Sportacus and stephanie relationship questions

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sportacus and stephanie relationship questions

Aug 22, Characters Sportacus, played by Magnus Scheving, and Stephanie when Julianna Rose Mauriello was in the role when the show launched. Jan 18, "I'm leaving LazyTown for a few days but I haven't made up my mind whether or not I'm coming back. Either way Stephanie and Amanda will. Oct 2, Stephanie and Sportacus are having big problems. Can they fix their relationship before its too late? sixth StephSport FINISHED 10,15,

After so long of being away she was finally back in Lazytown. XOX 'Ouch' Stephanie whispered to herself as she begun her morning stretching, surrounded by her fellow dancers. Long coach journey's had never agreed with her muscles, and the journey from Boston to Lazytown had been over miles.

Bending over she hugged her left leg and with small bounces stretched out her hamstring which felt particularly tight. All around, her colleges were easing out similar aches and pains getting ready for their first show that night.

Stephanie was proud to return to her hometown. Especially since she was returning having fulfilled one of her dreams. She was currently touring with the show 'The Open Door'. It had already completed its run on Broadway and Stephanie had been asked to continue with it on tour. She was still in slight shock that she had been cast as one of the main characters. She had been with the show since it's beginning, starting out as swing. Then, when a cast member had pulled out unexpectedly, she had been asked to step in.

The director, Anne, had been so impressed she had won the part permanently. That was over a year ago. The part she played, a young girl by the name of Lucie Kind, felt like a family member to her, she knew it so well. When the tour had been announced and Lazytown listed as the third stopping off point she could barely contain her excitement. She had called her Uncle and friend's immediately, and they had all promised to book tickets to the first showing.

Since leaving Lazytown for college when she was 16 she hadn't been back. After five years of college and five of summer theatre groups, Stephanie had gone straight into a local show.

She had progressed from there, show after show. Moving from chorus dancers, to swing and now finally to a 'real' part. Somehow nine years had passed. Nine years since she had seen her childhood friends. She had kept in contact with them though.

Speaking too or emailing Trixie at least once a month. Through Trixie she heard about life in Lazytown and how it changed. It had been no real surprise to her when Trixie had started going out with Pixel, the signs had been there since they were teenagers. Pixel had been snapped up by a head-hunter when he was barely out of school, and now worked in the research and development office of a multinational computing company.

Trixie had carried her tom-boyish nature into adulthood and now worked as the gym teacher at Lazytown's high school. Stephanie was sure she would be getting a wedding invitation in the mail very soon. Ziggy, while not in as frequent contact with Stephanie as Pixel and Trixie, had seemed just as excited to see Stephanie return. His emailed reply had been so enthusiastic and sweet that Stephanie had a smile plastered on her face for hours after reading it.

He had followed his father and joined the family business. Since this was confectionary, it suited him fine. He spent nearly all his time at the business' premises, learning all he could. So much so that Stephanie normally emailed him instead of calling, knowing he would take at least a week to reply, purely because he was so busy. She didn't mind, she was just glad he was happy.

Stingy was the only one of the group of childhood friends that had moved on. He too had followed on with the family business. Only, for him, it wasn't the joy of his job that took him away, it was the money. As hard as his friends had tried, he had never shook the selfishness that had controlled his childhood. The hotel chain he now managed was hugely successful and thus Stingy had become hugely wealthy. Stephanie had been sad to hear that he had left Lazytown, and sad that he hadn't been back either.

Her thoughts then took her to the next logical progression. Whenever she thought of her childhood there was one name never far from her lips; Sportacus. When she first went away she had, on occasion, written him letters on pretty pink paper. At 16 she had harboured a crush on the slightly above average superhero. Perfectly natural, she reflected, at that age. He had protected her and taught her, and she just going through the hormonal ravages of puberty had begun to blush when he spoke to her.

She had not recognised it at first; unfortunately Trixie had and had teased her endlessly about it. When she had received no response to the letters she had asked Trixie about it. Apologetically her friend had admitted that after an argument she had blurted Stephanie's secret out to Sportacus, whose crystal had gone off during the argument. Overcome with embarrassment, Stephanie had not written again.

Weeks had turned to months, then months into years and all of a sudden it had been nearly a decade since Stephanie had spoken to Sportacus.

Thankfully, through the years that had passed her embarrassment and crush had faded. She was looking forward to seeing him again.

Especially now she could greet him adult to adult. XoX 'Hey Trix, have you heard from Stephanie yet? I don't think we're gonna be able to meet up till the meal tonight' she replied, pecking him on the lips as he divested himself of his gadgets. Trixie had made it very clear when they had moved in together. The gadgets were to be taken off at the door and Pixel had discovered quickly that it was always a good idea to do what Trixie told him; she had always had a fearsome temper.

Pulling up in the parking lot and making their way into the theatre, they where met by the sight of Ziggy already guarding their seats. Moments before the curtain went up, a certain blue elf slipped into his seat at the end of the row, his usual uniform replaced by a smarter suit, with his crystal pinned to his lapel.

XoX Sportacus had to admit, if only to himself, that he was somewhat nervous about seeing Stephanie again. It had been an uncomfortable moment to discover that a girl 17 years your junior had a crush on you. Especially a girl you had known since she was 8.

He hadn't known what to do, except pull away. As much as it pained him he ignored her letters when they came. It was not in his nature to be rude, and the wrench he felt when he saw her innocent descriptions of the world outside Lazytown only added to the discomfort. He had been ashamed to admit he had been relieved when the letters had stopped. When the Mayor had told him she was coming back, he had been happy. He estimated she was approaching her 25th birthday now. Things would be different.

They would be less complicated. That was what he had told himself as he walked into the theatre, sitting down alongside her friends and family. Everything would be easy now. But, life has a funny way of not going how you plan it. The moment Stephanie came on stage he knew he was ruined.

sportacus and stephanie relationship questions

XoX The show was amazing, they all agreed afterwards. Stephanie had shone like a beacon on stage.

sportacus and stephanie relationship questions

Her pink hair only adding to the quirkiness of her character. When, towards the end of Act Two her character Lucie performed a solo ballad, it was sung with such emotion that it left her friends with tears in their eyes. Running the last metres, they laughed as they hugged each other.

Stephanie quickly released Trixie, to embrace Pixel, Ziggy and her Uncle in turn. She turned without thinking a lunged at Sportacus next. Stumbling back slightly, his arms involuntary slipped round her to steady them both. His nose was assaulted with her pink hair for a moment before she pulled back, the tops of her cheeks attempting to match her hair. They proceeded to enthuse about her performance and the show for the next ten minutes.

The only person who didn't speak was Sportacus. The moment she had hugged him, he had forgotten to breath. He hadn't been prepared for this. His foolish mind had been imagining the young girl he had last seen; the 16 year old Stephanie that had left Lazytown. He hadn't been ready for the woman that returned. Watching her quietly as she laughed and chatted with her friends, he swallowed audibly.

Her pink hair now hung long and wavy down her back, her body curved in the way a woman's should and she now stood just a few inches shorter than him. Her face, which had been round and youthful when he had last seen her, was now lean and shaped, highlighting her full lips and bright eyes. She had always been pretty as a child, but now she was stunning. He wouldn't be surprised if every man in vicinity fell in love with her. Glancing back at the group, the look on Ziggy's face told him that there was already someone falling.

Hearing his name being called broke him from his thoughts.

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Stephanie looked disappointed for a moment, before smiling at him. XoX 'Oh dear' Stephanie thought to herself as she bid goodnight to her Uncle, waving she walked down the front path. All her friends had already left after dinner at her Uncle's, she was the last to leave.

It had been a brilliant evening, baring the few mishaps her Uncle had had in the kitchen. Nine years on and Milford Meanswell was still a hazard to himself. It was getting late and Jamie-lee had text to say there was going to be rehearsal's for the dance numbers in the morning, so she should really get to bed. One thing she had always loved about Lazytown, was that it was a compact city.

You could walk everywhere. So turning onto the main street she made her way across the city back to the hotel. The walk allowed her thoughts to turn to the incident earlier in the evening.

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Hugging Sportacus as a woman was so different compared to when she was a child. He had been almost a surrogate father or elder brother figure.

When she had hugged him then, she had felt safe, protected. She hadn't been aware then of his smell, a musky scent that was distinctly male. Nor, the feel of his hard, strong body, as it wrapped around hers.

She had been quick to pull back, sure she was already blushing. Cursing her body's reaction she had avoided eye contact until it was time to leave. Pulling her coat tighter around her, she berated herself. She had thought she was over this. But seeing him again had ignited old feelings. Turning sharply, she saw that Sportacus was jogging towards her.

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They where frightened by some shadows and it set off my crystal'. Clearing his throat awkwardly, he continued, 'sorry I didn't make dinner. Are you going back to your hotel? As they walked, the path they were following had taken them past the sports ground she had used to play in. If this were your eight year old daughter, would you think its okay for all of the adult males to touch her and hug her, and even though its a puppetgo into her bedroom?

She likes to dance in her nightgown, too. Robbie Rotten is the villain. He likes Lazytown the way it used to be before Stephanie and Sportacus arrived. Although he likes it lazy, he makes a big effort to thwart their spreading healthy habits to the citizens of Lazytown. LazyTown aired on Nick Jr. And many other countries at various times, in that time frame The images from LazyTown are disturbing, but what makes it harmful to children is the repetition of images and subliminals their conscious and unconscious takes in, after this becomes one of their favorite shows.

Just to confirm, Stephanie does not have a mom or dad on the show. She lives with her puppet uncle. And the villain, Robbie Rotten, who wears tight clothes, is sometimes seen being touchy feely, too. Stephanie plays an eight year old on the show, and given the puppets and CGI animation, this show is probably for an audience of 5 — 7 year olds, so go ahead and count on younger ones watching, too.

Add to that, no parent in the picture.