Steve wilkos father and daughter in a relationship

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steve wilkos father and daughter in a relationship

The Steve Wilkos Show: Brittany and Morgan (the father/daughter destroyed her life from having a sexual relationship with her father. Britney explained to Steve Wilkos: 'I was 16 when I looked for him on . am I to deprive them of that, even if it's a father-daughter relationship?. Recently The Steve Wilkos show (what, you haven't heard of it?) aired a two-part story about a father and his year-old daughter who had been They struck up a romantic relationship and are now calling themselves.

During a segment where a mother finds out her husband had molested and set up her daughter to be killed, it took three men, including Wilkos, to hold her back from attacking him and she still managed to get her hands on him, practically holding both the abuser and the three security guards against the floor until Wilkos had to wrench her away.

Almost everybody that appears to clear their name of criminal accusations or infidelity denies fault. Even when their guilt is uncovered and Wilkos begins ripping them to shreds, most of the guests revealed to have committed the specified crime s or of cheating will continue to deny that they did anything wrong.

Sometimes, the defendants were Wrongly Accused either because the other person lied on them or had genuine suspicions of the defendant's guilt that were proven false by the lie detector exam; some instances in which this was the case have had the exonerated guests express gratitude to Wilkos and the show for being able to vindicate themselves.

In the "Devil Mom" interview, she doesn't believe it's her own fault that she was caught. She believes it's the fault of the undercover police officer who set up a sting operation for her.

steve wilkos father and daughter in a relationship

She constantly refers to him as a "homewrecker" for taking her out of her children's lives. Naturally, Wilkos does not take this well. The audience bursting into laughter at inopportune times. Usually, they'll laugh like hyenas after the results are read, no matter how horrifying or disgusting they are. Daniel Ribacoff, of International Investigative Group, the provider of the show's polygraph exams, appearing onstage to explain the results of his lie detector methods.

Sometimes, he appears on cue; other times he appears to reassure concerned and innocent guests. Wilkos talking about or reminding guests that he served as a Marine and later, a police officer.

steve wilkos father and daughter in a relationship

Besides the episodes dealing with accusations of sexual abuse and molestation, one instance that stands out is featured in a May episode titled "Father and Daughter Having Sex". In the episode, an year-old woman named Kelly, who took a lie detector test to confirm the story was true before taping the show, revealed that she, since age 16, had been engaged in a sexual relationship with her father, Morgan, whom she first met at age 7.

Adding to the already disturbing nature of the story, Kelly revealed that she wanted to have a baby with Morgan, although she stated that he wanted to use a sperm donor or surrogate, whom also made out with her when he appeared onstage. Although Morgan admitted he felt weird about the relationship at first, he also admitted that he became comfortable with the situation as time went on.

Wilkos notes that this is the most disturbing story he's had to tackle since the show debuted.

steve wilkos father and daughter in a relationship

Sometimes added to a "Get off my stage! Several of the guests revealed to have cheated on their significant other have had their lie detector test results uncover that they have had sexual contact or intercourse with two or more partners.

Wilkos loves to give these to guests who truly deserve them. Another staple of the show. If a guest accused of abuse or murder committed any or all of the crimes they are accused of or set up the crime to happen. If a guest accused of being unfaithful to their mate cheated.

Whether or not a male guest is the father of a child. Paternity inquiries featured on the show seldom involve disputes in which the male guest adamantly denies being the father.

Screams Like a Little Girl: George, a heavyset guy with a hipster-ish beard, in the episode "Child Abuse: No One Believes Your Story," after failing his lie-detector tests for shaking and physically abusing his nine-month-old son. His sobs were so high-pitched one could assume, if listening to the audio of the show without watching the video, that it was either of the two women on stage with him his current wife and his ex, whose son was the one who was abused crying.

The show is randomly sprinkled with bleeps caused by guests or audience members cursing, Wilkos or a guest describing a sexually explicit situation, or the show having to redact a name to protect the identity of a victim described in a story pertaining to abuse.

Often, the near-constant swearing among the audience members can lead to moments where information is inadvertently censored out with the swearing. This sometimes occurs even during brief moments when everyone is basically silent. In the cheating episodes, this sometimes falls under Censored for Comedyif a guest makes a raucous accusation found amusing by the audience or even Wilkos that can't be heard on-air.

steve wilkos father and daughter in a relationship

Talk Show with Fists: Downplayed for justified reasons. There have been a few instances in which guests have attempted to use the chairs onstage as weapons against other guests, only to be immediately stopped by Wilkos and his security team.

One such example occurred in the April episode mentioned under Actually Pretty Funnyin which pregnant guest Kayla attempted to smash her chair onto her boyfriend, Joe, with Wilkos reacting with a Big NO and one of the guards rushing the stage to inform her that the stress incurred by lifting the chair would be unhealthy for her unborn child, at which point Kayla drops her chair. One subversion occurred in a February episode, in which one of the security guards attempted to restrain a guest named Thomasina from fighting her daughter, Destiny, after the polygraph revealed the latter had lied about not having an affair with her mother's now-deceased boyfriend and poisoning her.

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About a minute later, after Thomasina apologized for the accidental hit, Wilkos, without missing a beat, then quips about the irony of the situation, given his previous gig: Fourteen years on Jerry Springer, and I never got hit by anything. This is sometimes subverted, as the lie detector has sometimes determined that none of the guests who have accused each other of child abuse have committed the crime; in such cases, Wilkos advises the parents to seek further investigation into who did hurt their child.

This often occurs in situations in which the exonerated accused guest had accused the other person of making up the abuse claims earlier in the episode as a means to get back at their ex for leaving them. If Wilkos gives a guest one last chance to tell the truth onstage before he reads the results of a lie detector test, the guests will usually continue to deny their misdeeds. Rarely, does the guest confess while on the show, only to either fail most or all of the questions or confess their actions on certain questions asked during the test.

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If a guest is determined to be untestable before a lie detector test is conducted because they took a controlled substance when they were asked not to or refuses to answer certain questions while the test is being administered, they will almost always give away that whatever is being asked is true. This Is My Chair: Wilkos will allow you to sit down on his chairs while you're on the show, just as long as you're not being accused of a heinous crime. Some of the clips shown during the teasers aired at the start of the show of before and after certain commercial breaks often spoil the outcome if the teaser shows the guests' reaction to the results without actually showing the viewer.

However, some episodes subvert this during the pre- and post-break teasers, when the clip ends before Wilkos actually reads the result of one of the questions featured on the guest's test. When Wilkos yells at you during the first instance, he's mad.

When he starts off against a guy with a smile on his face, pray to every god of every religion. Wilkos used to be disturbingly biased towards women during the earlier seasons of his show. In one episode, a woman had taught her 2-year-old how to masturbate, then claimed her husband molested the child.

Despite the fact that the husband's offenses paled in comparison, where he gave excuses for not being able to visit home often, Wilkos still gave him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech and threw him off the stage. These instances have since became few and far between with his wife now at the helm. In another instance, a woman hits a man after finding out he cheated on her.

Wilkos tells the man that he shouldn't be surprised by her reaction, even though Wilkos would have had escorted the man out in handcuffs if the genders were reversed.

She also admits that she filed a false police report. She claims she did this because he kept accusing her of being a cheater and was calling her a whore. Both took a lie detector test to determine if they had cheated. Both passed, which caused the studio audience to cheer for them.

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