Varys and tyrion relationship goals

varys and tyrion relationship goals

Unlike Baelish, Varys insists that his goals are to achieve what he honestly feels is . He gives each member a different version of a marriage alliance involving Myrcella Varys helps Tyrion to plan the defense of King's Landing against an. Varys is a fictional character in the A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by American Unlike Baelish, Varys insists that his goals are to achieve what he honestly feels is best for the realm. Varys was born as a . Varys informs Tyrion that Cersei has discovered his relationship with Shae. Though he claims he will. Game of Thrones couples who have been my #relationshipgoals of late. Varys and Tyrion bicker without ever raising the temperature of the.

He is feared by nobles and common people alike. He knows all of the secret passages in the royal castle and his spies are found everywhere. He often puts on the public persona of being nothing more than a bald, pudgy man well suited to the pleasantries of court life; humble, obsequious, fawning, and a little effeminate.

This is simply a facade that Varys has developed, which often leads those who do not know him well to underestimate him as a cheerful and vapid flatterer. In reality he is a cunning and ruthless manipulator of court politics, on par with Master of Coin Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelishwith whom he frequently spars. Unlike Baelish, Varys insists that his goals are to achieve what he honestly feels is best for the realm. Varys was born as a slave in the Free City of Lys, and joined a travelling acting troupe.

While the troupe was performing in Myr, a sorcerer bought a young Varys from the troupe's leader. The sorcerer drugged Varys before removing his genitals and burning them in a brazier in a blood magic ritual, afterwards casting him into the streets.

Varys turned to begging, prostitutionand ultimately theft to survive, but soon became known in Myr and fled to Pentos. There he befriended a poor sellswordIllyrio Mopatisteaming up to steal valuables from other thieves and returning them to their owners for a fee. Varys eventually realised that there was more to gain from stealing secrets instead of valuables, and trained his spies to copy information from the wealthy and powerful.

Jaime claims that Aerys saw traitors everywhere, and Varys was quick to point out any he missed. Apparently when Rhaegar intended to use a Tourney at Harrenhal to call a Great Council to deal with his father's instability, possibly dethroning him, Varys warned Aerys, meaning they attended the tourney. Sometime prior to the Sack of King's Landing, Varys had Rhaegar Targaryen 's infant son Aegon swapped with a lowborn baby and smuggled to Essos to be raised in hiding by Rhaegar's friend Jon Connington, who was exiled by the Mad King for failing to defeat Robert.

Overview[ edit ] Varys is not a point of view character in the novels, so his actions are witnessed and interpreted through the eyes of other people, such as Ned Stark and Tyrion Lannister.

He later meets in secret with Illyrio to discuss stalling a war between Houses Stark and Lannister until the right moment; this is overheard by Arya Starkbut she is unable to identify the men. When Robert is ultimately killed, Varys remains spymaster for his heir Joffreyand suggests that Ser Barristan Selmy be blamed for his death. Selmy is removed from the Kingsguard and ultimately defects to Daenerys Targaryenwhich may have been Varys' plan all along.

varys and tyrion relationship goals

Varys visits Eddard in captivity and convinces him to plead guilty to treason and join the Night's Watch in order to save the life of his daughter Sansaalso averting war between the Starks and Lannisters. Eddard goes along with the plan, but Joffrey has him executed regardless. Varys also arranges for Robert's bastard Gendry to join the Night's Watch, to avoid being killed by Cersei.

A Clash of Kings[ edit ] Varys is the first to learn that Tyrion Lannister has brought his mistress Shae with him to King's Landing, and tells Tyrion of a route that he can use to visit her. He forms an uneasy alliance with Tyrion to share the information gathered by his spy network. Not only did he do all this, but he was good at it. No one detected, no one suspected, and Daenerys and Viserys did survive. Dany did return to Westeros with the largest possible army.

He did destabilize the realm in the hopes of helping the people. The more important factor? He serves the realm. If that means going against her, so be it.

Varys tells a different queen how it is.

varys and tyrion relationship goals

His refusal to swear blind loyalty to Daenerys challenges the very idea of feudalism, the rock that Westerosi society is founded on. Such a concept is responsible for a great many of the crimes in the series, and yet a character like Jon receives the credit for his truth-keeping, or Daenerys and her wheel-breaking.

Varys got there first though. At the time, Tyrion was reflecting on Daenerys and the destructive power she wields with her dragons, having just seen it first-hand on the Field of Fire.

The lies he had to tell himself. As Varys once told Tyrion, people like them will never rule. Which brings us to the final, and shortest conversation of them all. Firstly, can there be a more interesting person for Varys to talk to than Melisandre? Luckily, the casual viewer was reminded of this in season 6 when Varys came face to face with the red priestess Kinvara.

If the look of disgust on his face was anything to go by then, then the ultimate red woman makes for an even more interesting meet up. Especially since it was Melisandre Varys was specifically referring to way back in season 2 when he spoke of how Stannis would be terrible for the realm, as he was the champion of magic.

Almost all the examples of magic throughout the show are negative. A shadowbaby assassin, a cult that collects the faces of the dead and then wears them, the freaking white walkers.

varys and tyrion relationship goals

I look forward to the day when the Night King shows himself to all, and Varys can slyly mutter I told you so. Luckily, he gets his wish. Melisandre promises she will be back, because she is destined to die in this strange country, and so is Varys.

There are several points to consider in this threat or promise. Varys dying in Westeros could just represent him winning everything and living until the age of Most likely though, the message is pretty clear: Varys is supposed to die soon.

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Which leaves us with the problem of whether we believe her or not, or more specifically, how could this occur? Characters are going to drop like flies. Forget the human conflicts, a damn army of the dead just walked into the realm.

varys and tyrion relationship goals

Oh, and an ice dragon. The possibilities become endless. Will Varys sacrifice his life to save Dany in some way? Will he meet his end via the magic he hates? Will he perhaps be forced to use this despised magic to save others? Will it be something to do with his longtime Lannister friend?

In a six-episode season, with a Long Night on the horizon, certain characters will not receive the farewell they deserve. Judging by his riding the pine in Season 7, Varys may well be one such character.

And that would be a shame.

varys and tyrion relationship goals

Varys represents the main theme of the series, its very namesake, the political maneuvering and side-stepping that is so intriguing. Varys, though with morally questionable means, works within the game for the most honourable goal of all: