Sixth former and teacher relationship with colleagues

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sixth former and teacher relationship with colleagues

Positive relationship building with your teacher colleagues can make your school a better, more 6 Fun Classroom Activities for Math and Spelling They say that “Imitation is a form of flattery,” and it's true that one of the highest compliments. The relationships you form with your mentor, staff, students, parents and As a student or new teacher, you are trying to make a good. Developing positive relationships with colleagues can be rewarding, but in today's highly However, even if just a handful of teachers on any given campus determine there is Form a Birthday Committee . How to create a great working relationship between administrators and staff; 6 Steps to Successful Co- Teaching.

Relationship Building with Teacher Colleagues

While we can asynchronously communicate thoughts to colleagues and reap all the benefits of electronic communication, we sacrifice that face-to-face contact.

Relationships are best built face-to-face and side-by-side, but e-mail waters down the relational impact of our message. When you have the chance, instead of sending an e-mail, go and find the person you want to communicate to.

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Even if the person is on the other side of your building, track them down and talk. Can I do that too? Step out and recognize someone else, and gain some valuable teacher knowledge in the process.

sixth former and teacher relationship with colleagues

Connect on Social Media Our face-to-face connections during the workday are priceless, but we can expand on those even further when we engage with colleagues through social media.

Consider sharing thoughts and links with colleagues via Twitter. Take your relationship to the digital level where you can share more materials and more thoughts than you might during your normal school hours.

sixth former and teacher relationship with colleagues

Work on Something Together The advantage to doing something alone is that we get it done our way, on our schedule. But let that go and invite others into your task.

sixth former and teacher relationship with colleagues

You feel good when you personally accomplish something. Sharing time together — especially over some food — is a great way to reinforce the bonds you have.

I know a teacher is having an affair with a sixth form student. What should I do?

Talk about school, vent about problems, laugh about mistakes, talk about families, hobbies, and dreams. Be a part of the social conversation that is going on at your school. So how can you put it to the best possible use?

sixth former and teacher relationship with colleagues

Create a weekly timetable so your tutees know what to expect. Assembly will probably take place once a week, but McGill also recommends at least one session of silent reading allowing you to speak to individuals or complete adminalong with quizzes, personal, social, health and economic PSHE sessions, exploring current affairs and other activities that will engage students with the wider world.

The key is to open their minds to ideas they may not have encountered elsewhere in a safe, supportive environment that encourages discussion, without getting bogged down in academic assessment. Manage administration Making sure that uniform is correct is a key part of form administration, along with checking equipment and addressing any sanctions students have received from other staff.

sixth former and teacher relationship with colleagues

Taking the register each day is a legal requirement, but a good form tutor will also be chasing up the reasons for any absences or lateness and keep a close eye on any patterns that could indicate a cause for concern. It will pay off in the long run.

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Create connections with home Form tutors are the go to for families, so establishing and maintaining contact with home is essential. Find out as soon as possible how parents or carers would like to be contacted and provide them with regular updates — for all students, not just the difficult ones.

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Be aware of issues As one of the adults that students see most regularly, form tutors are in a good place to spot when there is a problem. If a student appears to be going through a difficult time or begins behaving unusually, speak to them privately.