Oman and yemen relationship

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oman and yemen relationship

After the Houthi capture of Sanaa in , Oman sought to use its positive relations with all major parties in Yemen to position itself as a peace. Oman's moderate, independent foreign policy has sought to maintain good relations with its neighbors and to avoid external entanglements. Inspired by the . As the war in Yemen continues, the possibility of both Saudi Arabia and countries expressed satisfaction over the state of bilateral relations.

oman and yemen relationship

The WTO working party on Yemen met in and twice thereafter to discuss Yemen's accession; negotiations are expected to take several years. GCC members have traditionally opposed accession of additional states. Currently, Yemen has partial observer status on some GCC committees, and observers believe that full membership is unlikely.

Foreign relations of Yemen

Others assert that it is in the GCC's interest to assist Yemen and prevent it from becoming a failed state, lest its instability spread to neighboring Gulf countries. This has helped Yemen greatly. In Novemberan international donors' conference was convened in London to raise funds for Yemen's development. Much of these pledges came from Yemen's wealthy Arab neighbors. Reportedly, Kuwait, still bitter over Yemen's support for Saddam Hussein during the first Gulf War, has blocked further discussion of membership.

Meanwhile, Yemen needs to export thousands of its workers each year to the Gulf in order to alleviate economic burdens at home. Foreign remittances are, aside from oil exports, Yemen's primary source of hard currency. Yemen has not established any bilateral mechanism for diplomatic or commercial contacts with Israel.

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The repositioning of the U. The shift in U. The upside for Oman has been a tremendous increase in trade relations with Qatar as a result of the Saudi-led blockade. For Saudi Arabia the spectre of the Muslim Brotherhood also looms even larger following the stunning albeit contested victory of Recip Tayyip Erdogan, as the first executive president of Turkey in late June The Yemen conflict continues to provide serious security concerns for Oman.

In late Junean Emirati-led assault on the western Yemen port city of Hodeidah was launched. Arguably, neither side will prioritize humanitarian concerns in the battle to control the strategic seaport.

oman and yemen relationship

Either way, the potential for a massive escalation of the humanitarian crisis across Yemen will place added pressure on the Omani-Yemeni border.

SinceOman has tried to play its customary neutral, mediating role in Yemen. Whilst declining to accept Yemeni refugees, Oman has worked hard to provide humanitarian and medical assistance to Yemeni civilians, for example, flying badly wounded individuals to Muscat hospitals for treatment.

However, recent accusations by the Saudi-Emirati bloc, and the U.

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In fact, the Trump administration has signalled its stance by indicating that Muscat must do more to stem the flow of weapons into Yemen, if it hopes to continue to play a major role in future peace negotiations. Whether or not Oman can fully guarantee the non porosity of its land and sea borders with Yemen is another question, as Oman has long relied on the collaboration of the Al-Mahri tribes who straddle the Oman-Yemen border.

Simmering unease has existed between Abu Dhabi and Muscat since an Emirati spy cell was uncovered in Oman in It should be noted the map also made Qatar disappear completely. The political symbolism was highly provocative and Sultan Qaboos was said to be furious, with unconfirmed rumours circulating that Omani troops were placed on alert. Similarly, to the Al-Mahri tribes in the southern border zone, Muscat has long provided additional privileges to Musandam residents to ward off Emirati overtures.

For example, job seeker allowances, which were initiated after protests in Oman, were eventually cancelled everywhere except in Musandam. Around Muscat, new businesses and developments continue to spring up and the shopping malls remain full of Omani and expatriate consumers.

How sustainable the economy is remains the main question, however, as the government, wary of social unrest, continues to absorb much of the financial impact of budget shortfalls.