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After Ryo's disappearance, Rika wins the title "Digimon Queen". Rika's relationship with Renamon is unusual, more as a human contemporary than . fox with a white mane and mystical blue flames flaring around her paws and tail tips. Rika. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn.

Now let's see…" Rika set her hot chocolate mug down on the table and sat herself down, sighing in bliss as the warmth of their apartment washed over her. Rika didn't care much for the fake joy and cheer of a singer, but Renamon, Guilmon and Takato liked it, and as such, being outvoted, she had to suffer through it.

Frowning slightly, the vulpine digimon's tail lashed out and swatted his snout. Renamon's smile returned, eyeing the reptile in amusement. She didn't think the concoction would really do much to Guilmon, or any digimon for that matter.

Guilmon would have a hard time fighting! The whole world should be made of food…" "There's food for the stomach, and there's food for the soul," Renamon said, reaching out and brushing a claw against the side of his face before cupping it with her palm. Unless…" Renamon's eyes shone in amusement. You're way too pretty and nice, and Takato is Takato. Eating you would be like skating on sausages.

Although…sausage skates would be nice…" Renamon chuckled and patted the top of his head. The world is made of food.

Just of different sorts. A cat-like smile graced Rika's features and she pointed at the kitchen. That's not very nice. Although… That would explain why she screams sometimes…" "All right! Go read Dino boy his story and put him to bed! Takato emerged a minute later, bearing a bowl of Gizzards, an eyebrow arching on his face as he watched the two digimon go before turning questioningly to Rika. The half-eaten bowl of gizzards sat on the table by the pair of hot chocolate cups as Takato and Rika decorated the tree.

Rika stood on her tip toes as she glided the string of lights around it before tucking them around the branches. We're not done yet by a longshot.

Just whatever we want. I'd like to do a little bit more than throw on the lights and the occasional snow globe. It was cracked and well worn, her mother having bought one alongside a Patamon when she had been fourteen. I still do, but…" She pressed her lips together.

I guess I just…" She heard Takato approaching from behind her and then her ponytail ruffled as something got stuck down it. Narrowing her eyes dangerously, she turned to look at the grinning man who was both blushing and attempting to hold back some laughter. He held a cellphone in one hand and there was a low click as he took a picture. Before answering, Takato turned his phone around, showing a picture of Rika with the tree's star sticking out from her ponytail, an annoyed look on her face.

Rika slid the star out of her hair in one smooth motion and stood up to her full height. Besides, I've always wanted a picture of you that showed how much of a star you are in my life. I don't think I'm going to get anything better than this.

A Cold Winter's Night - Crazyeight - Digimon - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

You don't need a picture of me wearing one to prove that. I've already asked nicely. The end of Rinne's route. After Takato wakes up in a bed in a room inside a house stated to both his and Rinne, where Rinne is watching over him, he says to her that he had a bad dream, she assures that she will always be by his side, and the route just ends after Takato assures himself he don't have to think about the dream after all. Oh boy, here we go. In Kanae's route, one of the games have as one of its requirements that Takato must shove a stuffed pig down Kanae's anusand she must "give birth" to it just after.

It's exactly what you're thinking. In all routes, but specially Nemu's route Takato and Nemu is a dark, very dark example of that trope, though it's one-sided, with Takato refusing to willingly enter in a relationship with Nemu and acting aggresively towards her while she constantly teases him, but it's clear Takato is fighting very hard to not go into her arms. In her route, he goes as rough he can to make her break and fear him, and in Kanae's route, when Takato tries to kill her by choking, she gets excited.

Takato has one on his back and neck that supposedly makes him the "future father of The Messiah" for the ascetic cult that Rinne is leader of. In the anime, Rinne was conceived by her mother raping an young Takato. Takato apparently have repressed such memories. Takato is raped by Rinne and his cult in the anime. When he finally manages to escape using Byakuya as hostage, several women are pregnant from him. In the special bad ending of the VN, Takato himself repeatedly impregnates his harem of sex slaves, but he don't says or implies what he does to the babies.

In a unexpected way, Byakuya becomes this, specially when the "bonus games" are played. Out of simple innocence or because she seems to also lack the capacity to understand emotions, she doesn't understand very well what could make Takato excited aside of his very obvious sadism. Keisuke comments on how that makes him like her even more, because she does things he likes without even being aware of how perverted it looks.

Nemu refers to death as "The End" when the others characters begin to discuss about executing a Loophole Abuse that would allow them to get the food from the VIP room to the outside, and she is convinced that doing something like that would get all of them killed like Miyako.

Takato struggles between his identity as common student and as a sexual sadist in almost each route, trying desperately to try to hide the latter despite the games making him feel better and better each time. Double Standard Rape Female on Male: No jokes are made on Takato being abused and raped both in the VN and in the anime. The Woman in Black is finally unmasked in the middle of intercourse with Takato that, severely irritated by her Extreme Doormat behaviour, pushes her gas mask off.

Don't gets much more dramatic than this. Dressed All in Rubber: The Woman In Black wears a form-fitting latex suit. Combined with her gas mask and unexpected agility and stealth for someone of her size, it gives her an otherworldly feeling of mystery and terror, since she seems less like an human and more like a machine.

Earn Your Happy Ending: What the quote on the top is about, and in almost each route Takato and the chosen girl must endure through suffering that goes beyond the white cage to get their happy ending together.

We say almost because the Nemu route ends on a cliffhanger, but technically that route continues in the Kanae one where the same as the other routes happen Certainly one of the softest pornographic scenes of game, and not all that gross, but specially repulsive to Rika.

The second bonus game in her route forces her to eat food mixed with She is very grossed out, specially since she looked out to eat all the delicious food with great anticipation before.

Byakuya Rinne, that along with her behaviour makes her look like an alien, like someone who understands human behaviour but lacks certain traits of it. Face of an Angel Mind of a Demon: Keisuke often comments of Nemu's beauty, that contrasts extremely with her cruelty. The conditions for the last room of Episode 2 are only seen for a second. Nemu suggests Takato to pick the same girl over and over again after the first sex chamber.

At first it seems like a lazy in-game hint in how access each girl's route. As it turns out, Nemu is The Mole and is fully aware of what the game involves, so the hint was probably given to Takato in purpose so he would create an emotional bond with the respective girl, a bond that Nemu would try to use to manipulate him later.

Or in the case you pick her, so she could corrupt Takato by herself. Or in this case mook, The Woman In Black. It easily marks her as Nemu's Elite Mook. Keisuke whips Rinne right in the middle of the legs as part of one of the games. He even mentions the probability of rupturing her clitoris with the tool, and that actually excites him. Yeah, Keisuke is sick young man. Rika has a little bow on the right side of the hair to emphasize her cuteness and youth.

Implied to be Keisuke and Rinne's case both in the game and in the OVA, but more noticeable in the OVA since we do see them raising their little daughter together. In one bad ending, he goes full Type VI and, oh boy, it isn't pretty. Well, unless you're extremely sadistic too and got off on it.

Nemu seems to be a very If you pick her, however, to Takato's surprise, she is a virgin. And that is just one layer of inconsistency between her usual behaviour and what she actually is Hoist by His Own Petard: Rika in two routes.

In both Nemu and Kanae's routes, she offers herself to help Nemu in torturing Byakuya, that had organized a revolt against Nemu's rule over the school. She does take part in the punishment indeed. By being attached to a machine where Rinne is also attached that will make them swallow each other's excrements.

Natsuki Aoi has a pretty face, nice figure, and quite well endowed. Or more exactly, NicoNico since it's Japan. In Rika's route, one of the games involves simple vaginal sex, except that it's being broadcast through the Internet and Rika has to say very embarrassing things to the camera. The game never goes into detail about the implications of this, but the humiliation part is here, just as the nasty comments you would expect from anonymous people in the Internet, floating through the screen.

Renamon could only stare at the Tamer and then down to the book before coming up with something to say. The yellow Digimon did as he asked and stood in front of him.

He tried to recover with another statement, "Those pictures in that book are from a challenge that Henry gave to me. I was going to the other Tamers homes to see if there was an evil Digimon.

Realizing that he had two packages in his hand to prove that he really did like her with him; he decided to he decided to backtrack and fast. His mother on the other hand who was listening to the conversation just realized her predicament. He turned to where his shoulder was facing her and unfortunately the name of the store was facing her. She had to pull since he still had a pretty firm grip on it. After their little tug-of-war game the strap eventually snapped sending Takato back first onto the door and Renamon surprisingly landed on her back with the boxes on her belly.

She then took the boxes and decided to open them: Once he saw that one of the necklaces was out of the box all he could do was stammer out nonsense. After admiring it for a few minutes she put it in the box and decided to see what was in the second one.

This necklace was not fancy, just a simple yin-yang symbol. When she picked it up she was worried that only the white was dangling in front of her. This one is one that I intend to share with the one person I want to go out with.

She looked at the tamer who was still occupied and said to him, "It was good to see you again, goodbye Takato. The worst case scenario is that I get punched into the gut so bad that I can't eat ANY food for the next forty years.

Rika vs Takato & Henry

He placed his hand on her shoulder and was able to turn her around. He was one hundred percent nervous about what he was about to say.

rika/henry/takato "Victims Of Love"

I just ask her out and tell her that you have had the hots for her for a LONG time you just didn't have the guts to tell her. He then decided to tell her and bare the results. Those boxes on my bed are mainly for you. I have seen how you are on the streets sometimes: He was still stalling; he knew that in the next sentence or two he had to finish his main thought.

Maybe I should tell you then: