younger audience, but they do make it a tad more fun for the adults watching. The inclusion of a Ghost homage definitely put a smile on my face too.

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Completely deserving of a nomination—even though I believe it should have come last year, dealing with actual release dates rather than whenever Hollywood decides to allow us Americans to watch—Park seems to be back in the swing of things after the devastating fire that destroyed much of his clay constructed worlds at Aardman Studios. I would never suggest that he stay away from features and stick specifically to shorts, but I do believe something can be said on the subject.

wallace and gromit a matter of loaf or death ending relationship

Perhaps Were-Rabbit just didn't have the depth to succeed, and maybe it originated as a short and later was wrongly expanded, I really don't know. Unless a plot is fleshed out that can handle the extra length, hopefully Wallace and Gromit will continue on with their adventures in small increments—staying relevant and always working their somewhat family-friendly magic. Was this review helpful?

In no small part due to the darker nature of the antagonist, there is more Black Comedy and the serious moments stand out more than they might do otherwise. When dropping off the cake as her apology, Piella mentions that she can't stay, since "Fluffles isn't feeling too well". The thing is, when she said that, she locked eyes with Gromit out in the hall. Piella hates all bakers because she gained too much weight from eating baked goods and lost her job which required her to be light enough to fly a small hot air balloon as a result.

Never Smile at a Crocodile: Wallace and Gromit ends up saving Piella and Fluffles from a crocodile pit at the zoo. This is also how Piella meets her end, after her balloon sinks. To further contrast her with her master, Fluffles is very timid but kind. Gromit ends up falling in love with her when she returns his possessions by picking them out of the trash no less when Piella throws them away. Gromit, as is tradition. Also, Fluffles except when she bites Piella. Gromit has a lot of them.

Three in a row in the same scene.

Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death

Gromit when he realises Piella is the serial killer, then when he sees Wallace is to be her next victim, and then when he knocks over the dressmaker's dummies seconds later. Gromit again when he hears that Wallace and Piella are engaged. Accentuated with a Vertigo Effect. Gromit has another one a few scenes later. After removing knives and other kitchen implements from the house and locks them in the shed, Gromit hears that the cock-a-leekie soup Piella has prepared for Wallace is "her own special recipe".

He reacts with horror and dashes back into the house, thinking the soup is poisoned we don't find out if it is or not. Baker Bob in the opening scene before being murdered with his own rolling pin.

wallace and gromit a matter of loaf or death ending relationship

Wallace has one at the beginning when he sees the tube he's sliding down is headed straight for the dough mixer. Luckily for him, Gromit redirects the tube so it leads out of harm's way. Wallace when he sees Piella's bike is heading straight for the zoo's crocodile exhibit. Piella has one when she sees she's about to get a backhand by the baker forkliftwhich knocks her across the attic.

Wallace when the bomb ends up in his trousers. While The Curse of the Were-Rabbit was the first time he had even shown anger towards Gromit, this is the only installment in which Wallace is angry enough to outright punish him for supposedly hurting Piella.

wallace and gromit a matter of loaf or death ending relationship

Notably, this was the installment that definitively established Wallace and Gromit as being from Lancashire. While rescuing Piella from the crocodile pit at the zoo, Wallace props open a crocodile's mouth with a French baguette. Of serial killer movies. One of the first signs that the Big Bad is evil is that their "nudge" to their dog was too hard.

While hinted at priorthe climax shows that Piella really was too fat to ride the Bake-O-Lite balloon anymore. Baker Bob is offed in his opening scene by being hit in the head with his own rolling pin. Wallace and Gromit's van has a steering wheel that can be removed, plugged into the passenger's dashboard and used there.

wallace and gromit a matter of loaf or death ending relationship

Wallace yells Gromit's name when Piella is about to clobber him with a wrench. The bomb scene as a whole parodies a similar scene from Batmanand the battle between Fluffles and Piella parodies the climactic duel in Aliens. As the film starts, middle-aged Wallace and his more intelligent but less verbose dog Gromit are up to their usual tricks. Using their trademark over-the-top contraptions although they seem to have less of a tendency to malfunction this time aroundthey have started a bakery-and-delivery-service, Top Bun, run out of their windmill-equipped terrace house.

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Business is good, but as usual, there is danger up ahead, as a mysterious serial killer has been going around and killing off all the local bakers. Gromit is naturally concerned, but Wallace is nonplussed, claiming that less bakers means less competition for Top Bun.

Love interests for the pair suddenly emerge when they save Piella Bakewell, a former pin-up-girl for bread giant "Bake-o-Lite", from a near-fatal bicycle accident. Along with her shy, Gromit-loving poodle Fluffles, she starts frequenting Wallace and Gromit's bakery, and before too long, Wallace and Piella are engaged. Unfortunately, Gromit is stumbling upon increasingly obvious signs that Piella may have something to do with the baker-murders.

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With Wallace making his usual mistake of trusting complete strangers over his loyal pooch, it is up to Gromit to get to the bottom of the serial-killer mystery, and possibly save his master's life in the process. It's an exciting story, perfectly paced over the film's short minute time span, and there are plenty of laughs to be had. Moments like Wallace's willingness to throw a soon-to-explode bomb into Yorkshire instead of his duck pond, or Fluffles girlish attempt to charm Gromit with an ancient box of vinyl, are funny enough to get kids and their parents laughing at the same time.

The film also carries on the series' ongoing dark streak, as the writers are not afraid to present a serial killer as a main character in a children's movie. And as much as Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park continues to shove the same old jokes about Wallace's love of cheese and his love interests' abiding un-sexiness down the audience's throats, it somehow never gets old.