Teacher student relationship naruto and hinata

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teacher student relationship naruto and hinata

Cozy group photo from teacher and student #naruto #cosplay #teacher #anime. Naruto Sakura Sasuke and Kakashi Naruto Kakashi, Anime Naruto, Hinata. Hinata is Naruto's teacher and he can't help himself. No OC But she still had the one student and it was a bonus that he was cute, especially with the blush he We can be in a relationship as long as I don't show favoritism. Read A Troubling Transfer Student? from the story Konoha Teacher Society Volume 1 "Love ya" whispered Naruto as he stared and smiled at Hinata. of rivaltry between the two and thought it might be fun to watch their relationship grow.

I want you all to work hard this year, I won't appreciate students who slack off" He said.

teacher student relationship naruto and hinata

He nodded at the student in the front. And so the introductions round started, and Hinata felt the nervousness rise when they were getting closer to her side of the classroom. And finally it was her turn, and she slowly stood on shaky legs. Kakashi's raised his eyebrows in amusement. Hinata nodded with a blush and quickly sat down again. Kakashi eyed her one more time before turning his attention back to the class.

He explained them about the methods, rules and finally handed them their schedules. He stopped in front of Hinata and she nervously looked up at him. She had purposely chosen for the seat in the back!

Hinata nodded and obediently stood up with a red face.

teacher student relationship naruto and hinata

She and the girl switched and now she was in the front, right in front of Kakashi's desk. She sighed and bowed her head. He laughed at their dumb expressions.

teacher student relationship naruto and hinata

We know each other now, right? Classes will start tomorrow, please go home for now and prepare yourselves for tomorrow! The students first kept dumbly staring at their teacher, but then happily got from their seats and left the room. Hinata quickly followed them, avoiding eye contact with Kakashi.

He gave her the creeps. The next day Hinata quietly followed her classmates around the big building. They first had math, then biology, then Japanese, and their last class would be P. Hinata was totally not looking forward to it. Since when did they teach P. She hadn't heard about that.

Sasuke who walked beside her noticed this. Hinata looked at him, questioned. He's a pervert, and pedo" Shikamaru said. Of course, only a genius like him would notice something like that. She thought he was a bit scary, and he made her feel uneasy.

But he gave her sweet smiles, and he was really nice. In his own way. Why was she defending him? She was wearing the P. The white short-sleeved T-shirt was almost transparent and the shorts was really short. She nervously crossed her legs, how could she wear this? She quickly followed the other girls outside and they obediently did as they were told. Run a few laps, make teams and play basketball.

Hinata was together with Sasuke and Shikamaru. She felt like she could go along well with them, since they were from her previous school, and both of them were calm and quiet too. Hinata did surprisingly well, although she couldn't help but glance at Kakashi sometimes.


Somehow she felt like he was staring at her, and every time she looked at him he would simply smile at her. She felt her ears burn when she was distracted by him and missed the ball. The trio was behind now, despite the guys' abilities. Hinata was screwing up and she hated herself for it.

Naruto Uzumaki's Relationships

To the rest of you, good job. See you tomorrow" The bell rang and everyone left. They were glad P. Since their meeting, Jiraiya and Naruto became close with the latter holding him in high regard and after learning of Jiraiya's death at the hands of Pain, Naruto fell into a deep depression and mourned him. Jiraiya's death was the first time Naruto ever felt the pain of losing a loved one.

After being moved to tears from reading "The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi", Naruto confronts Jiraiya's killer and the true identity of Pain, his fellow pupil Nagato. Meeting Nagato face to face, Naruto vowed to seek vengeance against him and he would kill him to avenge Jiraiya.

However, realising this was similar to the path Sasuke took, Naruto later declared that what he inherited from Jiraiya will help him bring peace in this world, and that if Jiraiya was willing to place his faith in him, then Naruto was willing to believe in himself and stated that he would find peace for the world.

Naruto also made a memorial grave in honour of Jiraiya and vowed to find a path to peace for the world, telling Jiraiya to watch him from the other world. Upon bidding farewell to his father's spirit at the war's conclusion, Naruto would tell Minato that while Jiraiya was just as eccentric as Kushina had warned him as a baby, of all the shinobi he ever met, Jiraiya was the one he respected the most.

When he awoke, Hinata thanked Naruto for helping her and returned his scarf to him, but he let her keep it. She was also amazed that despite having nothing and no one to rely on, Naruto never gave up in believing he could become something great like Hokage. Her admiration for Naruto eventually grew into love. Because of his socially ostracised childhood, Naruto was unaware that Hinata had feelings for him and even considered her "weird" because of her shyness around him.

Naruto gratefully thanked Hinata for bringing him out of his depression, and he said to her that even though he had thought of her as "weird", he really liked a person like her. As he left, she vowed to become stronger, and to work as hard as he did. During Pain 's assault on Konoha, Hinata immediately came into the fray after she saw Naruto being pinned down by the Akatsuki leader.

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Worried about her safety, Naruto demanded Hinata to stay away from the fight, but despite knowing that she stood no chance against Pain, Hinata refused to leave and confessed her love and willingness to protect Naruto, even at the cost of her own life. Left speechless upon hearing her confession, Naruto instantly erupted into a rage after he saw Pain stabbing Hinata, allowing Kurama to take control and continue the battle.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, after one of Naruto's shadow clones helped Hinata and the Second Division defeat a group of White Zetsu clonesshe began to lament the fact that though she wanted to protect Naruto, he ended up saving her instead.

However, Naruto, due to the Nine-Tails' chakra abilities, saw Hinata feeling down on herself and reassured her that she was strong, recounting her coming to his aid against Pain, to which she silently thanked him for. With her and Kurama's aid, Naruto's self-confidence was restored and he took Hinata's hand, thanking her for staying by his side before transferring Kurama's chakra into her and the rest of the Shinobi Alliance.

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Although she completed the scarf, Hinata encountered problems such as her own shyness and the new-found competition with the many other female admirers for Naruto's affections. When Hinata finally made an attempt to give it to him, she saw Naruto wearing a scarf his late mother had knitted for him, which made her sadly back down as she thought it was given by another girl.

Naruto grows closer to Hinata. Later, while the team got caught in the Gatekeeper 's genjutsu that dredges up old memories, the red scarf — which Hinata was in the process of repairing — got loose from her bag and wrapped around Naruto, sharing her memories and corresponding feelings with him.

Left utterly bewildered after witnessing how long Hinata had loved him and realising that she was the first person to acknowledge and support him, even before Iruka, [31] Naruto became fiercely protective of Hinata, even bashful in her presence. When the team arrived in what they later discovered was the Moon 's interior and explored the landscape, Naruto later saw Hinata knitting the red scarf and realised it was for him, to which he stopped wearing his mother's scarf.

As he spent time interacting with Hinata, Naruto began to experience a special kind of happiness he had never felt before and realise that her being was irreplaceable and essential to him. Eventually, in their moment alone, Naruto confessed that he was in love with her, which left Hinata speechless. Naruto and Hinata's first kiss. However, driven to save her captured sister and destroy the TenseiganHinata, after giving the red scarf to Naruto, left with Toneri and pretended to accept his offer, much to Naruto's shock and confusion when she said goodbye to him.

As Naruto was chasing after them, he was greatly saddened because Hinata did not deny Toneri's statement that they would be married.

teacher student relationship naruto and hinata

After Toneri attacked Naruto by draining almost all of his chakra, he was left near death, and the scarf was destroyed. After recovering three days later, the broken-hearted Naruto fell into a state of great depression and came very close to giving up on everything, but it wasn't until Sakura helped him realise how deep and unwavering Hinata's feelings for him truly were that his mental strength returned and he set out to rescue her. Once he reunited with Hinata, she apologised to Naruto for her earlier act, but he replied that he understood why she had to do it and he himself should be the one to apologise.

teacher student relationship naruto and hinata

As Naruto and Hinata regrouped with the rest of the team including Hanabi after the two destroyed the Tenseigan, Naruto then happily took a small remnant of Hinata's replacement scarf that was callously ripped by Toneri, saying that even in its ruined state, he would cherish it forever, which left her on the brink of tears of joy by his kind gesture. Naruto and Hinata's new family. After Naruto defeated Toneri and saved the shinobi world, Naruto then reiterated his love for Hinata and stated that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life, much to her happiness, and the two had their first kiss upon returning to Earth.